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  1. Let's see whether next week the move south will continue.
  2. I was expecting a move south after the double top around 1.1670 but it's clearly stuck in a sideways consolidation for now. We'll see how it develops next week.
  3. High leverage is quite risky indeed, that's why it has largely been banned in a lot of jurisdictions all over the world.
  4. It formed a double top around 1.1670, I think it will likely drop again as part of the correction.
  5. The move north is continuing for now, I think it may reach 1.1670. Let's see if it will form a double top at that level.
  6. It climbed to 1.1670 and pulled back from that level, although I doubt the correction would be this shallow.
  7. I think the best way to minimize risks would be to use a proper, regulated broker, as the unregulated companies cannot be trusted more often than not.
  8. It's forming a correction at the moment, I think next target would be around 1.1630.
  9. Let's see how it will develop next week.
  10. It's consolidating after the big drop, but I doubt we will see any big changes this week before the market closes.
  11. Something important to keep in mind about trading CFDs - many regulators all over the world have significantly capped leverage for them.
  12. It bounced off from 1.1525 and we may see some correction, but I think it remains bearish for now.
  13. It found some support at 1.1520, but I think after some correction it will keep falling. It has broken below every major support so far and the way down is clear.
  14. As I thought, the move south continues, there wasn't even a retracement before that. Next target, I think, is around 1.1500, but it will likely break out below that level too.
  15. It's consolidating around 1.1560 at the moment but I think we'll see another depreciation this week, possibly after some retracement.

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