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  1. It's cool that there are still some currencies that allow that playing mode. Mining without any expences is a gift and getting easy money is very nice. That's why I appreciate all the updates that are happening with Utopia. And having a mobile version will be perfect.
  2. Are you sure they look for investors? I hadn't heard anything like that. Seems like everything is self financed and devs plan to continue everything the same way. I have no idea where do they take so much money as all the updates need good investments for sure. But I like how the project updates.
  3. I can't understand where do they get money for that? No investors, very low coin, no paid options or marketplace and they continue spending money on it. Was it created to earn something or it's just a good will to present people an anonymous place to communicate? Who would do that with such expences?
  4. You think that small altcoins are the only coins I invest in? 🙂 Ofc a long time ago my first investment was made in Bitcoin. And now, when everything is nice with that, I prefer to spend some time enjoying different projects. Especially when I can simply mine it, not losing any money.
  5. Looking after main altcoins it's seen that they have a positive move right now. Not as much as BTC but it's logical. While CRP does nothing.. So I don't think it's somehow connected to the top coins. And until it doesn't have any investors, it will cost almost nothing.
  6. It has nothing common with google drive. It's more like torrent, but I'm not sure that someone will upload music or movies from there now. All of us have our own favorite torrent websites. Ofc nice not to be connected to any corporations. But it still has to be updates.
  7. I'm not sure it can really replace a google drive as it's more like torrent.. In order to replace a google drive, it needs to have online docs, which is the main part. And here.. I'm not even sure that someone uploads music or movies like that anymore.
  8. I was thinking about the fact if the rise of bitcoin can affect CRP somehow.. I don't know on what is it based, but usually the rise of bitcoin affects the whole crypto market.. Or only top coins?
  9. Another convenient thing had appeared lately. Now there's an inner file storage in Utopia where you can download or upload any files you want. A kind of torrent, at least looks like that. Everything free, secured and can be accessed only through the Idyll browser.
  10. Fully agree and what can I tell more is that a new feature appeared in Utopia if I can call it so. It's a file storage that can be accessed through the Idyll browser and is available for Utopia users only. I'm not only sure if it's 100% safe or not.
  11. And what can you tell about a new file storage? It can be accessed only through the Idyll browser. But I'm not sure if it's safe to download files from there as anyone can upload them. I'm not sure that everything is checked and is secured.
  12. Their inner exchange appeared in a usual web https://crp.is/ but still no news about new pairs. But I think it needs time so we'll wait. It's okay, I'll mine some more coins during that time 🙂
  13. The point is that creating a platform without any restrictions can cause some problems for devs. Look how Telegram is now pressed because of its channels. And in Utopia no one will delete any of your channels, websites or forum threads. And allowing such things is good for users, but not very safe for devs.
  14. Yep, I'm looking through the new videos and in comments most of the viewers say they've heard of it. But most are not aware of its security because of the closed code. Okay.. Also what I wanted to sare is that exchange is now available through the usual browser https://crp.is/ It can rise the interest to it as I think.
  15. Yep, I know. I've already tried it. Very fast and easy to use. Very good to have an opportunity to do that all inside the ecosystem. Just interested if any other coins will be added one day as I don't use USDT
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