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  1. mlawson71

    It reached 1.1165 right before it closed, let's see whether it will break out above that level next week.
  2. mlawson71

    To become successful you need to spend the time and energy to learn how to trade proper and to find a properly regulated broker in order to avoid the numerous scammers out there.
  3. mlawson71

    The EUR/USD move north continues but it's yet to reach 1.1165, by the looks of it we may have to wait for next week for that to happen.
  4. mlawson71

    EUR/USD finally broke out above 1.1100! The last high is at 1.1165, so I think that's the next target.
  5. mlawson71

    EUR/USD is still testing 1.1060 but has not broken out above that level yet. It may still do so before the end of the week.
  6. mlawson71

    One of the first things a trader needs to decide when they are picking a strategy is whether they want to trade with or against the trend.
  7. mlawson71

    EUR/USD is still developing around 1.1030, but the move north will likely continue. Let's see whether it will rally above 1.1100.
  8. mlawson71

    It looks like EUR/USD may pull back from 1.1060 and depreciate back to 1.1000 before it begins rallying again.
  9. mlawson71

    The market is opening soon again, let's see how it will develop.
  10. mlawson71

    Personally, I just stick with the good old Metatrader 4, but there are plenty of others to choose from.
  11. Singapore has lowered its leverage cap by more than half. This means forex traders in the country will now have access to leverage of 1:20, as opposed to 1:50 as it was before the changes. The decision was made by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, however, as with regulatory changes put forward by the European Securities and Markets Authority there are certain loopholes which allow for a more generous leverage under strict conditions. Аccredited investors in Singapore will have access to the original leverage, however, as in Europe, this would mean meeting strict capital requirements. Among the requirements is a personal net worth of more than 2 million Singaporean dollars ($1.5 million) or proof of an annual income of more than 300,000 Singaporean dollars. Traders with more than 1 million Singaporean dollars in cash may also qualify for the higher leverage.
  12. mlawson71

    The move north continues and EUR/USD did reach 1.1060 but it is yet to break out above it. Next week we may see it rise to 1.1100 and above.
  13. mlawson71

    The move north finally continues! EUR/USD broke out above 1.1000 and I think we will see it rally toward 1.1050 - 1.1060.
  14. mlawson71

    EUR/USD continues testing 1.1000, I would recommend not to trade this pair until we see a proper breakout or a move to the downside.
  15. mlawson71

    Picking the right broker is vital if one does not wish to get scammed, which, unfortunately, happens all too often in this industry.
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