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  1. Vendy2

    As I got you're into trading and crypto. Do you know this site https://tenkofx.co.za/ ? It's a good one if you want to consume latest news about trading and blockchain tech. Don't think that it's a spammy link my friend . This site is made for such people like you.
  2. Vendy2

    Do you think that it can be hard to choose people to follow? I mean some of them are influencers or so but.. is it a real profession ? It sounds so weird for me..
  3. Vendy2

    As a girl I'd rather love men who play football or hockey.. they are so handsome . I read a lot about football players here world-celebs.com https://world-celebs.com/celebrity/835-pamela-alexandra.html and I feel like it makes me happier when I learn some secrets from their lifes. It's something that interests me.
  4. Yep.. I always seek for such ways of spending day . I love chilling with friends after we drove some miles to another city where we never been before.
  5. Vendy2

    Sims is a great game I played it when I was like 17 years old but when I grew up I got that games must bring you money because you are wasting your time on them ! That's why I decided to try spin palace casino mobile this is a cool game if you want to get adrenaline and show that you can eke out a living !
  6. Vendy2

    Luck of jobs it's truly a hot issue guys , that's why some people look for easy money but you won't succeed . Take my advice guys linkedin will help you to find a job of your dream only use it in a proper way and read https://octopuscrm.io/blog/how-to-write-awesome-linkedin-headlines/ to understand how to make your account look good.
  7. Vendy2

    I think it's all a scam because casinos always I spread such rumours about people who win a lot of money in their lotteries and stuff but to be honest I think that it's fake and they deal with people who somehow connected with casinos and they don't get such money
  8. Vendy2

    I don't think that you will get any profit from doing it now.
  9. Vendy2

    I don't think that playing games too much is good but you can play them just for fun http://iospace.games/mopeio . It's better to play games just for fun or you can lose much time on useless things. I always remember that only hard work matters.
  10. Vendy2

    Yeah... Me too they are just great.
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