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  1. Surely I was affected negatively by the corona virus because I am an online worker who doesnt interact with people, but still the work was very little and I could not earn the way I used to earn. Some of the clients were affected and they could not communicate with us. Corona virus is a deadly disease.
  2. What’s your account type and leverage here?
  3. Panic passes. And accurate long-term solutions always have great power.
  4. This is the basis for effective work, and in any business, so this is what you need to start every trading day - analyze the situation and stick to the plan.
  5. I have noticed that he world is slowly getting better with the vaccine still under trial. i think that by the next year in the final moments we will be back to our normal life and there's not much to it. I hope we get there soon.
  6. I don’t know, man. I’m interested in traditional financial instruments such as currency pairs, metals, energies. As I know, AAFX supports only BTCUSD and BTCEUR. It feels like it’s not a very rich choice for a crypto fan. However, if you are interested in Bitcoin only, it might make sense.
  7. To tell the truth I've never bothered to compare with any other sources. On the other hand - this probably means there is no problem on this side, as you onlyt want to compare if you have some reasons to suspect they are inaccurate. I don't have any of such reasons so far.
  8. Last Wednesday I was in the market at the time of Fed Reserve meeting. Trailed my stop in advance to above breakeven point, so didn't worry about it a lot. Stop loss was hit and there was some slippage, but I can't say it was unexpectecledly severe. Just a couple of pips, no tragedy at all.
  9. I believe that a person will only not be able to do something if they belive that they cannot do it. Sometimes it is all in our head or most of the itme it is. If you want to do something then you need to plan yourself and not overthink things. Belief is everything.
  10. Thank u, feels great 🙂 A bit nervous at the moment, but I hope this nervousness will pass soon. In any case now I can stop biting my nails about the good market analysis going in vain because I used it for demo trading only.
  11. Can't stay aside all these opportunities any longer! Registereed a live account with AAFX last night and deposited $200. Not enough to apply for bonus, but we'll see how it goes. Can't really risk much more than that for now.
  12. The virus has really put things to a halt I know that some peole may have not noticed it but the market has not been in a good state. A lot of people are really suffering and dying from it. I hope it ends soon and that the vaccine is a success.
  13. Forex trading has become a very popular busines venture in the new world and we can all testify to that fact. You should however note that it is not for everybody. There are some people that just cant handle it. Always look out for the signs that show you are not fit for it. If you can try to get better then do so but if you cant then quit.
  14. AAFX Trading offers 1:2000 leverage for all currencies. Commodities and metals have got limited leverage. That's the main feature of the broker. I don't think you've got the correct information.
  15. Despite the fact that you can find a lot of different data about fraudulent strategies used by brokerage companies on the Internet, there are still some new schemes that sometimes strike to the heart. So check everything from beginning to end, and do not risk large sums.
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