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  1. Kelelis

    I do assume it's a very usefull thing in your daily work, that's why you have posted it there for our needs as well. How else it should be explained for many many reasons. I am pass on it's way for example. And for how long it should really be.
  2. Your pages stop being indexed probably as far as I can get really anyway. I am totally disconnected from everything being done there for whatever reason and I am not really sure what to do. Your domain name should show in google search after search for it.
  3. Kelelis

    They are both fine and free services anyway, so let's do something else with them for that matter. Can we or not ? I hope we will be able to register as many free accounts as we only can there. Let's not try to be that bad. Thanks for thoughts;)
  4. Kelelis

    Most professional is e-mail on your own domain with your things in it being done for that, so I do hope it will really get matter in that case anyway. Thanks for being done with that help. What other issues you may have ? Let's talk my dear, I know you want.
  5. Kelelis

    Ordinary files, or simply files, are files that can hold documents, pictures, programs, and other kinds of data. Directory files, also referred to as directories or folders, can hold ordinary files and other directory files. I hope you are happy with such explanation of things.
  6. Kelelis

    It's something where you do create something which is like for example something like creating some accounts on some websites and then posting some text with link backs for the website you plan to promote anyway for whatever reason.
  7. Kelelis

    By trying to obtain a lot of links from sports related websites probably, what do you say about that ? Should be doable task, sorry for bumping threads but I really do not get anything like that being done in reality ways for example. Get a bit real with content too and fresh.
  8. Each up to their own, I assume if you are looking for some freelance jobs it should be something like PHP or similar cause there are plenty of sites and services still running PHP and Python not that much but it's changing very very fast anyway, I am lost all together.
  9. I do not know what you mean here ? Tool or measurment digit for that matter anyway ? If it's something like that one then so be it for real anyway. The less is better for sure, so do hope to make it all possible anyway. I do not really want you to see this really.
  10. Kelelis

    Crawling it's when google actually goes trough web code of your web page with the very deep details and indexing it's something which is show if the google actually have such web page in it's database, it's may sounds similar but they are both different things.
  11. By overall traffic coming to the site via similar or exact keywords I am targeting with them, I do hope it will make them better anyway for whatever reason. Can you please do something like that ? Quite deep analysis including traffic logs from hosting will be needed, not only usual tools.
  12. It's conent needs to be new and unique in any way so I do hope it will make something out of it no matter what. Text shouldn't be posted anywhere else and be written in a way that humans also could realise it's sort of unique style cause of that really.
  13. Kelelis

    Have found your thread here, would love to see something from you anyway, like your portfolio or some things like that in forever means totally. I do not really understand where this all is going for everything. I do not really get going with some things like that. List them please.
  14. LOL at that question, but ok - that way site will be tracked in search engine at least when somebody will trigger that keyword search I assume, question is quite obvious by itself anyway. So let's do something with it lately if that does matter here anyway. Thanks!
  15. Yes, in my opinion anyway. It all shows that it's really important way of everything of that being done totally and completely out there for many many reasons. This links still give you some quality traffic such as niche refferal one from that sources so I assume it's all good.
  16. Kelelis

    The best plugins for Wordpress it's probably something like All-In-One Seo pack as well as Yoast SEO Premium, those are the most popular, but you are feel free to check whole wordpress directory again for that matter. How can you be discussed for that alltogether.
  17. Kelelis

    I would describe it like basically anything which is done with your PC anyway but with something like that forever. I mean with your website sorry, basically that's why it calls off site, which is not on the site itself - I hope it makes sense.
  18. The answer lies in the question here, how does that website really have that miillion of pages in the first place ? I highly doubt it's all done manually and if it brings that traffic probably there is no need for further "optimisation" of that matter.
  19. Kelelis

    Because it's need to be promoted as well and have good proper interlinking which will leads to him anyway. Are you with me here on that ? Do you have some samples ? I can really tell you it will be done with that matter anyway. Thanks!
  20. Really ? Why do you want to know ? Keyword stuffing everwhere possible. Creating some duplicate or poorly rewritten pages anywhere you can only get that matter. As well as spamming links everywhere where only possible so much you can't stand.
  21. Kelelis

    Common seo mistakes is probably over optimisation without any real or good looking content for everything I would say, then something probably like wrong links for your website which will not really help and may even got it bad in the first place.
  22. I would say it's something like some keyword research tool, something like keyword density tool, some competitor check, some backlink finder and so on really. So I really do not see what is going on with that matter completely and totally.
  23. This question was answered here for so many times that I don't even want to describe it anymore really. Thanks for letting me know all that much anyway. How do we going with this out of my mind really. Do something with it please if you need to.
  24. Kelelis

    If it's really done right, then the beenefit are really tremendous. It allows you to do something like collecting orders or at least traffic from people search queries and it really helps a lot about what to do there with that matter. I hope it should be done.
  25. Kelelis

    Why do you honestly need to do this at all ? Am I missing something ? Sitemap whole point as a file to get your site properly indexed, there is no point at all with all such stuff. So I hope you will really change your mind over time and sooner than later.
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