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  1. The move south continues today, EUR/USD fell below the support at 1.1650 and it may even depreciate to 1.1600.
  2. Keep practicing, eventually you'll get better at it! I wish you success!
  3. Do most newcomers ignore learning? Most traders I've met were always eager to learn more. A lot of traders lose money, however, due to unethical broker practices.
  4. I imagine some traders wouldn't be too happy with the leverage being lowered that much though.
  5. Knowing how to pick a broker is important for everyone, in my opinion, not just beginners.
  6. The United States’ Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has restricted the acceptance, storage and use of cryptocurrency assets by Futures Commission Merchants (FCMs). The agency explained the necessity for the new rules with the risks involved with holding onto such assets – they are vulnerable to hackers, in particular the $150 million theft from the cryptoexchange KuCoin. Another reason for it was the fact that such assets are held in unregulated or underregulated institutions. As such the CTFC introduced a requirement according to which FCMs have to store client cryptocurrenc
  7. The pair closed at 1.1860, next week the move north may continue after all,I hope.
  8. It bounced off from 1.1880 but the pair may still move north, I think.
  9. The first thing one needs to look for when picking a broker is, I think, regulation. Does it have a license and where it was issued. If there is none or the license is from an offshore zone in the middle of nowhere, it's best to avoid them. The scams in this industry are far too many to take such a risk, regardless of how good the trading conditions it offers may sound like.
  10. The pair rallied to 1.1870 and remains bullish, I think it may reach 1.1900 next.
  11. The pair is rising again and passed 1.1780, the consolidation apparently is still developing.
  12. Let's see how the pair will develop next week. I think the consolidation may continue.
  13. My advice is, look for a broker among the lists of regulated brokers that reputable financial regulators provide - they are public. The rest are quite likely to be scammers - unfortunately this industry is rife with such and the only way to avoid them is to deal with a properly licensed company.
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