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  1. I don't think she's very interested in you. Because if she was, she would take the time to answer you. If your importance to her is lower than the importance of everything else in life, is that love? And just because she tells you that she loves you doesn't mean anything. She just wants to make sure you don't get off the hook. It's like a suitcase without a handle, hard to carry and a pity to throw away. You need to act accordingly, stop writing her first, if she won't write first, you'll find someone else, and if she does, tell her that you love her if she asks, but don't write first. Business... business... I'm a little busy right now. See if she becomes more active. But don't rush at her first call, take a break.
  2. Emotions are of great danger for the traders, it's true. However, if your trading strategy is accurate and precise, no emotions will ever intervene into your decision making process.
  3. It's really not uncommon in this business. But you have to remember about regulation, risk management, and other things to keep risks under control.
  4. And all because of the specifics of the asset itself. It is difficult to monitor and control. We have to be careful always and in everything.
  5. It seems to me that a broker's capabilities are not the most important thing. The key is your knowledge and experience.
  6. Looking back sometimes you can learn much more about the future. And it really works.
  7. Now there are a huge number of modern tools so that you can implement almost any strategy, and this is really valuable ...
  8. If you have got to a poin in your life when you do not know what to do the it means that you do ot knwo wjo you are. You need to think about it. Who are you and what do you want. Take away all the people in your life and find out what you are left with. Think about that and you will finally know what it is that you have to do.
  9. Forex trading has really made a difference in my life and it can in yours too. To become an expert forex trader is the best thing there is in forex. it takes practice and determination but you will get there. My trading journey had some rumbles but I still made it. Just put your hear into it.
  10. Hey, Sundar from India! Welcome to this forum. I hope with us you can achieve your goal and do what you like and what brings you profit)) In this forum you will be able to find many useful articles and other materials that will help you to develop yourself and study the topics you are interested in. Good luck!
  11. I think that many people do not take trading very seriously when they just start their way in the market. But over time you start to understand the mechanisms and regularities of the market and trading becomes more structured and therefore interesting.
  12. Here's another proof that nowadays you can do anything and get any information you want. Of course, if you have enough knowledge and maybe... courage.
  13. Hey! It's really cool that you already have experience and you came with some knowledge in this business. If you want to get serious in trading, you need to prepare yourself for serious work and become more disciplined. On the forum you can find the answer to any question that interests you, don't hesitate. Also let us know what your success in trading is, what you are doing great and with what you are having any difficulties. It also helps a lot of people to keep their trading journal, you can try it too.
  14. Hmm, looks like a lot of changes. From what I see with MT4 one can choose between ECN and standard, which basically means you can apply both formats of fees application with Metatrader account. With ECN you’ll get commission and no spreads, with standard you’ll get spreads and zero commissions. The other difference that I’ve noticed is that MT allows trading a wider list of assets. Personally I felt totally fine with the assets the have in the original platform. And to tell the truth, it was easier to calculate the risks with the web platform of Olymp’s. Anyway, I hope they are just expanding and don’t plan to close the support of their custom trading platform. It is nice to have a choice. I’m undecided yet about which one I prefer.
  15. Yep, an impressive list. I've heard many people people that Olymp's platform is very easy to start trading with. So called user-friendly interface. I'm not that sure of it personally. There are quite a lot features and its rather difficult to go through all of them.

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