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  1. @rikkirose I've been playing Fifa quite a lot, but a few years back when I had more time than now. I remember that it was tons of fun, was playing both Fifa and PES. Do you play any other sports games now?
  2. I love playing online browser games on my pc when I have some free time to spend on (not a hardcore gamer, but casual!). A few years ago I was playing https://www.travian.com, but as it required a bit too much of my time (which I usually don't have), I've switched to https://warclicks.com/ which requires less time, and more amusement in short periods - it always reward me when i come back and currently love killing time on that game. What have you guys been playing on lately (if something)?
  3. jimx1

    PTCshare will be a Paid-To-Click site very much like PaidVerts (trusted admins, running for 5 years already), so don't miss out the opportunity and register in a pre-launch here: It's a free registration, launch is expected to be in a few weeks, so if you are reading this now then you have a great timing to join.
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