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  1. It provides multiple on-demand services like hailing taxis, food delivery, logistics under a single solution. If you have an idea to create a service-oriented app, then choosing a GoJek like app will be a profitable decision; since it will definitely earn you a vast customer base. Also, creating an app like it doesn't require much time since there is another favorable option called "clone scripts." This will cut short your time as well as expenses while allowing you to start your venture within 48 hours.
  2. Multiservice apps like Gojek are a great hit among people. With these super apps, people can avail various services from a single solution. Right from booking a cab to ordering food, everything can be done with a few taps. After the success of Gojek, entrepreneurs are now interested in starting a business similar to it. Developing an app from scratch is not a good idea as it seems. You have to spend time and money in the process. It may take months and years for completion. The on-demand market has started providing Gojek clone apps which help entrepreneurs start a business on their own. Their experts will help you develop the application in the language and currency of your choice. Some of the advanced features you can include in your app are, Profile Saved address Schedule bookings Booking records Pooling Rate card Live vehicle tracking Flexible vehicle option Analytics tracking Availability options You can visit their official website to know more about the cost and other details.
  3. Providing all the services under a single online platform would be the best achievement in today’s era. As the industry of the mobile applications have been increased, there are many new mobile app development solutions introduced in the market. Some of the most important and much required Gojek clone solutions offered are listed below: White labeling: This enables the entrepreneurs to rename using their own brand, logo and appearance according to the customer’s needs. Licensed Source Code This will enable the business owners to customize and edit their apps as per their needs anytime, anywhere as per their needs. Multiple Currencies Acceptance If the business needs to be launched multiple countries, accepting foreign currencies should not restrict the business. Privacy Non-disclosure policies are followed in order to make the logos and branding to be secure and will not be disclosed to anyone. Android/iOS Apps can be launched in both android and iOS platforms by adhering to all the regulations and guidelines.
  4. The Gojek app is gaining huge popularity from the day it was launched . The most prominent thing that one must understand is that the operation of the app is user-friendly. It has been created by considering the needs of the people from particular locations.Gojek app supplements all the needs of the users irrespective of the location. This also makes Go-Jek like app as a very reliable medium for providing multiple services and also a highly profitable medium to make independent service providers to get more business opportunities and earn more money. The primary reason for launching Go-Jek was because the number of cars present in the South East Asian countries is much lower than other parts of the continent. Conventional taxis did not succeed in business because of the following reason: Rare to find Very Expensive No service in narrow roads But Gojek was unique because it is an app based methodology for bike rides too. So what other businesses did with taxis, Gojek managed to do with Bikes. The app has consistently invested on services that had demands and utilized for the best business. It’s like Gojek did not go to sell cotton to a rainforest. It chose to sell umbrellas there. This is why it became so popular.
  5. It has dramatically increased the earnings of their partners and ensuring a better standard of living for all its employees. As it is a single app solution that caters to multiple on-demand services and huge market, it is a highly profitable business. It would be the best decision, if anyone wishes to start a business based on the demands of multiple-services in the market. They can develop a Go-Jek clone app and start making profits. Go-Jek clone app can be developed using the Go-Jek clone source code. Using the code, all the required customized features can be integrated into the app. Some of the features required to build Go-Jek clone app is discussed below, Android and iOS apps for users and providers. Admin Panel to view and manage all activities. Billing panel for admin to keep track of earnings and revenue reports. Multiple payment methods. Ratings and Reviews for to improve quality standards.
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