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  1. It's consolidating sideways after an initial drop from the double top, let's see whether there will a further move south.
  2. Anyone can learn to trade, as long as they are ready to invest their time and energy in this pursuit. Find a legitimate broker and avoid the multiple scammers out there, open a demo account and start learning. Do not invest any real money until you're at least confident you are profiting more than you are losing and even then only open a small account for exercise purposes. It takes a long time to learn to trade well.
  3. It looks like it will form a double top around 1.1900. A breakout above that level could lead to another rally though.
  4. It pulled back from 1.1700 but the pair will likely remain bearish. Let's see when there will be a breakout.
  5. The market should reopen again soon, I think the pair will continue moving south.
  6. One should keep in mind that with Brexit coming closer brokers were warned to prepare for it, so take that into consideration when picking one.
  7. I think next week we will see a further move down as part of the currently developing correction.
  8. It rallied to 1.1910 and finally bounced off from that level. It is currently forming a correction and the first target is likely at 1.1785.
  9. It is consolidating below 1.1800 but the pair is very bullish, I think we may see a breakout by the end of the week.
  10. When it comes to picking brokers I think the first thing one should look at is whether that broker is regulated and where it is regulated. If it is registered in an offshore zone somewhere, avoid them, those regulators are not reliable. If they have a license by a reputable regulator, it's time to check how their services are.
  11. It is retesting 1.1780, I think there will soon be a breakout above that and above 1.1800 too.
  12. The pair reached 1.1775 today and remains very bullish. I think it will soon reach 1.1800 and even break out above it.
  13. I hope we see a proper breakout above 1.1640 too this week, the pair is very bullish.
  14. I cannot stress enough how important it is for new traders to learn two things - how to form a proper trading plan and how to pick their brokers properly. The former involves taking all sorts of things into consideration - how much free time they have, what instrument they want to trade, what their strategy is, risk and money management, etc. The latter is about picking brokers that are properly regulated and with a good reputation, lest they became one of the thousands of people out there who lose money to scam companies. That problem is ubiquitous in the forex industry.
  15. The pair closed at 1.1640 on Friday. Next target will likely be around 1.1700, I think.
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