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  1. Nice thread. Certainly world major currencies are called majors because of their power to move markets and also affect value of other non-major currencies. I think that US Dollar leads this list in every possible way. Would you agree with me?
  2. DerekMan

    And can you withdraw bitcoins you bought? I can't figure it out.
  3. DerekMan

    Absolutely, transparent business builds confidence which is one of the major assets on this market. Unfortunately, there are many scammers, so traders need to be very careful. The best approach is to deal only with legitimate brokers. What do you think?
  4. DerekMan

    Still there might be some connection with weight loss and Forex trading. If you are half time trader you will certainly have less time to do sports and pay attention to your diet. So, this guy is only trying to help traders not to gain too much weight while sitting whole day in front of computer
  5. DerekMan

    Certainly, I am using head and shoulders indicator whenever I spot one on my chart. It points without a mistake on short term trend reversal. There is huge potential for additional pips in this indicator. What do you think?
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