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  1. Tradeglobal.company had been working since August 30, 2019. According to the site, the TradeGlobal Company makes profits in the Forex market. The project team is focused on market analysis for long-term and short-term profit strategies. To ensure a stable return on investment, they invest in a bull market, and to provide their investors with high dividends, they use the scalping strategy. HYIP Portfolios The TradeGlobal Company HYIP has these marketing features: ยท BASIC โ€” 2.1% Daily for 17 days, $10โ€“1,000; ยท ULTRA โ€” 2.3% Daily for 30 days, $1,001โ€“10,000;
  2. Novo-Star.biz had been working since July 04, 2019. According to the site, the Novo Star using Scalping trading strategy for receiving the fast profit in high volatility cryptomarket. The team consists of experienced traders and analysts who work on popular platforms Bittrex, Bitstamp, OKEx, Binance, BitFlyer, GDAX, Bitfinex. They open 10+ positions every business day. HYIP Portfolios Novo-Star and its 6 regular + 3 VIP plans: Regular 103โ€“150% after 1 day โ€” $20โ€“100,000; 118โ€“350% after 5 days โ€” $20โ€“100,000; 165โ€“580% after 10 days โ€” $10โ€“100,000; 280
  3. Dear readers, I'm Ann. I'm interested in investing in HYIPs, cryptocurrencies, airdrops, ICOs. Yours faithfully Ann Gilbert, moderator of HYIP.com
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