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    Many brokers work transparent
  2. Really forex is a big lottery, but when you buy bitcoin and different cryptocurrency you need change money in a good exchange, my friend recommending me https://exolix.com/. When you knows that this exchange have a lot of plus:1.Transparent Fee. We have a fixed commission, so you can be sure of the transparency of our services. 2. Reliable Support. Our support is online 24/7 to assist with any of your service related problems. 3. Complete Anonymity.We maintain the highest standards of confidentiality as the main idea of cryptocurrency. 4.Simple.We have created a simple and intuitive interface, even for beginners. 5.Secure.High security of user data and funds is our first priority. 6.Current. We always make sure that our exchange rates are updated in real time.
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    maybe CD in his car
  4. monika677

    For example Im work at home but online, have small things shop, it’s very profitable and I pay all taxes. Since things order absolutely everything, and more often than airline tickets. The only thing that at first appealed to the customs broker https://clearit.ca/ for advice, because he did not really understand the issue of delivery, but everything was fine. After a couple of consultations, I realized that I could fill out all the documents without even leaving the house.
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    Im trading with broker but dont have a results
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