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  1. During the quarantine period, shops were closed but now the shops are starting to open. You can find the show rooms and choose what you're interested in
  2. If you have lost your job and are on the verge of despair, do not panic, because there is always movement in the labor market, even in the deepest period of stagnation. The main thing is to organize the process of finding a job correctly. Treat forced change as a period of opportunity and cold reason 1. Summary - your business card Be very careful about your CV- it's a precious interview pass 2. Search for work in multiple sources at the same time Finding a job should not be limited to one resource. Attack the labor market should be in all directions (sites, agencies, acquaintanc
  3. Managing a business is easier if you have the appropriate software. You can use remote control of the business. To do this, you can use Action1 software. Action1 detects all your endpoints and allows you to extract real-time security information from the entire network with simple queries in English. Action1 will also be able to install software, get information about hard drives and sections using Windows PowerShell. More information you can get from the article - https://www.action1.com/knowledge_base.html It's much cheaper than keeping a few people in the staff and office. Also, t
  4. Cryptocurrency already exists a lot. But not all cryptocurrency is in demand and has its value. Will it make sense to create some other kind of cryptocurrency?
  5. I understand that. I work from home, too. I also have two children. The youngest is 5 years old and the eldest son is 12 years old. But working from home should not turn into an avalanche. You need to plan your day. Then you will have time and work, and devote time to family and yourself. You can use ActiTIME's time planner. This is a time-tracking software https://www.actitime.com/. With this software, you'll be able to plan your work schedule and monitor the time it takes to complete tasks. This program is also convenient for those who work in the team. Each member of the team will know wha
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