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  1. Three Canadian-Israeli brothers were recently incriminated by the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) for an enormous binary options scam – apparently they scammed over 700 local investors out of $1.4 million. The three brothers - Joshua Cartu, Jonathan Cartu and David Cartu – allegedly operated out of a call centre in Tel Aviv, Israel, and controlled two binary options brands called Beeoption and Glenridge Capital. The scam has been in operation for a long time – since 2014 and between that year and 2017 it profited about $225 million from many investors around the world. Natural
  2. It closed at 1.2080. Next week we will probably see a further move to the downside.
  3. It dropped below 1.2100. I think the correction has begun and next target will be around 1.1930. Note that there are a pair of impressive shooting star candlesticks on the weekly time-frame below the high at 1.2350.
  4. It's still testing 1.2145. We may see it dropping below 1.2100 before this week ends.
  5. The crypto market (except Ripple, for obvious reasons) has been shooting for the moon since the beginning of 2021 and the market cap gained a significant value. However, Bitcoin finally dropped sharply from $41,500 to $34,000, which caused a massive financial loss, costing the market some $170 billion. Before the aforementioned crash the market was worth some $1.1 trillion dollars and now it’s worth $940 billion. Bitcoin dropped with $8000 below $34,000, i.e. it is down 15% which is a huge amount in market terms. Most analysts attribute that sharp depreciation to massive selling pressure
  6. It is testing 1.2150 and it may break out below that level this time and if that happens next target is 1.2100 and below.
  7. I agree, having realistic expectations is vital. Believe you'll just start trading and then start profiting within a few weeks is toxic.
  8. The market will reopen again soon, and then we may see some correction.
  9. People also often lose money when trading due to broker actions. There are a lot of shady companies in this industry, unfortunately.
  10. It closed at 1.2225. Let's see whether the move south will continue developing next week.
  11. The pair dropped to 1.2200, let's see whether this is the beginning of a major correction.
  12. Overconfidence, in my opinion, only leads to excessive losses. One needs to be realistic - neither overconfident, nor insecure.
  13. The new 2021 begins with a bang for Bitcoin. As the cryptocurrency flickered ever so closely to the $33k mark the last couple of weeks of 2020, it eventually broke its record by an impressive 14.73% as it reached an astounding price of $34 168 for a single Bitcoin in 2021! The increase came this Sunday morning. Bitcoin ended one of the most controversial years in recent history with a 305 percent growth. Its price saw 50% increase in just the last two weeks of 2020.
  14. It broke out above 1.2300! The trend remains bullish and next target may be around 1.2400.
  15. It's still consolidating above 1.2250. It may still rally enough to break out above 1.2300 by the end of the week though.
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