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  1. Search Engine Land Search Engine Journal Search Engine Watch Ahref
  2. To be search engine friendly a website needs to be able to tell Google what the site is about and who would benefit from seeing it’s content.
  3. Mobile-first indexing means that Google will use the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking. Google will continue to show the URL version that is most appropriate to users.
  4. Rank Brain is the name of the AI program (artificial intelligence) that Google employs to understand search queries. It embeds written language into mathematical context, calling them vectors, and uses this format to understand searches.
  5. An EMD is a domain name that includes the keyword or searches phrase in the domain name.
  6. What Is The Most Difficult Aspect Of Seo For You?
  7. Why Does Google Rank Wikipedia For So Many Topics?
  8. Is Using Software To Submit Content Good For Seo?
  9. Domain Extensions are used in domains or URLs to signify the type of website. The most common extension, .com, denotes the word commercial and is used the most worldwide.
  10. The question will seek answer on how you’d approach ads that are displayed for specific locations. Is it just based on IP filter or should you extend it.
  11. A blog which you can review at kaushalam.com/blog uses WordPress as a platform and my question is regarding its optimization and want to know the plugin that manages all SEO activities either you experienced or find somewhere.
  12. Title tags influence your SEO initiatives, so they are considered highly important in how well your web site does in the search engine rankings.
  13. For SEO, new trends in e-marketing etc. I read searchengineland.com. Some times I am also using searchenginejournal.com, and Google's official blog.
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