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  1. The virus has really put things to a halt I know that some peole may have not noticed it but the market has not been in a good state. A lot of people are really suffering and dying from it. I hope it ends soon and that the vaccine is a success.
  2. Forex trading has become a very popular busines venture in the new world and we can all testify to that fact. You should however note that it is not for everybody. There are some people that just cant handle it. Always look out for the signs that show you are not fit for it. If you can try to get better then do so but if you cant then quit.
  3. AAFX Trading offers 1:2000 leverage for all currencies. Commodities and metals have got limited leverage. That's the main feature of the broker. I don't think you've got the correct information.
  4. I completely agree with the previous commentator. If you try to earn "easy" money all the time, you can stay without it at all... :c The best way (but not the fastest) to multiply your capital is to invest it in something. It can be a bit risky, so you should take this question as seriously as possible!
  5. Despite the fact that you can find a lot of different data about fraudulent strategies used by brokerage companies on the Internet, there are still some new schemes that sometimes strike to the heart. So check everything from beginning to end, and do not risk large sums.
  6. I don't think this business is worth the attention. People already almost all the time sit at home, and if they go out, just for groceries or to walk their dog. And now you're suggesting to take one of the few reasons for people to leave their houses? I don't think people would be very interested in that. Maybe in the future, when things get back to normal, but it won't be soon for sure...
  7. Hey, new guy! It's good to see a new face on the forum. I hope this is where you can find what you're looking for and improve your business knowledge. As far as I know, there are a lot of entrepreneurs in this forum who are ready to share their wisdom and experience with newcomers. So if you have any questions, don't hesitate to write to the forum again, you'll be helped to deal with them.
  8. If you have enough knowledge, you can start a business and make money under any circumstances. Even if you have little funding and have certain difficulties. Everyone who decides to take responsibility faces this.
  9. Now we need to be more careful, because in this situation the market is subject to strong speculation...
  10. I think the best way is to avoid public places... It is also necessary to wear a mask and gloves if possible so that you can interact with the environment as little as possible...
  11. Honestly, I really want some good news... ...and forget about the virus situation as a terrible dream. A person can't stay under stress that long, so let's share more good news, it can really help.
  12. This is a vivid example of the fact that even in a crisis situation, you can find ways to earn and bring your business to the top. The main thing is that you have the necessary knowledge and a clear business plan that you will follow under all circumstances.
  13. Hey, it's just great that you want to be independent in your earning. I would like to know more about what you are doing now: working somewhere or studying (this will be useful in starting your own business). It would also be nice to find some remote job to be able to make some savings for the future, it doesn't hurt.
  14. Sorry, looks like I'm the only customer here and my experience is still limited to demo account. I didn't risk to invest any real money yet. However, the trading conditions look fascinating. No commissions and tight spreads. Sounds good. Demo executions work well, no disconnects from the server on their side. But I guess this is yet not a quality mark, cuz its demo only.
  15. Actually, working from home isn't so bad. You decide when you can go out for lunch and take a break. You don't have to go through so much stress from bosses' pressure and stuff. You're working for yourself, no one's bothering you. Sounds like a perfect system to me.
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