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  1. Does a good feasibility study guarantee ROI? For instance, this article from a mining company, do you think this is worth investing based on the numbers and initial studies? Positive feasibility study for sleeping giant mine modest investment of only $5M high yield rate Here is a summary of this technical report(1): General and History The Sleeping Giant mine is located 80 km north of Amos in north-western Quebec, Canada. It is accessible via road 109 that connects Amos to Matagami. This is a paved road and it passes less than 1 km from the mine site. Material and services
  2. As of now I am using Binance software for crypto trading. I am new to crypto trading. With Binance software I am learning crypto trading but with application/software updates I usually face application hang issue so I am also looking for other software for the same. Do you have any popular crypto traders in your contact/social media list? Generally, I am following Coinmamba and Slim Teddy twitter profiles for regular updates and prediction but I realized Slim Teddy's prediction are quite impressive but these days usually they are long-term predictions. With his predictions I earned
  3. commodityhq.com top 25 gold forums :D
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