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  1. I have never loosened big amounts of money while gambling because I don't like playing with big stakes. Also, I don't like playing games when winning depends only on random. I like playing poker because the whole game and how it goes depends only on the skill of the game. The basic rules and combinations are easy to learn, but other skills you will learn while accumulating experience. I usually play on mobile online casinos, because nowadays the casinos are closed because of the COVID-19. At the start, I didn't like to play online, but with time you understand that it is a good alternative. https://www.mobilewins.co.uk/
  2. According to the position that it is best to just sell yourself as really good tenants who take care of the house and pay the rent. If you have a really good reputation in this aspect, then you have no reason to worry. And you don't even need to offer an amount that exceeds the amount set by the landlord. Why not save this money for other, more important needs? Why deprive yourself of financial freedom ? In fact it's not difficult to achieve financial freedom as it's described on the site I mentioned earlier. Be purposeful, as this option suits you in all aspects. I don't think you can expect to find anything better. Of course, over time, you may decide to change your job, but for now, at this stage, this is the best thing for you. Remember that our thoughts are material. Even some financial goals with a positive mood will be achieved!
  3. What to do when you're a bankrupt?
  4. as for me I guess that it's great to start an offshore business does anyone else think in this way too?
  5. hunting I always buy rangefinders for hunting
  6. Hi everyone, after searching the forum, I found a tutorial on creating a upload button to display images in the repeater. Instead, I need a button to load the video contained in the recording. Can someone give me a direction? As always, thank you in advance!

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