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  1. seomark15

    In HTML and XHTML, an image map is a list of coordinates relating to a specificimage, created in order to hyperlink areas of the image to different destinations.
  2. seomark15

    Referral traffic is Google's method of reporting visits that came to your site from sources outside of its search engine. it can help you analyze the traffic and target the audience.
  3. seomark15

    bid and quality score are the important factor for ad rank
  4. seomark15

    Do-Follow backlinks from high domain authority websites
  5. seomark15

    Title Tag, URL and Meta Description is the initial information what users (searchers) over Search Engines is looking aftertitle is everything, follow up by post permalink.
  6. seomark15

    you can advertise your blogs by : 1. Facebook, you can share your blog link on facebook 2. collaborating with others blog writers to drop your link in their content 3. you can use twitter and other social media to drive the traffic to your blog 4. you can use reddit to share the blog so that the traffic is driven to your page 5. you can also internal link the blog on your other blog so that the user can navigate to the other blog thus increasing the overall traffic of your website too
  7. to increase the brand awareness you can :- 1. do paid display advertisement through google adwords 2. create blogs 3. collaborate with others 4. promote your brand on social medias 5. you can also promote your brand on youtube you can increase by making a strategic planning and using creative content over the mediums mentioned above.
  8. seomark15

    google search console is free tool provided by google on which you can check where you are getting the backlinks and it displays the data from the last 3 month, you can check which keyword is generating traffic for your website and which keyword is being search less so that you can remove that keyword and instead use another keyword on your website to make better the ranking of your website. you can also check from which site you are getting the most backlinks. you can also index your website regularly whenever you make changes in the page or make the post. its one of the best tools available in market.
  9. seomark15

    you can do internal linking n website by writing a content on a particular page of your website and you can post your link in anchor link format or rawlink and after completion of the content writing and the development of the page then index the site by uploading the sitemap.xml file so that google indexes the page quickly rather than waiting for google to crawl the page to index.
  10. you can remove the toxic link by using disavow feature of google find out all the toxic links and go to disavow toll and click disavow link and upload the disavow file
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