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  1. The main rule when filling out an application for a credit card is attentiveness. Do not forget that it will be checked by a computer, which can take the usual typo for trying to falsify information. If the questionnaire is correctly filled out, then you can get online loans on the card immediately without refusal with a probability of 100%. Speaking about falsification - in no case do not try to provide the lender with false information. Each borrower goes through a thorough check, so any attempt at fraud will be disclosed and will lead to failure. Provide maximum information, if possible, fill in even those fields that are optional. Remember that the more detailed your portrait of the borrower is, the more chances you have to increase your credit limit. Do not forget to correctly specify your contact information: your phone and mail must be valid. You should not specify the amount of credit that exceeds half of your monthly income - the bank is unlikely to want to work with such a risky borrower, and your risks of overdue debt will increase greatly. After completing all the conditions you will receive funds quickly and without problems.
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