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  1. A mobile phone application performs well and becomes popular when it is marketed with a well-thought-of strategy. It is unfavorable to see your app drowning into the lower abyss of unused softwares in app stores. Hiring app marketing services will confer your business with the fillip it needs to conquer the inundated market. Before seeking result-driven solutions from app marketing companies, it is important to know how to consider and what to expect from a marketing agency. Things to consider the right marketing agency Are they reliable? Are they motivated? Do they have a good record? Investing in availing the services of a top app marketing agency will bestow your application with extensive prospects. The expertise and experience of a qualified company will make a huge difference in how your app performs in the market. Having learned what qualities a good agency will have, you can make an informed decision in choosing a suitable app marketing company for raising the prospects of your mobile application.
  2. Confused about the right mobile app marketing strategies that can help you grow? Check out the marketing secrets that helped your favorite companies get where they are today. Compiled with insights from leading industry experts and proven to work. These quick tips will help you reign supreme over your competition. Social Media Free Promotion Paid Promotion Blogging Business Partnerships Email Newsletter Customer Referral Program Create Video Content Invest In A Mobile App. Follow the link to know more - https://medium.com/@jessicajane.crazy101/7-cost-effective-app-marketing-strategies-that-can-change-your-business-today-a3f3464e4406
  3. There are millions of apps on app stores these days and only a few of them are popular with high rankings. It is important for businesses to assess what mobile app marketing strategy they are going to use. A good marketing plan can make all the difference in an app’s performance. Here are some of the best practices that mobile app marketing companies use to skyrocket their app to the top. Target Audience Competitors Create Hype Optimize SEO Assess Reviews After Launch Read also: Top 5 Common App Marketing Mistakes To Avoid Beat all the hassles of having to market your app all by yourself, let the industry professionals handle it for you. AppDupe, a mobile app marketing agency with over 10 years of experience in the app industry provides you with mobile app marketing services like Mobile App Consultations, Mobile App Monetization, Pre-Launch Campaigns, App Audits, Public Relations, Post-Launch Marketing and more!
  4. With the advent of mobile apps and their subsequent success, there has been a huge interest in investment in this budding industry. As an investor, making the right choice when it comes to choosing a mobile app marketing company is paramount. AppDupe provides you with the tools that you need to thrive in this modern world. With thousands of successfully launched products under their belt, they are the leading choice for all your app marketing needs. Their innovative solutions and cost-effective plans will help you ‘wow’ your customers like never before. Come and be a part of the AppDupe family today!
  5. Marketing plays a vital role in the success of any app. Stay up to date with the forefront of the industry by reading this blog and implementing the strategies mentioned. Are you ready to be the next big success story of the mobile app world? APP MARKETING STRATEGIES Social Media Target The Right Audience Be Clear About What You Offer Search Engine Optimization
  6. What fuel is to a rocket, marketing is to an app. No matter how good the app is, it’s going to need the right fuel to take off. Sure the app can take off into the app store with bare minimum marketing. What would that do? the app would be floating in a space that is unknown to potential users. App marketing helps the app stand out from millions of other ones and be better optimized to reach a large audience. An orderly marketing strategy can make all the difference for an application. Marketing strategies include SEO optimizations, pre-launch campaigns, post-launch campaigns, press releases and more. A professional mobile app marketing agency that can take care of all the needs of an app is AppDupe.
  7. After investing sufficient time and resources in developing an app, the marketing aspect of the app’s journey takes center stage. Marketing is crucial to ensure the success of an app. There are a plethora of app marketing strategies available on the internet. Question is, which ones are the best? Here are 6 major app marketing strategies that work. Here are 6 major app marketing strategies that top marketing agencies recommend.1. Swipe and Tap2. Stay Relevant3. Promote, Don’t Over promote4. App Store Optimization5. One Platform at a Time6. Customer Support
  8. App marketing is crucial to stand out from all of the apps that inundate app stores. Apps gain visibility and a good number of users only when it is marketed properly. A quintessential world-leading app always has an active marketing team working on more ways of reaching potential customers. Fuel your app to go the extra mile with these top 10 mobile app marketing companies.
  9. Get your app to rank at the top by avoiding 5 common app marketing mistakes. Mobile app marketing strategies when incorrectly used can do more harm than help. Here are 5 common app marketing mistakes to avoid 1.Building an Entire Website For The Phone 2.Getting On Too Many Platforms 3.Weak Optimization for App Stores 4.Halting at a Win 5.Waiting For The Right Time
  10. Entrepreneurs can have their pre-launch app marketing strategies handled by experienced professionals from the mobile app marketing agency, AppDupe. They provide great solutions to businesses whose apps are just kicking off. Here are the pre-launch app marketing tips for mobile apps. Research Website Blog Social Media App Store Optimization Release date
  11. Millions of applications exist in the online world, and this number continues to grow by the minute. The competition for top ranking apps is not easing up anytime soon, mobile app marketing services are here to help pave paths for apps to soar to the top. Here’s a list of marketing strategies to improve your app’s performance. Knowing the Target Audience Create a Website Pre-Launch Marketing Offers App Store Optimization Learn From Reports Influencers
  12. Not only developing an appealing website or app is enough to increase the usability, but also how well you market matters. After so many difficulties and investment of time, no entrepreneur wishes to struggle anymore. It is well enough if you have ideas to reach the maximum number of users, but it will get worse if you don't. Fortunately, today, you have mobile app marketing services, which can help you ease the struggle. AppDupe being a leading app marketing service does all the back-end works that will tweak your app to rank high in the market. You don't have to worry about the competitiveness since they plan techniques that could definitely race past all the competition.
  13. Marketing an app is specialized and therefore requires using specific marketing techniques that pertain to mobile applications compared to the general practices used in general marketing. The app store is flooded with millions of apps that often deteriorate in a short period due to various reasons, of which one major reason is insufficient or bad marketing strategies. A good set of plans for marketing an app can make all the difference for an application’s popularity and rank on the app store. In order to stand out from the competition, it is important to understand the type of marketing the application would require. Based on research and performance evaluation, employing a suitable marketing strategy can help the mobile application to soar high. Some common marketing strategies used for mobile applications are Pre-Launch Hype - Initiating marketing right after an app is developed or even during its final development stage will prove to greatly aid the app during its launch. Engage the Audience - Businesses keep their audience engaged with various engaging events about the app. This can include questionnaires, polls, reviews, demos and more. Blogs - Writing blogs about the app, its background, its genesis makes the audience feel included in the process. This helps in the app’s promotion. Put Out Previews - Putting out short video clips, blog content, screenshots and more are great ways of feeling the waters of the market and the consumer. It creates anticipation and audience engagement. Optimize - App optimization is crucial for its visibility in the app store. Using app-specific keywords, the chances of the application to appear in search results will improve. Entrepreneurs can skip having to take on the specialized task of mobile app marketing by hiring experienced professional services. AppDupe is a mobile app marketing agency that has a team of proficient experience in mobile app marketing.
  14. App stores have accumulated millions of apps over the years. Google play store released an average of 6,140 mobile apps everyday during the first quarter of 2018. Does your app have what it takes to race past all the competition and rank at the top? The explosion in the number of apps developed and released have led businesses to seek a good marketing plan for their apps. As marketing an app can make all the difference in the app’s ranking, employing a mobile app marketing agency like AppDupe proves highly useful.
  15. An app is evaluated based on several factors - app reviews, ranking and purpose are some of the most essential aspects that potential users regard before installing it on their phones. An app that boasts of its genuinity may find it difficult to garner a user base that it expects. Optimizing the application helps its visibility and increases the chances of being within the reach of users’ browsing activities. Mobile app marketing companies like AppDupe specialize and specifically cater to those requirements to help uplift your mobile application.
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