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  1. It rallied to 1.2040. There is a resistance around 1.2050, I think, let's see whether it will rally past that level.
  2. With brokers I think regulation is a little more important than experience. Personally I'd rather sign up with a newbie regulated company than an experienced bucketshop, because this industry has a big problem with scammers.
  3. The market will reopen again soon, let's see whether the move north will continue!
  4. Let's see how it will develop next week.
  5. It's still testing 1.2000. I don't think we will see a breakout above that level this week.
  6. It rallied to 1.2000 as I thought it would. It's possible it will continue rallying toward 1.2050 too.
  7. It's moving north indeed, it will probably soon reach the target at 1.2000.
  8. It's consolidating around 1.1915 - 1.1900, let's see how it will develop.
  9. It remains bullish this week. It's testing 1.1915 and it will probably continue moving north.
  10. This is why a lot of jurisdictions are banning high leverage. The UK and the EU did, now Australia did as well.
  11. It remained very bullish as it closed, next week it may rally back toward 1.2000 next week, I think.
  12. The pinbar on the daily time-frame turned out to be a false signal, the move north is clearly not over yet. That's really quite disappointing.
  13. The pair formed a shooting star candlestick on the daily time-frame. That is a pretty clear signal for a reversal, so the move north is likely over for now.
  14. It remains quite bullish today. It reached 1.1850 and rallied past that level, next target is likely around 1.1900.
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