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  1. Serriya

    The site https://777score.co.uk/ has a calendar of all tennis games. You will also be able to watch online broadcast of all tennis games on this site. The tournament in France was very interesting.
  2. Serriya

    Yesterday at the women's court Svitolina won. It was unexpected. Given the fact that she won from Williams.
  3. Serriya

    Soon there will be a Champions League final. It's June 1st
  4. Serriya

    For such purposes, there are video editors. I understand you are new and not familiar with video editing. Watch a video editor like Bolide Movie Creator. It is very simple and affordable. You can use this guide to familiarize yourself with the program and continue to choose for yourself the necessary functions. I mean, choose what you need to do with your video files. Believe me, not all Internet users are familiar with IT and programming. But many have already mastered video editing. And you can master it quickly enough.
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