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  1. Could you tell me please if they have demo accounts to train new brokers?
  2. Yeah, I have the same feeling. But if a big bearish correction takes place, but in this case it might not fall lower than $20k.
  3. Their confident position came as quite a surprise. But I think that does not prevent now a little adjustment of the plan of action and start again.
  4. The modern world - new opportunities - is a big fact...
  5. It was me who predicted that $25-30k rally. I don’t know where it can stop. If governments start regulate cryptos as they do with other assets, digital coins may demonstrate another mind-blowing ascend. Have you already joined this crypto race with your newly-opened Fixed account?
  6. You are right. It would be foolish not to take this unique investment opportunity. I’m personally don’t believe in Bitcoin’s ascend to $100 as my forecast, but to my mind, there’s nothing impossible in reaching $25-30k.
  7. What about spreads on the fixed account?
  8. But you shouldn't relax. This, too, has a certain specificity.
  9. Work with the dollar always attracts my attention, serious levels are always formed here and it is always possible to work on fundamental analysis.
  10. This is one of the most popular asset groups, and there are a lot of interesting strategies for working with them. So, everyone should try it for sure.
  11. Surely I was affected negatively by the corona virus because I am an online worker who doesnt interact with people, but still the work was very little and I could not earn the way I used to earn. Some of the clients were affected and they could not communicate with us. Corona virus is a deadly disease.
  12. What’s your account type and leverage here?
  13. Panic passes. And accurate long-term solutions always have great power.
  14. This is the basis for effective work, and in any business, so this is what you need to start every trading day - analyze the situation and stick to the plan.
  15. I have noticed that he world is slowly getting better with the vaccine still under trial. i think that by the next year in the final moments we will be back to our normal life and there's not much to it. I hope we get there soon.
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