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  1. The new skill Archaeology is coming to the game with various new contents. Here is our RS Archaeology guide to help you learn some detailed information on this new skill. Archaeology dig sites unlock requirements Varrock Dig Site (Archaeology Guild) is the main Archaeology hub unlocked at level 1 Archaeology. It features the Archaeology skill's tutorial which will level up you to level 5. In addition, there are five main dig sites to explore in Archaeology: Kharid-et, Infernal Source, Everlight, Stormguard Citadel and Warforge! If you want to learn the requirements and locations of these Archaeology dig sites, read our RS Archaeology dig sites guide for the detailed information. Excavate hotspots by using RS mattocks With the release of Archaeology skill, you are able to excavate hotspots at the five dig sites by using mattocks. There you can get materials, soil and artefacts. There will be a progress bar appearing above your head; once the bar is filled completely, you will obtain a damaged artefact. RS3 mattock is a new tool used to excavate in dig sites. There will be a smithable mattock equivalent for each pickaxe tier, the crystal mattock, the dragon mattock, the imcando mattock and the mattock of space and time. Rewards obtained from RS3 Archaeology The major rewards from Archaeology include RS relic powers, ability to use Ancient Summoning and Ancient Invention skill. Once ancient relics are restored, they can bestow a variety of incredible powers. If you want to activate a relic, you need to find the mysterious monolith in the Archaeology Guild. There you can pay a certain amount of RS Chronotes and expend some Relic Energy to kickstart the relic. You could read our guide for RS Archaeology Rewards to learn more details of relics and others. Hope now you know more about this RS3 Archaeology skill. Besides, every week you are able to enjoy the new game updates and guide on our site - RSorder.com. And welcome to get cheap OSRS gold & RuneScape gold for sale on RSorder anytime.
  2. New event RS3 Zodiyak Track has been active now with various tasks and unique rewards. Here is a Zodi-yak Track guide with 1-10 Tier Zodiyak Track tasks for P2P and F2P players. RS Zodiyak Track tasks for 1-10 Tiers (P2P) Notice: RS Archaeology tasks will be available when the skill is released on March 30th. 1. Tier 1 Task A: Speak to Sir Yaktrick Moore next to Challenge Mistress Fara in Burthorpe and learn about his backstory. Task B: (Archaeology) 2. Tier 2 Task A: 120 Willow or Coal and above Task B: (Archaeology) 3. Tier 3 Task A: 100 Raw salmon and above Task B: 405 Chaos runes and above 4. Tier 4 Task A: 715 Pike or Oak shortbow and above Task B: (Archaeology) 5. Tier 5 Task A: Take 28 astral runes to RS Simon in the wilderness Task B: Bring 12 eggs to RS Benedict in Varrock 6. Tier 6 Task A: 770 Super antipoison and above Task B: 6 Occult and above 7. Tier 7 Task A: 210 Impious ashes or Mithril bar and above Task B: (Archaeology) 8. Tier 8 Task A: Complete 4 Slayer tasks Task B: Mine 325 Coal and above 9. Tier 9 Task A: Farm 20 Tomatoes and above Task B: Fletch 500 Oak shortbow and above 10. Tier 10 Task A: Cook 735 Salmon and above, or catch Raw pike and above Task B: (Archaeology) RS Zodiyak Track tasks for 1-10 Tiers (F2P) 1. Tier 1 Task A: Speak to Sir Yaktrick Moore next to Challenge Mistress Fara in Burthorpe and learn about his backstory. Task B: Feed a duck 2. Tier 2 Task A: 115 Willow logs or above Task B: 325 Coal or above 3. Tier 3 Task A: 100 Raw salmon and above Task B: 405 Chaos runes and above 4. Tier 4 Task A: 385 Pike and above Task B: 500 Oak shortbow and above 5. Tier 5 Task A: Take 28 astral runes to RS Simon in the wilderness Task B: Bring 12 eggs to RS Benedict Varrock 6. Tier 6 Task A: 6 Furnished floors and above Task B: 560 Steel and above 7. Tier 7 Task A: 330 Impious ashes and above Task B: 50 Steel and above 8. Tier 8 Task A: 325 Coal and above Task B: 660 Impious ashes and above 9. Tier 9 Task A: 500 Oak shortbow and above Task B: 810 Fire rune and above 10. Tier 10 Task A: 810 Pike and above Task B: 150 Raw salmon and above Hope our RS Zodiyak Track guide can help you gain rewards from this event. Besides, every week you are able to enjoy the new game updates and guide on our site - RSorder.com. And welcome to get cheap OSRS gold & RuneScape gold for sale on RSorder anytime.
  3. Enter the Abyss is a miniquest requiring you to help the Zamorakians access the rune essence mines. You will gain ability to enter the Abyss after completing this quest. Requirement of Enter the Abyss OSRS The requirement of Enter the Abyss miniquest is completion of Rune Mysteries quest. Notice that Hardcore Ironmen should be cautious as this miniquest is started by travelling to level 4-7 Wilderness with a chance of getting killed by others. OSRS Enter the Abyss quest walkthrough 1. To start this miniquest, head to the River Lum and speak to the Mage of Zamorak in level 4-7 Wilderness. 2. Speak to the Mage of Zamorak back in Varrock at the Zamorak chaos temple. make sure you have a free inventory space for a scrying orb. 3. Head to the rune essence mines from three different locations with the orb in your inventory: -From Aubury: Head to the nearby runeshop and teleport to rune essence mine. -From Sedridor: Head to the bottom floor of Wizards' Tower (Fairy Ring DIS) and teleport to rune essence mine. -From Wizard Cromperty: Head to northeastern Ardougne and teleport to rune essence mine. 4. Speak to the Mage of Zamorak in the Chaos Temple in southeastern Varrock. 5. Speak to the mage again to complete the miniquest. 6. Speak to the mage again to enter the Abyss. Hope our guide can help you complete the Enter the Abyss OSRS miniquest. Besides, every week you are able to enjoy the new game updates and guide on our site - RSorder.com. And welcome to get cheap OSRS gold & RuneScape gold for sale on RSorder anytime.
  4. According to RS patch notes, there have been some changes and fixes to RS mobile with the update this week. Read the information below for details if you have interests. Adjustments to RS Mobile on January 6th The following changes have been made to RS Mobile with the update: 1. Fixed an issue that was blocking the "Tap to Skip Cutscene" option on in-game cutscenes on mobile. 2. Made a minor performance improvement, the game world is now not rendered when the full screen main menu is opened on mobile. 3. Fixed an issue with the Dungeoneering spellbook spells Create Gatestone 2 and Gatestone 2 Teleport that was causing the icon to be split in half. 4. Changed the position of the G.E map icon so it's no longer overlapped by the bank icon and G.E label. 5. Main menu side panel has been made bigger to prevent text clipping when the game is played in French. 6. Fixed an issue with the River of Blood quest in which players' could get stuck when talking with Vanescula Drakan. Enjoy safe RS gold on mobile from RSorder You are able to buy cheap RS gold on mobile from us when playing the game with your phone. Simply input RSorder.com on your smart phone then search, and you’ll see our page with RS gold on sale for mobile device. It is very convenient to buy the gold directly on mobile without a computer. Are you satisfied with these RS Mobile changes? Anyway, every week you are able to enjoy the new game updates and guide on our site - RSorder.com. And welcome to get cheap OSRS gold & RuneScape gold for sale on RSorder anytime.
  5. Santa has hidden 21 presents all across Gielinor during RS3 Christmas Event 2019! Until Jan 5th 2020, try to find all RS3 Christmas presents in the world to gain some Christmas cracker paper, the Rudolph jumper and more rewards. What are Santa Christmas presents? RS3 Christmas Event 2019 has started and will run until January 5th, 2020. During this event, there is a chance of obtaining a pile of presents hidden by Santa every day. Santa lost present can be found somewhere in the world, and speaking to Santa Claus in Varrock's Grand Exchange afterwards will grant a daily reward. Rewards will include Christmas cracker paper, a special Christmas title and a snazzy Rudolph jumper. Where to find RS3 Christmas presents? There is a red dot on the mini-map with a loot beam shooting up to help you find RS3 Christmas presents. Here are the locations of Christmas lost presents (updated every day): Day 1 - Near the memorial fountain, north of Lumbridge Castle - 80 Christmas cracker paper Day 2 - West entrance of Al Kharid, north of the bank - 80 Christmas cracker paper Day 3 - Lumbridge Chickens on east side of river - 80 Christmas cracker paper Day 4 - Jolly Boar Inn north of Varrock - 80 Christmas cracker paper Day 5 - 1st floor of Varrock Palace, behind the staircase - 80 Christmas cracker paper and the Merry title Use Christmas cracker paper for rewards After obtaining some Christmas cracker paper, you can add it to a giant Christmas cracker in Grand Exchange to get a Christmas cracker crate. 100 Christmas cracker paper is required to get the reward from the Christmas cracker. Hope our guide can help you to find these Christmas presents during RS3 Christmas Event 2019. Besides, every week you are able to enjoy the new game updates and guide on our site - RSorder.com. And welcome to get cheap OSRS gold & RuneScape gold for sale on RSorder anytime. There will be a bunch of Christmas gifts from RSorder.
  6. The patch notes for this week’s update have been revealed on the latest official news post. Here you could learn the highlights and improvements to Farming and Herblore 120. Highlights of RS Patch Notes on December 2nd The update on December 2nd includes the Mining and Smithing rework and Araxxor. Here you could learn the highlights of patch notes for this week: -Blessed sand and extra fine sand used for creating the Blessed flask are now tradable. -1kg, 2kg, 5kg and 10kg sandstone have had their buy limit on the grand exchange increased to 10,000. -The Smithing autoheater message can now be filtered. RS Farming 120 and Herblore 120 bug fixes Some improvements and bug fixes have been made to RS Farming 120 and Herblore 120 with the update this week: -It is now possible to add noted insects to the troughs on The Ranch Out of Time. -You will now be notified when you don’t have the right levels to make Primal Pulp. -Creating unfinished potions will no longer provide duplicate vials. -You will no longer be able to make potions with ingredients stored on your Beast of Burden. -The Scroll of Cleansing now saves the correct number of Grenwall Spikes. -Drinking an Elder Overload potion while using the Maniacal or Berserker auras will now correctly boost combat stats to 130. What do you think about the update this week? Anyway, every week you are able to enjoy the new game updates and guide on our site - RSorder.com. And welcome to get cheap OSRS gold & RuneScape gold for sale on RSorder anytime.
  7. Relic choices have been a hot topic since OSRS Twisted League was released in game. Here you could learn how many players have chosen each Twisted League relic and what you should notice when choosing these relics. Breakdown of Twisted League relic choices According to the recent Old School official news post, here is a breakdown of how many players have chosen each Twisted League relic thus far: Tier 1 Abyssal Accumulator: 14.72% Endless Endurance: 69.44% Dark Altar Devotion: 15.84% Tier 2 Hardcore Harvester: 33.94% Arcane Courier: 16.59% Unnatural Selection: 49.47% Tier 3 Eye of the Artisan: 54.93% Gift of the Gatherer: 20.38% Way of the Warrior: 24.69% Tier 4 Spirit of Dinh: 6.36% Konar's Blessing: 41.89% Treasure Seeker: 51.75% Tier 5 Xeric's Focus: 27.95% Xeric's Resilience: 0.26% Xeric's Wisdom: 71.79% Tips for choosing OSRS Twisted League relics 1. Relics are powerful buffs that are unlocked with League Points. Upon leaving Tutorial Island, you will be presented with 3 relics to choose from without the need for points. 2. The starting relics are Abyssal Accumulator, Endless Endurance and Dark Altar Devotion. Here is the effect of each of them: Abyssal Accumulator: Players save 85% of their ammunition and runes. Endless Endurance: Players have unlimited run energy. The rate in which hitpoints are restored is quadrupled. Dark Altar Devotion: Bones dropped by monsters are automatically buried, and grant quadruple the normal experience. The rate in which a player's prayer is drained is halved. Ensouled heads now drop two at a time. 3. Once players choose a Relic of a tier, they will be permanently unlocked, but cannot change their Relic selection for that tier. Hope this Twisted League guide can help you choose Twisted League relics. Besides, every week you are able to enjoy the new game updates and guide on our site - RSorder.com. And welcome to get cheap OSRS gold & RuneScape gold for sale on RSorder anytime.
  8. There are five types of RS shadow creatures in total. As the strongest creature, Manifest shadow need to be defeated with Tirannwn quiver 2 increasing your damage by 5%. After defeating it, you will be able to receive Slayer XP and many other drops. Defeat RS Manifest shadow for Slayer XP & more Manifest shadow is the strongest shadow creature that uses three combat weapons including Melee, Ranged and Magic, especially Melee with the maximum hit of 1296. You can defeat it within the Amlodd Clan district in Prifddinas. While fighting with Manifest shadow, we suggest that you'd better wear a Tirannwn quiver 2 or higher, which can be obtained by completing the medium Tirannwn achievements. Wearing it will increase your damage to Manifest shadow by 5%. If you defeat it, you will receive 930 Slayer XP. Beyond of this, you will also be able to get some random drops from following list: - Charms: gold, green, crimson and blue charms - main drops: Swamp tar, Grimy cadantine, Adamantite stone spirit, Rare drop table and so on. - Tertiary drops: Starved ancient effigy, Manifest shadow core, Sealed clue scroll (elite) etc. More details about RS Shadow creatures Shadow creatures includes totally five shadows. Apart from the Manifest shadow, there is also Truthful shadow, Blissful shadow, Shadow (Temple of Light) and Shadow (Plague's End). And the weakest shadow creature is Truthful shadow, and the mid-level creature is Blissful shadow. To fight with these creatures, you need several major equipments, such as Slay Helm, Scythe, T70 plus DPS Gear, DPS Cape, Vamp Scrim, Amulet Of Souls/Zealots, Asylums Ring/LOTD and Berserkers Aura. And the weapon poison and food are also necessary during the fight. Hope you can get a hand from this simple shadow creatures guide. Besides, every week you are able to enjoy the new game updates and guide on our site - RSorder.com. Besides, welcome to get cheap OSRS gold & RuneScape gold for sale on RSorder anytime.
  9. How do you plan to spend your Halloween holiday? If there is no idea, you can now attempt to complete OSRS Halloween 2019 event until Nov. 7. And here is a guide about fast walkthrough and rewards of this Halloween holiday event. Time to join in OSRS Halloween 2019 event This year the Halloween holiday event is currently live and will come to an end on Nov. 7. As before, both members and free players have the access to Halloween 2019 event without any requirements. This event is completed when you save a player spoof epic mager34 from two goblins Snailneck and Grasslegs at Lumbridge watermill. Upon completion, you will receive brand new cosmetics as well as previous Halloween rewards and music. Guide for rescuing epic mager34 at Lumbridge watermill OSRS Here is the fast walkthrough offered below in order to get you to enjoy this OSRS 2019 Halloween event better and smoothly. 1. At the beginning, go to the chicken pen north of Lumbridge and get it. 2. Talk to Snailneck or Grasslegs by chicken pen west of the cow pen. 3. Talk to epic mager34 and he will ask you what happened. 4. Speak to Bob south of the Lumbridge castle entrance and ask him what is going on about Halloween. 5. Find Father Aereck and ask the cause and effect of Halloween. 6. Come back to epic mager34 and tell him what you have learned. 7. Dress up as a ghost and act as a dead goblin to save epic mager34. 8. Receive a knife from epic mager34 and take some bed sheets from a bed north of Bob's Brilliant Axes shop. 9. Create the spooky outfit by using the knife on the sheets. 10. Tell epic mager34 you have got the spooky outfit. 11. Talk to the two goblins to let them have a break. 12. Answer their three questions to let them believe you are really a goblin: - What is the most powerful body armour in this world? Goblin mail. - Let's say two goblins have different opinion of something. What is the best way to solve problem? Fight about it. - What do you say when human kill your friends and family? Put them in prison. 13. Take some smoke powder from the sack outside the building containing the furnace and ignite the powder. 14. Steal the shiny glass when the smoke has covered the store. 15. Come back to goblins with shiny glass and they trust you. At the same time, mad melvin96 kills goblins for goblin mail in order to enter Al Kharid. 16. Now you and epic mager34 are safe and can go away. The Halloween event is completed. What rewards can you get in OSRS 2019 Halloween event? After completing this event, you will be able to obtain the following rewards: - Spooky outfit - Pumpkin lantern - Skeleton lantern - Two noted pumpkins - Two noted Halloween mask sets In addition, there are also some rewards obtainable from Diango from previous events, such as Clown outfit, Jonas mask, Hunting knife and so on. Hope our OSRS 2019 Halloween event guide can help you to complete this event. Anyway, every week you are able to enjoy the latest game news and guide on our site - RSorder.com. Besides, welcome to get cheap OSRS gold & RuneScape gold for sale on RSorder anytime.
  10. RuneFest 2019 has revealed some details of the upcoming quest, OSRS Sins of the Father. Read the information below to learn the quest requirements, rewards and others. What are Sins of the Father requirements? As the continuation of the Myreque quest series, OSRS Sins of the Father is a Master level quest proposed to release in the future. Players will come face to face with Lord Lowerniel Drakan himself in this quest, and will unlock access to the Vampyre capital, Darkmeyer as one of the rewards. The requirements of OSRS Sins of the Father quest include: Completion of A Taste of Hope Completion of Vampire Slayer 62 Woodcutting 60 Fletching 56 Crafting 52 Agility 50 Attack 50 Slayer 49 Magic What are rewards from Sins of the Father? Completing Sins of the Father will reward you with the following: 2 Quest Points Access to Darkmeyer Improved Ivandis Flail New Drakan’s Medallion teleports 3 Tomes of Experience (3 x 15,000 XP) Darkmeyer is the capital city of Morytania located in the Sanguinesti region, north of Meiyerditch. It is inhabited by vampyres and ruled by Lord Drakan, his sister Vanescula Drakan and brother Ranis Drakan. The vampyric inhabitants get most of their blood from blood tithes conducted in the rundown neighbouring ghetto Meiyerditch. Are you looking forward to OSRS Sins of the Father quest? Anyway, every week you are able to enjoy the new game updates and guide on our site - RSorder.com. Besides, welcome to get cheap OSRS gold & RuneScape gold for sale on RSorder anytime.
  11. Runescape Giant Oyster within the sunken Tutorial Island is a monthly Distraction and Diversion(D&D) that is a subclassification of minigames. It's accessible upon completion of Beneath Cursed Tides quest. Here we provide a guide of getting great fishing and farming experience for you. Necessary items to increase Fishing & Farming XP in RS Giant Oyster To get great fishing and farming experience, there are some useful items to help you increase both of the two experience: - admiral pie - other fishing and farming level boosts You can also collect and catch items like sea cucumber and delicious seaweed to feed to the Giant Oyster for receiving fishing and farming experience. Tips to get great Fishing & Farming XP from RS Giant Oyster Only upon completion of free to play quest Beneath Cursed Tides, you are allowed to access Runescape Giant Oyster. Players in F2P world can do this D&D but not loot the oyster or get the extra farming experience per month. 1. You can reset Giant Oyster per month by using your monthly D&D Rousset token to get a second chance for juicy loot and experience. 2. Go to the Dranenor lodestone and walk towards the Wizards tower entrance. 3. Then right-click wizard Myrtle and choose dive. Meanwhile, you must have your weapons Dee equipped. 4. Once you go in if the month has resets, you can left click to loot the oyster to get very experience items or dyes like the boughs and shadows dye and Third Age equipment from the oyster if you are lucky. So remember to do so each month to feed the oyster for closing it so that you can open up next month. 5. Collect a sea cucumber from fishing and delicious seaweed from the farming patch. If you happen to get the delicious seaweed earlier, please keep farming the farming patch until it's empty or you cannot gain any experience from it. Once you've got them, left click to feed the oyster. The experience you get depends on your level and using level boosts. Maybe you can get up to 70K farming ruins and up to 200EK fishing experience at level 99 from Giant Oyster in less than three minutes, and next month you'll have a chance for expensive clue loot. Hope these tips can help you a lot. Every week you are able to enjoy the new game updates and guide on our site - RSorder.com. Besides, don’t forget to enjoy free 250M OSRS gold & 1000M RuneScape gold on RSorder Sept.20.
  12. Would you like an archer helm? It can be obtained after completing Runescape Fremennik Trials quest, which requires you to be accepted by Fremennik people sincerely. And 45 Defence is also needed for wearing the helm. Now please go ahead and learn more details about it. Requirements of wearing Runescape archer helm To wear archer helm, not only have you to complete the Fremennik Trials quest, but you must have 45 Defence. Only the two requirements have been achieved, the helm can be bought with 78,000 coins from Skulgrimen's Battle Gear, which is a weapon shop located north of the longhall in Rellekka. Tips to complete RS Fremennik Trials for archer helm Runescape Fremennik Trials is a member-only quest with seven trials. To help you complete the quest easily and quickly, here is a brief guide shared with you: 1. Skill requirements - 40 Crafting - 25 Fletching - 40 Woodcutting - Ability to defeat a level 96 NPC - Ability to defeat a fairly strong warrior without armour and weapons. 2. Item requirements - Beer and 250 coins are needed when you are completing the first trial, Manni the Reveller. - Raw potato, onion, cabbage and a raw shark are needed when completing Olaf the Bard. - You'd better finish Sigli the Huntsman trial with combat gear item. - 5,000 coins for Sigmund The Merchant trial - Strongly encourage you to carry a lot of food (such as sharks), rings of recoil, super attack potions, super strength potions and super defence potions for Thorvald the Warrior trial. Besides, ensure you to store all armour and weapons before visiting Thorvald. Upon completion of the quest, you will receive the ability to wear archer helm. In a word, you can follow this brief guide to get Runescape archer helm. If you want more RS guide, come to professional RSorder at anytime.
  13. The Fremennik Exiles OSRS is an upcoming quest which was announced on RuneFest 2017. Currently the designs of the Fremennik Exiles helmet and shield have been officially revealed. Design of OSRS Fremennik Exiles helmet & shield The Old School RS team has revealed its designs for the new Fremennik Exiles OSRS quest on Twitter. OSRS Fremennik Exiles is a new Fremennik quest which is developed by Mod Wolf and Mod Ed. The quest will be a master one with the medium length. According to the current design, there is a V on the new Fremennik Exiles Shield, which is a symbol of a Fremennik god called V (true name unknown). More details of the Fremennik Exiles quest rewards will be revealed in the blog this week. Requirements of the Fremennik Exiles OSRS The quest requirements of the Fremennik Exiles were revealed previously, which may be changed before the quest is released: 1. Completion of the following quests: The Fremennik Isles Lunar Diplomacy Mountain Daughter Heroes’ Quest 2. Skill requirements: Level 65 Crafting Level 60 Slayer Level 60 Smithing Level 60 Fishing Level 55 Runecraft We will update our news if there is more information on OSRS Fremennik Exiles quest. If you want to learn more info, come to RSorder.
  14. The third week of RS Summer Escape is coming with the end of the week 2. On the theme of Elite Dungeons and Dungeoneering, players can enjoy a variety of boosts and buffs for Elite Dungeons and Dungeoneering until August 25th. Week 3: Elite Dungeons and Dungeoneering bonuses The week 3 of RuneScape Summer Escape runs from August 19th to August 25th. Here are the detailed bonuses during this period: -Elite dungeons: Lore book drop rate doubled 25% increased Slayer experience from dungeon monsters 1 extra ancient scale or draconic energy whenever the drop is rolled 1 automatic resurrection to full life points upon death per run, whether in normal or story mode Double Dungeoneering tokens -Dungeoneering: No experience penalty upon death Double dungeoneering tokens Player Owned Farms bonuses during the event Besides the bonuses every week, players can enjoy Player Owned Farms bonuses all throughout RuneScape Summer Escape event: 10% increased chance of breeding animals 5% increased chance of shiny animals 10% happiness and health increase from feeding Double item yield from harvested animals 10% more beans from selling animals 10% Increased drop rate of animals from combat Honeycombs are 50% more effective when used on animals Enjoy all the boosts and bonuses for Elite Dungeons and Dungeoneering this week! In addition, you can always buy cheap RuneScape gold from RSorder to enjoy the most convenience.
  15. This week sees some changes and adjustments to improve OSRS Song of the Elves related content. Here you could learn the details of Zalcano, the Gauntlet and other changes. Adjustment to OSRS Zalcano 1. Zalcano’s symbols now take slightly longer before dealing damage. 2. The damage taken when standing beneath Zalcano after she’s been knocked down has been reduced. 3. The quick-pass option on Zalcano’s prison barrier has been removed. 4. The falling rocks during the Zalcano encounter now deal damage when hitting the floor, rather than the player to be consistent with other similar mechanics. 5. Zalcano now takes a consistent amount of time to destroy the glowing rock. 6. Zalcano’s death animation has been extended in order to prevent her from reappearing for a brief moment. 7. The drops from the Golem will now only be given to the player who deals the most damage. Adjustment to the Gauntlet OSRS 1. When creating items within the Gauntlet, the interface will remain open provided players have the ingredients to create other items. 2. Killing a duplicate tier 3 creature within the Gauntlet will now have a guaranteed chance to drop a different powerful weapon component. This was previously a 1/2 change. 3. The scoreboard in the Gauntlet lobby has been extended to display players’ deaths and the global deaths for each version of the Gauntlet. Adjustment to Crystal Weapons Crystal weapons and shields with 2500 charges (or brand new ones) will now stack in the bank. These will not automatically stack in the bank after players log in, but will be converted whenever they are equipped or gain/lose any charges. Are you satisfied with these Song of the Elves content changes? In addition, you could buy cheap OSRS gold from professional RSorder with 5% free bonus.
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