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  1. My goodness, a lot of you posting in here... sooooooo... We WELCOME Each and everyone of you to our Forum, so glad to have you with us !!!
  2. Bitcoin sounds like an excellent form of 'currency' !!! Thanks Dennis :wink:
  3. added your 2nd Topic to your first and dated for Jan 2012 all of Jan. posts go here... Thank you, skylady
  4. HOWDY to all new members :cool: Happy to have all of you with us !!!
  5. Latest Update for all you POKER PLAYERS !!! Hello to all in HPP land! There is a lot of great stuff going on here and this email will bring you all up to speed. Status of the tournament We are waiting on word from our techs to have completed security tests and our “Chips for Charity” page to pass all tests and security settings as well. We will be changing our status from soft launch to pre launch once both of these departments pass all tests. We feel we are only going to get one shot at this so we are going to make sure everything is right. Once that is completed we will be opening
  6. Thank you goldrush321 and we have many good money makers :cool: WELCOME to our Form !!!
  7. Hello Sally, Welcome to High Payout Poker! Thank you for registering for the tournament. We are proud to bring you the world's highest paying online poker tournament in history, and it's all free! We are currently in pre launch and accepting registrations for our tournament at this time. We have scheduled the start date for our global tournament to be the 1st of august. You can earn money for referring others to our tournament by giving them your referral link shown below. You will be compensated for every player you refer that completes at least one qualification option to get the chip
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  9. We wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY yLybbbnnMic :cool: Have a Great Day !!!
  10. We wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY reginald :cool: Fun & Good times to You !!!!
  11. We wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY RobCam9876 :cool: ...and MANY more to come !!!
  12. We wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY gIanCombsd :cool: Have FUN !!!
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