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  1. DerekMan

    ETFs can be profitable investment but only if you are adverse to know where to invest. I find that trading with this asset class is more popular in the US than in the rest of the world
  2. DerekMan

    When you are in forex market you need to be very realistic. Any dreams about big money and earnings can be devastating for your capital and your future as a trader
  3. DerekMan

    In terms of usability, how does opening of an investment account look like? This can be done in the profile or you actually need to conclude an agreement in the written form?
  4. DerekMan

    I think that no one was prepared for Brexit vote. FCA is now doing only thing which they are able to do in such a short period of time in order to keep markets in order
  5. DerekMan

    I am following this market and it seems that it has turned to bearish. Since USD is going up for now, it seems that there is space for Gold to go more on a down side
  6. DerekMan

    While I was a beginner, I was indeed surprised to realize that there is a lot of various emotions in forex trading. They come from high happiness to almost depression. During time you need to understand how to keep them under control as they can impact your trading judgement
  7. DerekMan

    Mlawson, you have provided very good advice for new traders. Without a trading plan, winning strategy and good organisation there is no trader who can make success on this market. These are all important topics
  8. DerekMan

    How do you keep the money then? If you are waiting for a crisis, the dollar is also a risky option in this case. Everyone has a different opinions so it would be convenient if the broker provided a choice of the currency to withdraw.
  9. DerekMan

    There is a lot of emotions when trading forex. You get in touch with them first time when you open a real account and start trading. Then you need to develop skills to keep all your emotions under control as they can have negative impact on your trading
  10. DerekMan

    Smoovetrade, I would certainly agree with you. I also like to read a good conversation on forum. This is very interesting topic, maybe this is why so many traders wanted to provide opinion and some very useful advices
  11. Nice thread. Certainly world major currencies are called majors because of their power to move markets and also affect value of other non-major currencies. I think that US Dollar leads this list in every possible way. Would you agree with me?
  12. DerekMan

    And can you withdraw bitcoins you bought? I can't figure it out.
  13. DerekMan

    Absolutely, transparent business builds confidence which is one of the major assets on this market. Unfortunately, there are many scammers, so traders need to be very careful. The best approach is to deal only with legitimate brokers. What do you think?
  14. DerekMan

    Still there might be some connection with weight loss and Forex trading. If you are half time trader you will certainly have less time to do sports and pay attention to your diet. So, this guy is only trying to help traders not to gain too much weight while sitting whole day in front of computer
  15. DerekMan

    Certainly, I am using head and shoulders indicator whenever I spot one on my chart. It points without a mistake on short term trend reversal. There is huge potential for additional pips in this indicator. What do you think?
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