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  1. asadk1997

    Referral traffic describes the people who come to your domain from other sites, without searching for you on Google.
  2. asadk1997

    Website traffic is the amount of visitors and visits (sessions) a website receives or in simple words, website traffic is the number of people visiting your website
  3. asadk1997

    It allows users to reference sites with content similar to that which they are already viewing, and may be of further interest to them.
  4. asadk1997

    In business, consolidating is characterized as The mix of at least two organizations by exchanging the benefits of the little organizations to the buying organization.
  5. asadk1997

    Internet marketing, or online marketing, refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the web and email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce , in addition to sales leads from websites or emails.
  6. asadk1997

    Return on Investment (ROI) is what every client wants from a search marketing agency. It’s an easy thing to calculate if you’re doing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. Search marketing agencies that provide SEOservices have traditionally reported ROI in a variety of ways.
  7. asadk1997

    Googlebot is a web crawling software search bot (also known as a spider or webcrawler) that gathers the web page information used to supply google search engine results pages (SERP).
  8. asadk1997

    Structured data may account for only about 20 percent of data, but its organization and efficiency make it the foundation of big data.
  9. A link audit may be a tedious and complicated process. If you have just started on building links, you can do an audit quite often. But a complete link audit should be done approximately once a year.
  10. A-Frame in HTML is a technique that divides the content of a page onto several parts. Search engines consider Frames as completely different pages and may have a negative impact on SEO. We should avoid the usage of Frames and use basic HTML instead.
  11. Heading Content Title Description
  12. If the search engines ban your website for black hat practices, you can apply for re-inclusion after correcting your wrongdoings.
  13. What Is The Use Of Name Based Hosting?
  14. What Is Domain Parking?
  15. What Are The Different Types Of Hostings That Exist?
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