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  1. The pair rallied above 1.1000 but it is currently bearish, there may be a correction before a new move to the upside.
  2. Scams are, unfortunately, very wide-spread in the industry. That is why it is so important to pick a properly licensed and regulated broker.
  3. The pair formed a bullish hammer at 1.0890 and rallied, it remains bullish for now. Next target is at 1.1000, I think.
  4. The good thing is that nowadays traders have free and easy access to information. 20 years ago it must have been much harder.
  5. Does more leverage mean more fund security?
  6. It really does matter what broker one chooses. If they don't know how to do their research, they could end up picking a scammer and lose all their investment, as this is a ubiquitous problem in the Forex industry.
  7. The pair was quite bearish when the market closed, we will likely see a new move south next week.
  8. That is pretty good to know, thank you.
  9. EUR/USD dropped briefly but now is bullish again. I think we may see a double top forming at 1.0975.
  10. The Australian police recently apprehended a 52-year old female suspect for illegal transactions of digital currencies for millions of dollars. The woman was arrested in a Sidney shopping mall by the New South Wales State Police this Thursday. The police also confiscated some $40 000 in cash and 3.8 bitcoin. According to the police reported the apprehended woman was part of crime syndicate that engages in illegal exchange of digital currencies. The investigation into said activities was started back in 2018. Matthew Craft, Cybercrime Squad Commander issued the following statement: “It will be alleged as part of this investigation that the cryptocurrency wallet used by the individuals involved has transacted since 2017 over 326 Bitcoin.” Source I have little doubt that the funds that were transferred in that manner were used to fund something nefarious.
  11. I also recommend against trading with other people's money unless you are really, genuinely confident in your trading abilities.
  12. I just decrease the amount I eat and focus on quality food and exercise.
  13. The market will reopen again soon, next target is likely around 1.0850 since the sideways consolidation is not over yet.
  14. I agree, minimizing risk is important. That's why traders need to learn how to do basic risk management, I think.
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