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  1. George Foolton

    Is online education as effective like usual one? There are different thought about it, and it's exciting for me to hear your opinion. Have you ever tried to study something online?
  2. George Foolton

    Yeah, I'm here
  3. George Foolton

    Prank videos
  4. George Foolton

    Robert Downey Jr
  5. George Foolton

    Oh, congratulations on starting(almost) a business. There are so many ideas of different business types, have you already thought what do you want to do? I can give you a few general recommendations. Don't be afraid to risk, believe in yourself, be determined, work hard, and never give up after fails. bp.ubr.ua/profile/makoveckii-valerii-semenovich-2342 is a good article about people who worked hard for 15-16 hours before reached success. Unfortunately, it's not in English, but the translator will save the situation. I hope it'll give you some motivation. Good luck!
  6. George Foolton

    So much good information for a beginner!
  7. George Foolton

    Such an old soft, you shouldn`t use it if you want to get profit. I highly recommend yo new Bulk mailer by massmail software, which provides you a free trial version soft. Check this installation guide out !
  8. George Foolton

    I plan to arrange a big party on the occasion of the 27th anniversary. What can now surprise your friends?
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