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  1. mlawson71

    What educational resources?
  2. mlawson71

    I agree, low spreads are necessary if one wishes to scalp.
  3. mlawson71

    Regardless of what one strategy is, it is incredibly important to learn risk management and put what you have learned to practice.
  4. mlawson71

    The pair rallied above 1.1100 and soon it will likely reach 1.1200, maybe even break out above that level.
  5. mlawson71

    The pair is forming a proper correction, next target may even be at 1.1100.
  6. Well, one of the main differences is that MetaQuotes is not updating MetaTrader 4 anymore.
  7. mlawson71

    The pair is at 1.0800 and the correction is likely not over yet, let's see how high it will climb.
  8. mlawson71

    Sadly this crisis won't end anytime soon, I fear.
  9. mlawson71

    Let's see how that double bottom will develop when the market opens today.
  10. mlawson71

    Sadly unscrupulous scammers taking advantage of people do not help matters at all.
  11. mlawson71

    The more you trade, the more practical knowledge you'll accumulate. Theory is not enough.
  12. mlawson71

    It closed with a double bottom at 1.0660, but whether that's a reliable signal will become clear next week.
  13. I usually use range periods to scalp, they seem to be the most predictable in that regard.
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