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  1. Usually at Christmas I was either in Germany or in Austria or in France. This year I planned to be in Italy. But I'm not sure. And how do you plan to spend Christmas this year?
  2. I buy jewelry on juliet's Lover online website for my wife and mother. I participate in Membership Plans of Juliet's Lover https://julietslover.co.uk/membership-plans/ So I can buy more beautiful jewelry at a lower price. The member discount applied automatically when you check out.
  3. That's cool. Today, cryptocurrencies are a cool way to save your money and make quick calculations. Cryptocurrency is becoming more popular among users. I trust Ethereum.Ether is used not only as a unit of account. It also guarantees the execution of smart contracts, playing the role of a "fuel" for the network. In terms of support and prevalence, ETH is now in the top of the existing digital currencies on the market. You can buying ethereum with credit card ETH with Visa or MasterCard on the BTCBIT Cryptexchange
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