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  1. Dear friends! ✨ We are excited to present to you a Make Money mode at ExchangeRates.Pro. It allows earning from Arbitrage and P2P Trading with ease, just do the exchanges and watch your sats or fiat money grow! 💰🤑👍 The best thing is that it's just the first release, soon we'll add a few more features to help you earn more: ⚡️ intermediate exchanges between fiat payment systems ⚡️ P2P selling opportunities ⚡️ additional settings ⚡️ notifications If you have any suggestions or ideas on how to improve Make Money mode further, please let us know! Check this out today: 👇 https://exchangerates.pro/make_money/
  2. A new 🔥 feature: Price Notifications. Now you can add 1 and we'll send you an email once we find such a price to buy/sell/convert Bitcoin and 33 other cryptocurrencies. You may choose the "market rate" to be notified when you can buy crypto without fees or even better than the market! 🚀 https://exchangerates.pro/?mode=price_watch
  3. Dear friends! We were working hard on exchange profiles and it's finally ready 😅 We welcome you to check the information about each and every exchange we support — everything from the clients' testimonials to the rating breakdown. ⚡ Also: supported countries; fees and limits the service has; available banks and payment systems; data about verification, FAQs, etc, etc. Feel free to check by yourself at https://exchangerates.pro/exchanges/ or just click @ rating at the comparison. And please let us know, what do you think about these features! 🔥🚀✌
  4. Hello Dennis. Thanks, we are working hard to add to make all the planned features 😀 Please let us know if have any suggestions!
  5. Account registration enabled: sign up to get your app settings auto-saved on the server; whatever device or browser you use to access an account in the future, the configuration remains the same! Besides, you'll be able to participate in our bonus program and promotions (to be announced soon). Enroll now, it takes just a few seconds! 🔥 🚀 👍 https://exchangerates.pro/?mode=register
  6. Added few more #exchanges to our comparison. Among others, we welcome Localcoinswap, a P2P exchange with cash payments and many great cryptocurrencies supported: ETH, Dash, Litecoin and a number of others. Besides, we've updated the interface - fixed some minor bugs and added saving the country, currencies and the payment systems / banks choice. Find the best rate for your favorite crypto @ https://exchangerates.pro! 🚀
  7. App update! ⚡ Bitcoin is going to the Moon 🚀 and the journey should be pleasant 😎 We've added settings you've asked us for — click the ⚙ icon and you'll see. Now it's possible to: 🔥 choose/hide P2P offers, or the ones from Brokers, etc. 🔥 show just the anonymous exchanges, or just fully automated, 🔥 or with a rating no less than you decide ..and much more! Come to check @ https://ExchangeRates.Pro 👍
  8. Dear Bitcoin & Crypto community! We invite you all to try out early but a handy 😏 version of ExchangeRates.Pro: the one and only bitcoin and cryptocurrency price comparison in 255 countries! What makes ExchangeRates.Pro so special: We compare prices of 150+ exchanges, adding new ones daily. All types of exchanges are presented in our list: Trading Platforms, P2P Marketplaces, Brokers, etc... Our staff thoroughly checks every exchange before listing to make sure each and everyone is trustworthy; there is a rating system, etc, etc... The price of Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Dash, BCH, whatever is calculated including all the fees exchange takes. Trust all the numbers you see @ exchangerates.pro! You are welcome to check Bitcoin and 33 other Cryptocurrencies vs 152 fiat currencies in 255 countries. We list buying/selling crypto offers in 300+ payment systems and banks worldwide! It's the same easy to compare "crypto <> crypto" rates at all the exchanges we support. BTC to ETH or BCHSV to DOGE, whatever you need we'll find the perfect exchange for you! Last but not least, we have super-user-friendly UI, even a complete newbie won't be lost here. 👍 How to use ExchangeRates.Pro: There is nothing easier: Enter https://exchangerates.pro and you'll see all the best rates to buy Bitcoin in your country (and currency, if there are such offers at the moment). In most of the cases, that's all you need 😎 If you need to, you may change the country, currencies selection, etc. You may also choose an exact payment system or bank you prefer using. You can specify the amount you plan to exchange to choose the most profitable exchange considering the minimum/maximum fees/amounts (if any), etc. You may sort and filter the offers based on your preferences - rating, KYC requirements, etcetera... Links: https://exchangerates.pro awaits you! Follow our social media to stay aware of the new features and promos (it's our first days, remember) https://twitter.com/pro_rates https://t.me/exchangeratespro https://www.facebook.com/exchangeratespro/ Don't forget to share ExchangeRates.Pro with your friends, everybody deserves to buy Crypto with the best rate! Let us know what do you think about the service; what features we should add first, what cryptos, exchanges, payment systems/bank, etc. are most important for you. We welcome all the feedback!!! 🚀
  9. Hi everyone. Nice to be here, wish everyone a great day!
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