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  1. It's back above 1.1700. The consolidation will likely continue until the end of the week.
  2. It started consolidating above 1.1700. I fear that may continue until the end of the week.
  3. It certainly found some support at 1.1700, we may see a pullback to the north in the next few days, I think.
  4. It dropped to 1.1700 and it remains quite bearish. It's possible it will break out below that level too.
  5. Let's see how it will develop next week.
  6. I agree, it is difficult to find a good broker. This industry is quite risky, unfortunately, so it is important to do extensive research into the company you're interested in before signing up.
  7. It closed at 1.1730 and next week it may continue depreciating, I think.
  8. The move south continues for now. It's testing 1.1740 and it will likely drop below that level too.
  9. Thankfully, that was a false alarm. It broke out below 1.1800 and it is now depreciating back toward 1.1740, I think.
  10. It bounced off from 1.1800 again. Let's see if it will climb back to 1.1900.
  11. High leverage is quite risky, indeed, that's why most serious regulators banned it already and I doubt they will change their mind anytime soon.
  12. It's consolidating around 1.1810. So far it's pretty undecided, I think.
  13. As I thought, it continued depreciating. I think it may drop all the way to 1.1680 in the foreseeable future.
  14. Let's see how it will develop next week.
  15. Considering how deeply risky this industry is, getting a good broker is, indeed, vitally important. That broker needs to be properly regulated and to have excellent trading conditions.
  16. It closed at 1.1812 again. Next week the move south may continue.
  17. It is consolidating around 1.1830. I think we may see it move north toward 1.1850 by the end of the week.
  18. It bounced off 1.1800, let's see whether it will manage to break out below that level or that was the end of the depreciation.
  19. It has almost depreciated back to 1.1800. It may even drop below that level too.
  20. I think it is very important to pick a proper broker to facilitate one's trading. This industry is very risky, unfortunately, as there are a lot of bucketshops operating in it and people lose millions to their shady practices. To avoid them one should always stick to the properly regulated companies.
  21. It's back to 1.1860, the shooting star candlestick was a clear indication for a depreciation. Let's see how long it will last though.
  22. It formed a pretty clear shooting star candlestick on the daily time frame at 1.1908, we may see a new move south after all.
  23. Let's see how it will develop next week.
  24. Not really, no, I wouldn't say it is easy. It takes a long time to learn, and the possibility to get scammed is, unfortunately, very real. Financial regulators warn about that all the time.
  25. It closed at 1.1880 but we will likely see it move further north next week.

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