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  2. Thank you itmtrader, appreciate your comment :wink:
  3. Thank you bebeandres, will listen to the video... skylady
  4. Concerning extremely high % paid daily You know, we are going to leave these in here and if someone has enough EXTRA cash to chance playing these High %’s… That will be up to them… We decided not to make the choice for them… Just realize, high % like this, has never lasted long and some lose their money… Your choice members, Play Safe
  5. Signed up, will need time to check this all out and see just how it works... Sounds quite interesting and will keep you posted with my progress... Thanks seymourcake :wink: skylady
  6. binbin, This Topic is GetLR, so no more posting goldlr, k... Thanks, skylady
  7. This is not an area I am familiar with, sorry Dear... I did put this in 'For Admins of HYIP's/Autosurf/PTC/Games/Monitors Programs.' http://topgoldforum.com/forum/51-hyipautosurfptcgames-admins-talk Hopefully one of the Admins will answer your question for you skylady :unsure:
  8. Sorry chkeongtan, when I merged Lee768 with your Topic, it came out with him on top, but you are the one with the Program URL... k
  9. Sorry, I live in Arizona, but you may want to check google popular attorneys... Hope this helps, skylady
  10. Would appreciate it, if you would explain what this is {emergencybd), as I'm not able to get any information from the site... Thank you. skylady :) moving to General Chat
  11. Dennis will fix the Info & Announcements - Please read before you start posting Here is where all the rules are and info about how this forum will be organized. Please read it before you start posting! so please do not get excited... When deleting 5 pages of spam Topics, from one spammer, I somehow ended up with the whole category deleted... I really goofed and am sorry :( Hang in there folks, we'll have it fixed in short order... Thank you for being patient. skylady
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