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  1. Nalmegda


    What do you really mean by that is out of my mind actually and I do not really see how it's goes with ease anywhere. I do not want to make it sounds like whatsapp = social media marketing, but what else to see there - could you let me know this or not ?
  2. Nalmegda

    Basically it's something which really do show how difficult will be to check if that keyword is really that competitive or not for many many ways for that matter all together. I do want to get it all going but I always start with the keyword research out there. Can you do that ?
  3. Nalmegda

    I do not even know what to reply but it's a way to be connected via some social network with like minded people like you all that time you need them to see their life (which they disclose most of the time) and everything else which is related to them for many many reasons out there.
  4. I would say that way you will have much more control of some certain group of keywords when they need fix or additional tracking, correct ? Simply nothing more comes to my mind anyway. What else could it be it's really out of my imagination anyway. I do not see.
  5. Nalmegda

    Press release submissions is basically the action where you post your press release to some other well known press release aggregators . It's similar to article submission, simply those are not working anymore at all no matter what you do with them really.
  6. Honestly I am looking in the google quality score if that is the issue with that anyway. So let's get ready for that matter anyway. How do you plan to get going further with that. Are you have some plan for that or not ? It's not that easy to fix that score sometimes anyway.
  7. Nalmegda

    Organic ranking it's something which is appear in natural way almost after light work on website with it's linking structure and content and maybe some off site factors like links to site ans social signals for sure, I do hope it really make some wonders.
  8. What do you mean here more specifically ? I would say somewhere in content, in title, in meta tags, in alt tags, in descriptions, in urls where possible and for sure in linkbacks to you. All varies, never try to repeat one more time with that really.
  9. Nalmegda

    Basically in affiliate marketing you do selling other people products and serivces as their affiliate and you will get some flat or volume wise or some other method-set commission for everything you basically do for them lately. I do not even see it now.
  10. It's a tough question really no matter how do you really put it. You really need to see from which domain link is coming from, how related it's to your niche anyway and all other reasons basically.I have lost count, but do not make many links to one site from one domain.
  11. Nalmegda

    Basically any forums which do allow links in the posts with your keywords or at least some of them which do allow something like post signature or something like that. All esle also are good cause of that but not probably the best, makes sense ?
  12. Nalmegda

    I want blockchain in healthcare because of the simplification of documentation. The fact that someone will steal my data is nothing. mobility is more important to me. I would be pleased to come from one country to another, give the doctor a bar code and avoid unnecessary filling out of paper.
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