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  1. Bot has free registration and 2 days of testing at full capacity. I do not know what you used, but instaconi.com is a good choice 🙂
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  4. Added ability to earn from registration from our link, register and enter the Affiliate Marketing tab and copy our reference link
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  6. https://instaconi.com ---> Bot for Instagrama that works without the computer turned on <--- What does https://instaconi.com offer us and why is it worth choosing? Auto Comment: Automatically comment on photos of a given user / after hasztagach / location Auto Like: Automatically like search photos / hashtags / location / username. Auto Repost: Copy all photos / videos along with a description from someone's profile Auto Follow: watching profiles of a given user / after hasztagach / location Auto Unfollow: Automatic unfolling of people, the ability to choose specific profiles to be preserved Auto Direct: Send messages to a given user / after hasztagach / location Downloader Image / Video: Downloading each picture / movie from the instagram Giveaways: Downloading people who like the post and drawing them in contests Advanced Stats: Advanced statistics for each post and the entire account Photo Editor: The ability to edit photos online, add filters, text, shapes and stickers Random Hashtag: After pasting his hashtags, he places them in a random order Calendar: Ability to schedule posts even one month in advance Auto DM (New Followers): Module for sending an automatic direct message to new observers Lead Generation CRM: See users who have recently used your profile! Auto View Story: Automatic story viewing Proxy Manager: Ability to use your own proxy Tag People: Marking other profiles in photos (entry, story, album). statistics / summaries, exact logs of what bot did, just reply to comments / pw The site is fully responsive and allows you to easily edit settings on your phone https://instaconi.com has free registrations, however, to get all the service options you need to buy the package. It is certainly the cheapest bot that will automate our work on Instagram.
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