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  1. Social Media Sites used for Marketing are as follows :- 1. Facebook 2. Twitter 3. Instagram 4. Linkedin
  2. When a User click on the Result of your website on the SERP and the page which it is being directed to is known as Landing Page.
  3. Both are good to not allow google to index and crawl certain page on your website. Meta robots tag also ensures that your link equity is not get lost. Robots.txt will help you disallow entire directory of the website.
  4. There is no specific number as to how many number of backlinks are required for the low competition keyword. You have to focus on creating quality bakclinks which will help you boost our ranking of the website.
  5. Utilizing the anchor text diversity method is a great way to help control your anchor text and it’s diversity. It helps provide the understanding that anchor text is extremely important, but it’s also extremely important to ensure diversity and complete natural / organic link building methods for an SEO campaign.
  6. XML sitemap is the file of the website which has all the Information of your website which helps google understand your site in better format.
  7. Both are important from SEO perspective As they say Content is the king, Content basically helps google understand the Context of your site and Link building helps in improving the Ranking of the website in the SERP.
  8. Do follow link is an HTML attribute which google is able to crawl and index it into Database and provide the link juice to the website.
  9. Do the Following steps to forward yahoo mail into gmail :- Open your Yahoo inbox Switch back to the old version of Yahoo Select the "Settings" click accounts Select your Yahoo email address Scroll down to the "Access your Yahoo Mail elsewhere" heading Check the "Forward" box Scroll back down and enter your Gmail email address Click verify and save and also verify your gmail email
  10. Meta Title, the character limit is 60 Meta Description, the character limit is 160 Meta Keyword Meta Robots
  11. Link Baiting is just like fishing. You publish a new page on a topic and set it free on the web. Hopefully others pick up on the content as fresh and interesting and link to it. The article is the bait, and the link is the catch.
  12. Robots.txt, with the cooperation of webmasters, acts as a guide for web robots. Using robots.txt without the right knowledge can be disastrous for your website. If you create it by mistake in an important section of your site, the search engine robots would not crawl those web pages, and they will remain absent in the search results.
  13. Contextual link building seems to be very genuine and spam less because your website acquire links by sharing the the content on various websites. Contextual link building service help you get high quality backlinks to your website's homepage and inner pages as well.
  14. -Neil patel Blog -Search engine land Blog -Search engine journal -Backlinko
  15. Users search on words or phrases, and, if your site is well optimized, your pages turn up in the search results. The starting point for SEO is having a clear and thorough understanding of which keywords are relevant and will perform for your site.
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