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  1. mlawson71

    The move north continues, let's see how it will develop next week.
  2. mlawson71

    The pair remains undecided, I think consolidation will continue developing well into next week.
  3. mlawson71

    Broker transparency is vital, as scams in this industry are downright ubiquitous.
  4. mlawson71

    Well, so much about EUR/USD breaking out below 1.1070 this week. Hopefully next week the move south will continue.
  5. mlawson71

    It found support at 1.2140, I think we will see it move north.
  6. mlawson71

    EUR/USD testing 1.1070, maybe it will finally break out below that level and continue towards 1.1000.
  7. mlawson71

    The sideways consolidation continues and it may require fundamentals to end it.
  8. mlawson71

    It's clearly very bearish after over a week of consolidation. Let's see whether it will drop below 1.1000 too.
  9. The most risky it is not, but according to recent official statistics a very large percentage of traders do lose money.
  10. mlawson71

    EUR/USD is dropping like a rock. I wouldn't be surprised if it falls back to 1.1100.
  11. mlawson71

    No end of the consolidation in sight, hopefully the fundamentals by the end of the week will have some effect on it.
  12. mlawson71

    It found some support at 1.2000 but I think we will see it continue depreciating.
  13. mlawson71

    EUR/USD is rising back up towards 1.1230 but so far there has been no breakout below or above the consolidation. I doubt it will happen today.
  14. mlawson71

    The move south continues, I think we will see it drop below 1.2000 next week.
  15. mlawson71

    Thank you for the advice!
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