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  1. So you can promote and lead your project there. It will be safe from hacking attacks and free. Isn't it better? Or you're afraid that you won't gain as much visitors there as youcan find in a usual web?
  2. Don't you want to advertise it in Utopia? It's a free platform with lots of active users. It's the best place to find the right people. What's your niche?
  3. Anyway, I hope I was able to help you. By the way, how are you progressing in finding courses? or were they just words? By the way, what kind of business?
  4. Being on quarantine I was so bored that it was a pleasure for me to start some courses. Just not to go crazy. And I can hardly imagine that someone can't find something in google nowadays...
  5. I've seen many free or big discounted online courses during the quarantine. Some of them may be still active. Make a small research and I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for.
  6. Of course it is. You can learn anything you work, you only need will for that. That's it. I've learned html simply on my own, without any lessons. And you can find something that will suit you. You can even try to ask in Utopia community. Maybe someone would like to help you.
  7. You don't have to be genius in order to create a website. I think that's more about the website's design. You may like it from the first view or vice versa. So it must be a complex of things. I would be really interested to read an interview with developers. I know that they prefer to stay anonymous, but I'd love to hear their thoughts and ideas.
  8. No, I hadn't heard about it before. That's interesting that people create such websites and don't even promote it at least in Utopia channels. On the whole, it looks quite nice. And I like the style of the pictures used. It's a hard work, by the way.
  9. But those people should also know that full privacy is kind of forbidden nowadays. So in order to avoid problems, such developers should hide themselves as no one will let them work in that way. Knowing one name, means having an instrument to get all the others. There's no freedom of speech for quite a long time, if you didn't mention.
  10. It will for sure as it will work until people will use it. It doesn't require any investments. It's self based and self promoted unique blockchain. So it has much more chances to live longer than any other similar apps.
  11. That's great! And even greater is the news that Crypton was at least announced on a trading platform https://www.qbtc.me/trade?symbol=CRP_USDT Now it is fully trusted and can be mined by even more people. Hope it will positively affect its value.
  12. Have you found something there? I'm not going to withdraw yet, as I've just run multiple mining bots and want to collect some more coins. Just want to know the information for the future.
  13. Check the Chinese channels.These guys are connected to BTC more than any others 🙂 No matter it's all written in Chinese, I think you'll find someone who speaks English.
  14. Yep, I've found some guys already. They all change for PM and I try to exchange it to BTC as the rates had risen and it will be a nice investment. Anyway, thanks.
  15. Okay.. I thought that you've tried it already. I'll join some exchange channel and speak to the guys. It will be interesting to try to withdraw 10$ in order to see how it works, what are the fees, etc.
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