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  1. Creating an app is no more difficult as you have the availability of clone scripts. No matter what type of online business you are planning to do, you can build an app for it instantly with less investment. Unlike other hectic development processes, clone apps enable you to launch the business in just two days as it comes as a complete package with all inbuilt features. Moreover, when you compare the cost for development, it is high when you start from scratch, i.e., the price ranges between $30,000 to $60,000. Whereas, the clones are at your economical cost ranging between $2000 to $3000. So be wise while you choose. Also, make sure to integrate new features to stand unique among the crowd. Since that can help you increase your rank in the industry. Even though you are choosing a Gojek Clone, you must know a few development procedures to overview the quality of the application. So, before choosing the development partner, try communicating with them to know their expertise in the field. Also, choose the one that helps you with complete technical guidance right from the beginning. Don't fail to investigate before starting the development.
  2. Offer multiple services right form taxi application, food delivery, to other commercial services like plumbing and laundry to your customers by developing an app like Gojek. Purchase a Gojek clone source code from a developing partner like AppDupe today and launch your new venture in just two days.
  3. GoJek clone provides different services to customers. This app will help to avail any services with a tap of the fingers. The demand for an app like GoJek is driving a lot of entrepreneurs to buy ready-made clone apps like GoJek to earn multiple revenues by providing multiple services. Down below are the features the GoJek Clone App will include. White-labeling The product name, company’s logo, and design is completely original and based on the customer’s choice. Language And Currencies The language and currencies can be customized as per the user’s preference. Hence, the app can be launched all over the globe. Design And Function The app should follow the latest design based on the technology to function without any glitches. App Launch In order to get more number of users, the app should be launched both in Android and iOS platforms. Kick-start your business in no-time with the AppDupe’s GoJek Clone App. Get started, and with the multiple features of the app, manage your business effectively.
  4. People’s complete reliance on mobile phones gives rise to applications, which helps them to have everything they want at their doorstep. Now apps have taken a new dimension as Super apps. The concept of super app is pretty simple. Instead of hopping from one app to the other for availing multiple services, the super app allows users to avail every service from a single application. For instance, if you want to book a taxi and wish to order food at the same time, you don’t have to use two different applications. With an app like Gojek, we can avail multiple services from a single application. With its unique concept, Gojek has become a great hit among people. The company is currently working to raise $2 billion in its ongoing series F fundraiser before the year-end. Started as a super app in Indonesia, it is now handling almost $1.5 billion of transactions outside this country. After the massive success of this multiservice application, entrepreneurs are planning to launch a similar application. Many companies have started providing app development services. If you wish to enter the lucrative world of super apps, you can easily get a replica of an app like Gojek. Keeping the business model of Gojek as the base, you can build an application with your business specifications. If you have plans of developing an app like Gojek, make sure to develop it from the experts in the field. You can follow this link to know more about the cost, time and features you need to include in developing an application like Gojek.
  5. Gojek’s legendary status remains untarnished even after the arrival of super apps. Founded in Jakarta and began as a taxi service provider, Gojek has gradually started offering multiple services. People loved the idea of availing multiple services from a single application. Gojek provides service under three major categories, Ride Delivery Other services Gojek is a great hit among users and is expanding to major countries such as Thailand, Vietnam and it has plans to reach the Indian market. After the success of Gojek, many entrepreneurs are interested in launching a similar super-app. And they are looking for the right technology partner for their business. Apps can be built in two ways - either from scratch or customizing an existing application. Super apps like Gojek are readily available in the market. There are many companies offering Gojek clone apps that differ in certain parameters like cost, time and features. If you are planning to launch an app like Gojek, make sure to include advanced features in your application and also try to get the app at an affordable price too. Some of the advanced features you can include in your app are, Profile Saved address Schedule booking Booking records Pooling
  6. Gojek clone is an ensemble of 52+ services that provide services under three main categories - Ride, Delivery, and Other Services. When a user needs a ride, they can select the ride button and it offers them with several transit options such as taxi, car rental, Boat, Moto, Packers&Movers and so on. With the Delivery service, users can avail several delivery services such as Food, Delivery, Courier, Grocery, Flower, Marijuana and much more. The Other Services option comprises of several on-demand services such as Babysitting, Plumber, Beauty service, Dog walking, Housecleaning, Pest control, Cuddling, Massage and so on. Our Gojek clone source code gives you complete control over your business and helps you achieve an edge over competitors. In just three days, you can easily launch an app like Gojek in the language, brand name, and currency of your choice with our white-labeled solutions.
  7. Go-Jek is an innovation that benefits its customers by giving a better way of commuting. Since 2010, it has reached more than 1 million driving partners. It transformed itself as one of the top South Asian unicorns with market value of more than 3 billion US dollars. Running a multiple services business like Gojek is a difficult task. But it will be easy to handle and profitable, if appropriate app is developed for the multiple business. An app can be built using the readymade Gojek clone script available. This paves the way for entrepreneurs to develop a powerful platform with the integration of multiple services in it. It gives customers complete access to the services required. All the necessary features required to make business successful must be integrated into the app. Below are some of the most sought features to create a lucrative app. Profile for Users and Service providers Saving a frequently used address Schedule bookings for a daily routine need Multiple payment methods integration Live tracking of delivery personals and drivers Ratings and reviews for improving the service standards Instant notifications through email and SMS Promodes for users to benefit from offers and discounts
  8. We offer cost-effective solutions which help you meet your business requirements in no time. With us, you can build an advanced Gojek clone app with cutting-edge technology and top-notch features. Our iOS & Android developers will help you build your app that runs on all platforms without any glitches. Click our app development cost calculator to know the best and the most transparent price.
  9. The market is demanding convenient solutions for numerous on-demand services such as taxi rides, dog-walkers, laundry, mechanics, babysitting, and others. Cater to global users with an App like Gojek powered with top-of-the-line features and technology.
  10. We are living in a world of apps where we can get everything whenever we want and wherever we want. With the arrival of multi service apps like Gojek, now we can get multiple services from a single solution. What started as a ride hailing service has flourished into a multi service platform which provides services under three main categories such as Ride, Delivery and Other services. The app is a great hit in Indonesia. Clone apps are highly beneficial for startups as it helps them to save their time and money. If you’re considering to create a super app for your multi service business, make sure to contact the right technology partner for your business.
  11. With the evolution of technology, it is necessary to update your business accordingly. If you are an entrepreneur and looking to develop your business by gratifying the service demands of the customers, then a clone app like Gojek will be the right choice. Gojek app clone provides a wide range of services from food delivery to taxi services to grocery services. With an app like Gojek, grow faster and earn multiple revenues than your counterparts. It enables the users to enjoy complete accessibility and instant gratification of service needs. They are helping entrepreneurs create a white-labeled app with the entrepreneurs branding and logo. AppDupe ensures to provide complete ownership over the clone app by white labeling it. The application clone is well-built and user-friendly and works on all devices like mobiles, laptops, and tablets. It is possible to create the app in any desired language to reach a wider market. The robust admin panel will help you manage and supervise all the activities of the user and service providers. Additionally, a wide range of features is provided for the success of the entrepreneur.
  12. Ever wondered why people love supermarket, one word, convenience. By getting almost everything, ranging between groceries, hardware to even clothes, supermarkets are the go-to place for people. However, are we really talking about supermarkets? Well, not really. The idea of convenience gave rise to multi-services solutions. GoJek started in 2010 with a small fleet of 20 drivers, now exceed 1 million drivers as of May 2018. The simple app caters to all requirements including taxi, food & grocery delivery, courier & medicine delivery, house cleaning & massage, & other services. How is this even possible? Yes, it is. By integrating a plethora of services, the leading on-demand app for all services can cater to any requirements, anytime. One app offers users with simplified user-interface coupled with easy to access features. Moreover, the app is available on both the iOS App Store and Android ‘Google’ play store. Can I start a business with an App like Gojek? Yes, indeed, you can. However, do remember, you need to partner with a trusted app development organization with the right infrastructure and technical know-how to help build the perfect Gojek clone app.
  13. After the success of Gojek, there is an increased popularity for on-demand multi-service applications. Every entrepreneur is now interested in creating an application similar to Gojek. But it isn’t an easy task to create an app like Gojek. You have to spend time and money in the process of developing an application from scratch. You can get customizable clone applications. You have to find the right app development company to develop a perfect application for your business. Being a pioneer in app development, the right Gojek clone for your business with advanced features such as, Profile Saved address Scheduled bookings Multiple payment methods Booking records Rate card Pooling Live vehicle tracking Reviewing Estimated travel time Trip rate estimator SMS/Email notifications
  14. You have heard of Gojek’s myriad features for its customer base. As an entrepreneur you can make it big like Gojek all you need is a reliable and trustworthy Gojek app Clone to make your service business successful and flourishing. One app many features. Support for Android and iOS platforms for the users and service providers Manage various activities using the powerful admin panel Booking and dispatching management using the dispatcher panel. Keep track of earnings and revenue reports using the billing admin panel User and service provider info can be managed using the profile option There are also various benefits enjoyed by the users and service providers using the Go-Jek clone app. Frequently used addresses can be saved thus avoiding the entry every time Daily commutes can be done by using the scheduling the bookings All the trips and their rates can be done using booking records Various modes of payments option available Track all the bookings in real-time using the live tracking feature. Get instant notifications for all the activities Reviews and ratings for the completed bookings and activitie
  15. It provides multiple on-demand services like hailing taxis, food delivery, logistics under a single solution. If you have an idea to create a service-oriented app, then choosing a GoJek like app will be a profitable decision; since it will definitely earn you a vast customer base. Also, creating an app like it doesn't require much time since there is another favorable option called "clone scripts." This will cut short your time as well as expenses while allowing you to start your venture within 48 hours.
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