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  1. I want Santa Claus to? - Be my Friend... - Make me a bit greedy coz am not.. - Let me ride on his Sleigh :D\ LR : U4342843 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Admin
  2. I've Switched the Forum from PTP to Non-PTP however I'll be running the contest in the forum every week from now on. Currently i've added one Contest which is - Be A Dreamer, In this contest you just need to post the dream which is dearest to you. To check this Contest visit here -
  3. The Min. Investment here is $13 & Max is $130,000. They've only 1 investment Plan however the Total profit after 13 Days is 169% which is very much high.. Soon as i'll have funds in LR i'll make Test Deposit of $13...
  4. The Collection of the Links is good it seems for SEO however there are many Sites which are now Dead = Parked Domains, Redirecting to other sites etc...
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  10. You've Received Cash in your LR U4342843.... Date: 10/19/2011 12:23 Batch: 74080080 Received From: U3518480 (ProfitHybrid...) Amount + $0.60 Memo: Earnings Payment To User bucksreporter
  11. wow naale is here... hes the big time support of MMG hope to see you sharing some of your online investing experiences
  12. Welcome to Perfect Lottery, You can make 200% out of your every bet if won. How does it work? Very simple, Choose one of those 2 pearls Black or White. Then make your Bet & wait till 0.00 UTC GMT to check the Results. If the pearl you bet won then your'll earn 200% from your investment. You can bet any number of times in a day before results are declared. The betting on the game is allowed all 7 days in a week... You can bet Min. $0.01 to any amount. We only accept deposits in USD. We accept Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money for making deposits. All payments are processed within 12 hours. Do you need to check current & previous Results? Check it here....
  13. Date 10/11/2011 19:47 Batch 73228082 From U1574669 (Poker Profits) To U4342843 (Moz) Amount + $0.21 Memo: Poker Profits withdrawal $0.21 to Admin I think Alertpay has been removed for Deposit And Transactions...
  14. Hello Admin. $2.00 has been successfully sent to your LibertyReserve account U4342843. Transaction batch is 73264669.
  15. Hi Bucksreporter, You have just received payment from MaxSurf to your LR account. LR account. U4342843 Amount = $2.67 Paid: Batch #73254307 Thank You for supporting us . Don't forget to vote us in any forum / monitors

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