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  1. Carolyn Hall

    WooCommerce watermark plugin helps you add watermarks to product images to ensure photography theft. With this plugin, you can add text or upload images to display on product pictures. WooCommerce watermark plugin helps you in securing the images by watermarking them. By using image upload option, you can add your company logo in product image which helps to market your brand as well. Upload multiple image watermarks for different store catalog view. You can select position for image watermark or repeat them on product images. The price of this plugin is 39$ and comes with 100% money back guarantee.
  2. Carolyn Hall

    If you are looking for WooCommerce dropdown plugin then you are at right place. It allows you to enable dropdown for product and shop pages. WooCommerce dropdown plugin lets you add product quantity dropdown on specific categories and products. You can define the steps to offer order quantity in series like 3, 6, 9, 12, 15. It enables you to set the minimum and maximum quantity in product quantity dropdown. The price of this module is just $19 with a 100% money-back guarantee.
  3. If you are looking for WooCommerce composite products download plugin then you are at right place. It enables your customers to assembled different products before buying such as bicycle, laptop, computer, etc. WooCommerce composite products download plugin let to choose the maximum and minimum quantity of each component included in composite product. It allows you to offer a discount on product price or on sale price as well.
  4. WooCommerce additional information plugin enables store owners to add multiple tabs on product pages. You can also display description, screenshots, videos, guide, etc. so the customer can see extra information by clicking tabs. WooCommerce additional information plugin enables WYSIWYG editor which allows you to add any kind of images, videos, and content. It allows you to create global tabs which are shown on all products it is a time-saving feature. You can also add new tabs at the product level. It enables you to exclude the global tab form a single product as well. The price of this extension is just $25 with a money-back guarantee.
  5. Carolyn Hall

    WooCommerce cart in menu plugin helps your customers to view the product they added to cart with a simple cart icon in the main menu. You can choose 13 types of different cart icons or custom icon from the backend. WooCommerce cart in menu plugin enables you to add mini cart anywhere in the website in sidebar, footer, or header with the help of shortcode. You can also display the cart items in fly-out or mini cart. You can also add links to check-out and cart detailed pages.
  6. WooCommerce product image watermark plugin offers user-friendly backend to watermark the images easily. Choose specific product or category to watermark the images. Watermark can also be featured on product preview image. WooCommerce product image watermark plugin create rules to manage watermark implementation. By watermarking the product images with logo also helps to brand your company. You can also choose the font, color, margin, position, opacity, and size of the text from the back station. This plugin cost you only 39$ and comes with six-month free support.
  7. Carolyn Hall

    WooCommerce add-ons plugin helps you create custom options on product page. This plugin offers you 12 types of fields that include text, select box, radio button, etc. These fields help you to create different product addons that are easier for users to select. With WooCommerce Add-ons plugin, you can specify the price of each product option to charge customer for personalizing the end product. You can create the product specific options and global options as well. Global options can be displayed on multiple products. The price of this plugin is only 29$ and comes with 100% money back guarantee.
  8. WooCommerce price calculator plugin allows you to sell items by weight, area, and volume on your e-store. WooCommerce price calculator plugin also enable dynamic pricing table which will help you to set the per unit price of all the products. You can sell every product by using this plugin such as tiles by sqft, drinks by liters, wires by meters, rice by kg etc. You can sell items by different units and also offer a discount on products. You can also sell mulch with a price per cubic yard in this plugin. Cost of this powerful plugin is just 39$.
  9. Carolyn Hall

    WooCommerce registration plugin helps you to customize registration page by adding 12 types of fields. This plugin, allow you to get extra information from the customer when they sign up. WooCommerce registration plugin allow you to add Text area, Textbox, select box, Checkbox, Multi-select box, Radio button, Time Picker, Date picker, Password, and File or Image upload etc. You have the ability to enable/disable default WooCommerce fields. The functionality of Facebook and Twitter login is also available. Customers can edit their provided information from their accounts. Cost of this extension is just $29.
  10. If you are looking for lightspeed WooCommerce integration plugin then you are at right place. You can easily synchronize your WooCommerce products with lightspeed to manage the inventory between WooCommerce and lightspeed. Lightspeed WooCommerce integration plugin allows you to import products and categories between both systems with a single click. You can also configure multiple stores with lightspeed but it can only synchronize one store which you choose as a primary store. Price of this plugin is just $69.
  11. Carolyn Hall

    If you are looking for WooCommerce photography extension then you are at right place. It allows you to sell you photo collection online. WooCommerce photography extension enables you to create the collection of photos just like a parent category and make it visible or private for the general public. You can upload multiple photos at a time and set the global price for all the images. The cost of this extension is just $29 with money back guarantee.
  12. Carolyn Hall

    WooCommerce menu cart plugin allow you to display cart in the menu of your website. When customers hover on the cart icon it displays the flyout menu. WooCommerce menu cart plugin enables 13 different cart icons in the menu and you can also upload the custom icon for cart. You can also hide the cart in menu when it is empty. This extension allows you to display the cart on any page of your website by using short code. The price of this plugin is just 25$ with money back guarantee.
  13. Carolyn Hall

    WooCommerce xero plugin allows you to create invoices in Xero for all sales on your WooCommerce site, and it automatically creates invoices for WooCommerce sales in xero and sends data on product, shipping, discounts and tax data to xero as well. WooCommerce xero plugin enables you to send your sales invoices to xero automatically or manually when order is placed. Price of this extension is just $45 with money back guarantee.
  14. Carolyn Hall

    WooCommerce zapier plugin saves your time by sending orders, customers, and subscription information directly to maximum cloud services you love. WooCommerce zapier plugin integrates your store with zapier and automatically shares data on third party web services such as twitter, email, facebook, google docs, etc. This plugin also triggers and send the changes in WooCommerce data for orders, customers, and subscription. Rather than making similar changes each time another request arrives, another client makes a buy or a request's status changes, set up automation once and let it run forever. Cost of this plugin is just $29.
  15. WooCommerce quick view allows your customers to have quick view the product details in a popup on shop and catalog pages. It enables the “Quick View” button on product pages which display the product details in the quick view window. WooCommerce quick view plugin allows you to customize the quick view button such as you can enable the button on the product image or below the add to cart button. You can choose to display the information type in a popup window to your accordingly. The price of this plugin is only $19.
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