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  1. Just update the soft and you'll see that UAM was added - Utopia Alternative Miner. It's an additional network core, that's going to simplify and make all the processes faster. Starting from mining process and continuing with transactions, messenger and mail work and many other things. Hope it will also help to earn more Crypton in less time.
  2. Great news! I also think that mobile version is already in development as Utopia owners just released a huge update, adding an additional core that's called Utopia alternative miner. If such a great update was released already, they should have time in order to work on a mobile version.
  3. I'm waiting for some promotions also. As all the poker clients do some entertaining stuff from time to time. That will catch more interest. Anyway, when you don't need real money to play, it's already great.
  4. Maybe there are more, I didn't check until they all will be fixed as I want more people to participate in it. And according to some ANN threads, poker is already advertised a lot, so hope it will happen really soon.
  5. Type poker in channels search, you'll find at least 2 of them. And what concerns the small amount of players, it can also be because of bug that sometimes doesn't allow to create a room. So waiting for fixes.
  6. There's one bug. Like it's not always possible to create a new room. It was discussed in one of the poker channels inside the Utopia and developers already know about this issue. I think it will be fixed in the next update.
  7. There is no notification that soft has to be updated if you don't check it on your own. So ofc not everyone have seen the updates. But channels already exist, so people should kno about it soon.
  8. Yes, I've tried to play. The minimum blinds are 0.001/0.002 CRP. So you don't need to have hundreds of Cryptons in order to play 🙂 The only thing is that there are not many people there yet, but I'm sure it will change the nearest time.
  9. It would be nice to see Omaha also. I love it too. And my favorite ones are tournaments for a common prize. I play tournaments every week-end on Party Poker and I think I'm quite good at it.
  10. It will be played with crypto? Very interesting news! I think I have to update the Utopia to the latest version as I can't find poker in the current one. Big thanks for sharing! Meet you on the table!)
  11. I can tell you how to get crypto with enjoy. Or lose it if you're not in a topic 🙂 Utopia project just announced poker rooms where you can play with their crypto. As a poker maniac, I'm already in! 🙂
  12. Yep, it's very convenient that I don't have to buy any additional technics and can simply run the soft and watch the coin amount rising. Moreover, as I've mentioned, it doesn't eat the electricity as it usually goes with mining.
  13. Any specific indicators are again subjective. You have to learn the whole crypto story on your own and there are 2 ways. Either your intuition will bring you to the right coin, or you'll make a great mistake and will lose your money.
  14. Many try to invest into something perspective on the early stage, in most of cases it's a subjective meaning. So I won't believe any predictors. but would listen to myself. Moreover, any crypto project needs a certain time in order to show if it's succesfull or not. So I don't see an exact answer to your question.
  15. Of course. I've got 100$ after 2 week mining. Everyone tell it's a scam or a bullshit and no one even tried. I prefer checking everything on my own. So it's even better for me that not everyone do this.
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