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  1. What would be a good guest post site?
  2. What was the HTTPS/SSL Update?
  3. What kind of Google penalties can you get?
  4. What is the Google knowledge graph?
  5. What data can you get from using Ahrefs?
  6. What is the Google knowledge graph?
  7. What SEO value is there in blog commenting?
  8. What’s the difference between do-follow and no follow backlinks?
  9. What do we mean by a top level domain?
  10. Pranav

    URL is a short-form of Uniform Resource Locator.
  11. Pranav

    Mobile first indexing is primarily driven by the increase in mobile traffic over the years. Mobile is far outpacing desktop as the number one method of searching.
  12. Pranav

    Blog Submission Social Bookmarking Forum Posting Article Submission Directory Submission
  13. Pranav

    1. Sem rush 2. Moz Tool 3. Keyword finder 4. Backlink watch 5. Neil Patel Backlink watch
  14. JavaScript is a programming language commonly used in web development .It was originally developed by Netscape as a means to add dynamic and interactive elements to websites.
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