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  1. Which Google algorithm penalises the low quality or thin content sites ?
  2. What is the name of the tool used to report negative or low quality backlinks ?
  3. How many H1 tags are suggested for a single page ?
  4. Blog Commenting Forum submission Bookmarking Classified Submission Guest Posts
  5. bhavesh11

    Link Bait is providing valuable content on your website so that other websites will naturally reference/link to it without you ever having to ask
  6. Page Speed High Quality Content Mobile Friendly Website Backlinks
  7. bhavesh11

    Link collider is the tool which uses the social media for increasing the web traffic and getting more links
  8. bhavesh11

    Keyword in Domain Mobile Friendly Good Content
  9. bhavesh11

    It shows all the submission you have submitted on every site
  10. bhavesh11

    The flow metrics are updated every day, so they are more accurate
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