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  1. Rotor

    Guys, do you participate in any channels? maybe you can offer something interesting? I've used to read a number of channels when I used Telegram and just interested if there's something common and interesting.
  2. Not too much. Just inviting people to join Utopia through my affiliate link. Thinking of other ways of earning also. Maybe I'll try to promote it on social media.
  3. Rotor

    It's kind of Tor and it seems like it can be used without any VPNs and provide anonymity. It's hard to be sure for 100%, but I think it's more safe than Chrom, Mozilla and so on.
  4. Do you mine there? Does it slows down a PC? I'm thinking to switch this function on, but I can hardly find something about Crypton. Not sure if it's worth trying.
  5. Rotor

    It doesn't require anything. For participation in beta you have to enter your email address (but you can easily create a new one on protonmail to stay anonymous), but during the registration in soft all you have to enter is a username and password.
  6. It's not open source, how can you be 100% sure it doesn't collect anything? I'm a little bit sceptic, anyway I like the idea and the service. Maybe after the beta ending we'll get more info on the project..
  7. Rotor

    Agree, anonymity is the best, I was looking for something like that for a long time. Have you already earned some bonuses or you use it just for fun?
  8. How can I use the crypto cards? Again only inside the Utopia? Do they already have something what can I pay for or for now we're able to mine and hold only?
  9. Rotor

    I've registered in beta, but I'm still in the process of learning the soft. As there are really a lot of functions. The design is a little strange, but the idea is good.
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