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  1. purplehazek

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  2. purplehazek

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  3. Hideout.tv è un sito che ti consente di guadagnare punti caricando i tuoi video o guardando i video di altre persone. L'operazione è molto semplice, una volta registrato sul sito sarà sufficiente per noi scegliere uno dei tanti video presenti e guardarlo per ricevere punti. Ho notato che i punti verranno effettivamente dati per la visualizzazione degli annunci, almeno mi è sembrato di capire che ciò accada, in ogni caso riceverai 3 punti / annunci. I punti possono essere riscattati su siti più o meno famosi, questa è la lista: InstaGC eloot.gg ActivityPaycheck AlpacaCash.net BitCoinGet BrowseJoy ClixSense CoinSpiller Cointply Collectskins csgopoints DollarClix Earnably EarnCoins.GG earncrypto.com earndoing.com EarningStation.com Entropiapartners.com FluxRewards FreeDailyDollars FreeDrawFriday Free.gg Gain.gg Gamermine.com GameTame GG "U GrabPointsa GrindaBuck Idle-Empire.com KeepRewarding looneyCash MyPointSaver OPRewards.com PayMeDollar PEDflow poketmoneygpt pointsPrizes PrizeRebel randomSatoshi Premio XP ROCash.com Sondaggi per U TimeBucks.com UniqueRewards Puoi prendere i punti dal menu in alto a destra, aprirlo e cliccare su "Programmi fedeltà Premi" dovrai mettere il link dei siti su cui vuoi ricevere i punti, puoi mettere più di un sito e puoi raccogliere i punti nei siti che preferisci, il prelievo minimo è di 9 punti. C'è anche un sistema di refferals che funziona in questo modo: Fai riferimento a 1-20 utenti e ottieni il 5% dei loro guadagni. Fai riferimento a 21-100 utenti che ricevi il 7,5% dei loro guadagni. Fai riferimento a 101-500 utenti che ricevi il 10% dei loro guadagni. Fai riferimento a più di 500 utenti che ricevi il 15% dei loro guadagni. Se il sito ti interessa, puoi registrarti qui ---> Hideout.tv Scrivimi di seguito se hai bisogno di capire qualcosa di meglio!
  4. 1744/5000 Golden Farm Golden farm is a Russian investment game born in 2013 which consists in buying birds that produce eggs that can then be sold for silver (the game currency) which can then be exchanged for real money. After registration we will be given some silver to buy our first birds that will automatically start producing eggs, the eggs produced will be placed in the warehouse, what we should do is pick them up from the warehouse and sell them, there's no hurry in the do this, we can sell them whenever we want, they won't rot! There is also a daily bonus that will give us some silver every 24 hours! In the game there are 7 types of birds to choose from, without investment we could take the first one, which will not produce many eggs .. my advice if you don't have much patience is to make a small investment to get some birds that will produce a number decent egg. In the game there is also a profit calculator, so that each of us can calculate what investment brings us the profit we like best. Payments are made through different payment methods, a commission will be applied for each transaction, I recommend withdrawing money via payeer (the cost of the commission will be lower compared to other payment methods), the minimum payment that can be requested is 339 silver (0.04 usd). A note that I want to emphasize, is that there is a further currency in the game (gold) this allows us to withdraw our money, I give a quick example, if in the account we have 8 gold, you can only withdraw 8 dollars also if we have 50 in the account, with regard to this I invite you to read the site rules, paragraph This is the referral payment system: You will get silver of every replenishment of the account by the person invited by you. The income is unlimited. Even several invited people can bring you more than 100 000 silver coins. Partners program For each replenishment by a referral of the 1st level: 30% of the replenishment sum For each replenishment by a referral of the 2nd level: 10% of the replenishment sum For each replenishment by a referral of the 3d level: 5% of the replenishment sum For each replenishment by a referral of the 4th level: 5% of the replenishment sum For each unique registration (with unique IP address): 250 Silver coins for purchases Link to the site here : Golden Farm That's all guys, have fun and if you need help, write down below, I'll be happy to help.
  5. purplehazek

    Hey , only here to talk about faucets and other HYIPs. 😄
  6. I present to you this Faucet discovered a few days ago that pays directly on FaucetHub from 1 to 500 satoshi every 3 minutes. The average of what I received is 16 satoshi a claim, I often take 40 satoshi... The highest I've got for now is 98 satoshi. 25% is taken from refferals. Link to the site here ---> Topcatbtc PS: before entering the site make sure you have a minerblock installed. (You should do this with any faucet that pays above average).
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