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  1. mlawson71

    The move north continues, I think. It broke out above 1.1150 and in my opinion we will see it reach 1.1200.
  2. mlawson71

    It briefly broke out above 1.1150 but now it's back below that level, whether there will be a true breakout remains to be seen.
  3. mlawson71

    I agree, proper regulation is vital, as working offshore-registered companies carries certain risks.
  4. mlawson71

    It's still testing the resistance at 1.3070 despite the signal for a move south, let's see whether will prove to be a false signal.
  5. mlawson71

    It's consolidating above 1.1100 and so far remains undecided, I don't see a signal for a change yet.
  6. mlawson71

    Let's see how it will develop.
  7. The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) announced that it is planning to regulate the cryptocurrency markets in the European Union due to concerns about data security. According to ESMA’s plans for the 2020 – 2022 period ESMA will “require EU market participants to acknowledge the risks that may stem from digitalization by ensuring business continuity and the use of adequate and up-to-date technology, as well as adequate protection against cyber threats, and through proper data protection and data quality management”. Personally, I think this may actually be a good thing. A proper regulation of cryptocurrencies and their trade instead of an outright ban would lead to them becoming part of the mainstream and that more people will have a ready and easy access to them.
  8. mlawson71

    I was wondering whether the victims haven't increased but more people are reporting being scammed instead.
  9. mlawson71

    I agree, that referendum result was a shock to everyone.
  10. mlawson71

    It failed to break out below 1.1085 after all and bounced off from it. Let's see how it will develop next week.
  11. mlawson71

    I agree. Many traders lose money because of untrustworthy brokers, finding a good broker is vital for a good trading experience.
  12. mlawson71

    EUR/USD is consolidating around 1.1180, the pair is as undecided as it was before the holidays so how it will develop is unclear.
  13. mlawson71

    It formed an inverted hammer candlestick at the support 1.1130 on the daily time-frame and bounced off from it, apparently this was the end of the current depreciation.
  14. mlawson71

    I agree, good point.
  15. mlawson71

    Either way, EUR/USD is at 1.1160 and it is unclear how it will develop for now, it's possible it will depreciate back below 1.1150.
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