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  1. SEO is of two types as given below. - On page - Off page
  2. The top on page and off page techniques are: 1. On page: Keyword research Meta tags and title Meta description Robots.txt file Sitemap generation Content development Image optimization 2. Off page: Guest posting Article submission Press release submission Social bookmarks Classified ads Infographics submission
  3. - Business listing - Directory listing - Classified listing
  4. - Business listing - Directory listing - Classified listing
  5. Link building helps to build trust of your domain in search engines and also ranks keywords higher in search pages. They also help to generate good traffic to your website from various external webpages.
  6. Traditionally, the phrase Technical SEO refers to optimizing your site for crawling and indexing, but can also include any technical process meant to improve search visibility.
  7. Google penalty is a manual action taken by Google if your website violates the google webmaster guidelines, whereas an algorithm update affects the Google search results.
  8. The Link Wheel is a complex link building strategy designed to help you improve your search engine optimization, to rank your website better in the search engines and to get more targeted traffic. To build a link wheel you need to create a circular pattern of links which flow from one website to another and then finally they all link to your website. This circular pattern increases the link juice which all the linking sites provide to your main website and this is why the link wheel is more powerful than any other link building method.
  9. Do follow backlinks are the best types of backlinks that help to rank keywords higher in search engines.
  10. Backlinks can be monitored using various online tools like: - Moz tool - Majestic tool - SEMrush
  11. Profile links is the process of building backlinks with the help of creating profiles on high authority websites.
  12. Do follow backlinks are the most important form of backlinks that help to rank keywords higher in search engines.
  13. The term “reciprocal link” describes the practice of exchanging links between two or more websites. A 'you link to me, I'll link to you' type situation. This practice is often employed in the misguided belief that Google will rank both sites higher. At best, this is simply a waste of time.
  14. A canonical link element is an HTML element that helps webmasters prevent duplicate content issues in search engine optimization by specifying the "canonical" or "preferred" version of a web page.
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