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  1. A start-up can make it big with the right tools, finding out the right tools is the first step towards success. Now, where do you find the right tool? Let’s assume you want to launch a taxi booking app for your business. Look out for features such as: Easy Onboarding Quick Bookings Real-Time Updates Seamless Payments Security & Ratings You lookout for the company which is doing the best. In this Case Uber. You then try to get an app like Uber, or maybe a Uber Clone. Search for companies that do that, one of the companies that are really great in clone app development is AppDupe. I mean getting your hands on the proper Uber like app solution can open a lot of door for you. The said company provides this for $999 and that’s 10 times lesser than getting a fully functional new app. Get your from a trusted source today!
  2. After Uber, everything got Uberized. People started to crave for on-demand services. Many businesses, especially other taxi applications, began to adopt Uber's business model for their new venture. Uber clones were widely-chosen among budding entrepreneurs as people got familiarized with its workflow. Moreover, the revenue that the taxi company generated in a short period was insane; it almost shooked everyone. Forecasting the growth of taxi application in the near future, many investors started to fund in billions. It will be a wise decision if you are planning to build a taxi application like Uber as there is a massive chance for success. If you are wondering how to start or choose a developing company, you can opt AppDupe. They provide Uber like app at a very reasonable price with unlimited, customizable options.
  3. If you are an entrepreneur who is planning to start a taxi business, then implementing the taxi booking software will be of great benefit. Through this software, you can easily communicate, engage with your customers, and can fulfill their demands at the requested time. Many startups fail to apply this and lose their potential customers in a short period. Moreover, getting a taxi booking software is beneficial as they can aid you with smooth functioning right from booking to track. Getting a taxi booking software is beneficial as they can aid you with smooth functioning right from booking to track. If you wonder where to get, then AppDupe is the right place for it. With their expertise in taxi app development, they provide numerous features that can enhance your application to stand tall among the crowd.
  4. Uber - Careem merger The merger is in the advanced stages of talks right now. The ministry at the United Arab Emirates has made it clear that the merger will happen soon. The progress towards the merger is happening at a slow-yet-steady pace. However, the biggest impact can be expected where new local competitions sprout. With the availability of Uber like app development, it is not a big hassle for competitors to enter the market guns blazing. What has Uber Got to Gain? An acquisition of this magnitude is expected to benefit both the parties. There are a couple of benefits that Uber gains by merging with Careem. Uber went public early this year. One of the biggest requirements of an IPO is that you will need to have exhibited continuous growth as a company. However, with all the legal hassles and the handling of local competition, it hasn't been a smooth ride for Uber. The acquisition of Careem would have been expected to help in showcasing their consistency. Learn more about how new entrants can easily launch an app here & much more about this merger here, Uber & Careem merger
  5. Bounce which was valued at $220 million in June after raising $72 million in a Series A funding round, conveyed that it is leveling up in the market compared with other global counterparts, including the US-based scooter-rental platforms Lime and Bird. The growth in this market has led to the development of a number of Uber-like app solutions in the market. Future of bike-sharing services The bike-sharing platform is set to run its service using Electric vehicles (EVs) - possible ride cost reduced to ₹3/Km. The time is now if you are planning to start a bike-taxi business. Learn more about Bounce success & insights for Bike-taxi industry
  6. Seeing the transformation and forecasting the market growth of the taxi industry in the near future, many investors and newbies started to start their own new taxi venture. Unfortunately, within the next few years, the industry is flooded with innumerous taxi services. However, only a few managed to become successful with its new feature integrations. Let's discuss some tips for new entrepreneurs to be considered before developing an app, Inspect the market as well as the demands of people Afford to buy vehicles Set up an office place Be thoughtful and patient If you feel to get more information about the market and startup ideas, you can approach a company for it. And if you feel a little hazy to find the right one, then choose the ready-made app solutions. Consider a ready-made Uber-like app along with marketing ideas to ramp up your business for the long run. Find the complete list of tips here, Tips to startup a ride-hailing business
  7. There are a number of ways to startup an online taxi business but the affordable one is through ready-made apps. Make use of Appdupe's Uber clone app to startup a taxi app. It comes with a driver app, customer app and driver/dispatcher dashboard. Since its a white label solution, the new age entrepreneurs can create a branded taxi app for their choice of city/language/currency. Major benefits of this solution, Fully customizable Advanced admin/dispatcher dashboards Native android and iOS apps White label solution Multi language/currency/cities
  8. AppDupe is the best place if you want to get a Uber clone app at an economical price. We provide you scripts that are 100% customizable and will offer complete technical guidance until you launch your application. As everything is taken care of, the only thing that you have to do is to come up with ideas that help to enhance your new app. Apart from this, the clone scripts will be offered with a few in-built features including, Payment integrations Language support Profile creation Booking and tracking features Push notifications Review system The importance to come up with new features is to remain unique and original in the industry. We will engage with you to analyze the market and will framework an application which can gain you the right marketplace in a short period.
  9. It is definitely a sustainable business choice, as many entrepreneurs are looking for a readymade solution to start their business in a short period. But before starting a venture, you must analyze the market to know the demands of entrepreneurs. This can help you offer services at a precise level. AppDupe being a leading clone app development company provides various white-label apps for different business streams such as taxi business, online food delivery, and Uber for X services. Also, they offer these Uber-like app solutions at a reasonable rate so you can just approach and get one of them. To be as a standard business and to emerge as a scalable one, it is necessary to possess a different market approach. If you fail to do this, you may eventually face a downfall. So make sure to plan the best.
  10. Growing a business in short duration will be a real tough job for any entrepreneur irrespective of the company. Budding entrepreneurs who are planning to start a taxi business must come up with effective as well as efficient strategies that could help them flourish in the industry soon. Here, we will list some robust yet cost-efficient ideas which you can apply once you are completed with the development process. There are a number of app development companies providing ready-made solutions like Uber like app Fill the communication gap Choose professional and committed drivers Enhancing the connection between drivers and riders Support through FAQ’s and blogs Collect feedback Learn more here, How to grow your taxi business in a short duration?
  11. The market has been witnessing a massive shift from traditional taxi to convenient traveling solutions. The major reason for such a shift includes a rise in smart device sales coupled with next-generation millennials entering the global workforce. In order to step into this ride-hailing business, there are ready-made solutions available in the market. There are numerous ready-made Uber clone apps available in the online market and our expert team of analysts has undertaken extensive research to find the best ones offering the right online-taxi app development solutions. Here are the Uber clone scripts and ride-hailing software in the market: AppDupe They are one of the leading app development companies in the market with a strong track record of designing, developing, testing and launching amazing applications in the market. They specialize in developing Uber clone apps with a special emphasis on infusing cutting-edge features to help cater to global users with ease. They develop Uber-like app for iOS, Android and web and dedicated applications for passengers and drivers. And yes, they develop and deliver powerful admin panels and dispatcher modules to help them monitor the app’s functionality seamlessly. Catch up the complete list of top Uber clone scripts.
  12. if you are an entrepreneur who is willing to start an online taxi app service, then i have listed here a few tips that could favor you, in the long run, to remain successful, Completely analyze the demand that you are trying to solve It would be better if you choose to inspect the gap in the market where you can concentrate at the start. This will allow you to have an edge and enables you to grow with less competition around. Focus on opportunities It is not that you must always focus on a larger scale, instead, concentrate small where you can leverage your business smartly. Stay relevant Keep an eye out for new technologies always. It is very important to upgrade your business to retain your potential customers. Find niche developers Creating an appealing and trustworthy app is crucial to keep your customers engaged. So make sure to find niche developers to get one. Choose a developing company which can offer both marketing consultation as well as Uber like app.
  13. According to statista, the ride-hailing service is expected to generate revenues of about US3,473m by 2023. Below are a few technology stack information which would help you to create a taxi app. Instead of going with the app development from scratch, try a robust & ready-made Uber like app. Smart payment options: This reduces struggles of bill payment, exact fare requirement, higher fare price, etc. Create an attractive user interface: Try giving people things in a different and effective way like providing simple navigation features rather choosing a complex one. Geo-tagging: It helps both the driver and the user to track locations and to find the exact and short routes to reach places at the estimated time. Push notifications: It gives information about pick up point, estimated time, driver’s arrival, details of any delays, etc. Learn more here, Things to look out for while building Uber like App
  14. You have successfully launched your ride-hailing service application on available platforms, so what next remains a big question now. Creating a brand name is important, and a few entrepreneurs may plan on the advance on how to acquire a huge customer base, but the rest of them may not know how to deal. Therefore, the apps may lose its recognition among the market and may fail at times. Promoting a new taxi business As a result, it becomes crucial for newbies to know a few marketing tactics to promote their new taxi business. So if you are made use of Uber-like app development and trying to market your taxi app, make sure to advertise and promote through Social networks, Ad campaigns, Media and PR, Reward programs, etc. These kinds of promotions will definitely pull enough traffic to your business. Marketing an on-demand business is all about strategizing and working with the current trends. In order to get success with these apps, initially, you need aggressively promote offers and discount coupons/codes for your apps. Then you should virally promote them to make people avail your services. Initially Uber spent almost millions of money on promoting its app and in providing offers/discounts.
  15. In the present circumstances, planning to start an online taxi venture in the UK will be profitable. There is also a record rate of investment in the UK taxi industry, and it is ready to give an equal opportunity among the taxi companies. As of now, the investment is valued at 9 billion pounds. And, there are still rush openings for niche technologies to be launched and introduced to bring out more and more income prospects. Which business model you can choose Once you ultimately acknowledge the workflow, you can approach your developing partner. Since the service that you are planning is similar to Uber, it will be better if you choose their business model for Uber like app development. They have a structured layout to maintain a good and seamless performance right from booking to dispatching. Learn more about the UK industry & how to launch such an app here, UK Taxi Industry market forecasting
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