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  1. High leverage is quite risky indeed, that's why it has largely been banned in a lot of jurisdictions all over the world.
  2. It formed a double top around 1.1670, I think it will likely drop again as part of the correction.
  3. The move north is continuing for now, I think it may reach 1.1670. Let's see if it will form a double top at that level.
  4. It climbed to 1.1670 and pulled back from that level, although I doubt the correction would be this shallow.
  5. I think the best way to minimize risks would be to use a proper, regulated broker, as the unregulated companies cannot be trusted more often than not.
  6. It's forming a correction at the moment, I think next target would be around 1.1630.
  7. Let's see how it will develop next week.
  8. It's consolidating after the big drop, but I doubt we will see any big changes this week before the market closes.
  9. Something important to keep in mind about trading CFDs - many regulators all over the world have significantly capped leverage for them.
  10. It bounced off from 1.1525 and we may see some correction, but I think it remains bearish for now.
  11. It found some support at 1.1520, but I think after some correction it will keep falling. It has broken below every major support so far and the way down is clear.
  12. As I thought, the move south continues, there wasn't even a retracement before that. Next target, I think, is around 1.1500, but it will likely break out below that level too.
  13. It's consolidating around 1.1560 at the moment but I think we'll see another depreciation this week, possibly after some retracement.
  14. Even though it found some support at 1.1550, I think that next week we will see it depreciate further.
  15. It remains quite bearish, although I doubt we will see it break out below that level this week.
  16. When it comes to picking brokers I recommend using only companies with licenses from reliable regulators, as they can be trusted, while the rest pose too many risks.
  17. The pair remains very bearish today, I think we will see it drop to 1.1500 eventually, although it may not happen this week.
  18. It remains very bearish. I think it will soon depreciate further to 1.1500.
  19. It's consolidating around 1.1600, so far it's quite undecided. That said, I do think we'll be seeing a correction to the upside.
  20. Maybe it's not most brokers, but the problem is serious enough that financial regulators constantly keep an eye on it, unfortunately.
  21. It found some support at 1.1560 and bounced off from it. After such a drop some correction is expected, but I think it remains bearish in the long-term.
  22. Let's see whether the move south will continue next week.
  23. It dropped to 1.1560. Even if we see some retracement next week it will likely remain very bearish.
  24. The last low, formed in March last year, was at 1.0630. I doubt it could drop that low without any of serious correction, but we will have to wait and see.
  25. True, big leverages are dangerous for the vast majority of traders, that's why most regulators have capped leverage.

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