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  1. The only drama in my high school for me was about searching the right supervisor and field of study I'm going to learn for being a PhD in perspective.
  2. For a long time, I've been asking myself a question " Is Bitcoin a good investment? ", and you know what, when I found this website ( https://allcryptolive.com/2020/06/23/how-to-invest-in-cryptocurrency/ ), I've understood that's investments in cryptocurrency - is one of the greatest thing I can do with my money.
  3. John, yes, that's right. Forex is not gambling but one things is sure that you need to find good and rusted platforms for this. If you choose a bad broker for forex then you will never make money. Same with gambling, if you don't choose a good casino then you will be cheated. You can browse this site if you would be interested in really great online casino games. I play few of them time to time, and they are awesome.
  4. I would travel with my family, or maybe also would take my brother with us. But it all depends on specific situation.
  5. As I know it's pretty trustful broker, even one of my friends has been trading via this broker for couple of months, and he was pretty satisfied. But it was half a year ago, and I'm not quite sure what exact state of affairs they have nowadays. If I would talk about my personal preferences, I like to use Broker.com company, you can check here some reviews about it from real people who also use it, and brief description of how it works and what it can.
  6. During last few weeks, there are a lot of times when I get boring sitting at home because of that quarantine. Sometimes I can relax myself by smoking some weed. The first time I've tried sour pink limonade strain, which I've ordered here ( https://weedzy.co.uk/ ), I wanted to make everything to grow it up by myself. But it's pretty hard thing, and sometimes it's simpler to order it online.
  7. The main purpose is to maximize profit, don't you understand?
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