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  1. Kataxe

    It's for sure different a bit from something like for example xml sitemap which is dynamically generated, it's a page where links to all other pages of your website structured in some way and located for example. So please let's take a look there!
  2. Kataxe

    Thanks, so far the idea turns out to work out ever so well! I've done about a dozen trades already and the profitability rate is awesome! There are certain difficulties with this approach, but you'll see for yourself if you dare trying. Its true that I trade forex with the other brokerage and I love my levels of support and resistance :) But I also know that it's nice to diversify risk by using different strategies and different brokers. Overall, you never know...
  3. Kataxe

    Most secure is your own with your own hosting being done on that. So I think something should really be done there for many many matters out there. I do not really understand what will it means for any matter being done. You still need a lot of job to do to make it secure.
  4. Kataxe

    After reading this discussion, I can't miss the chance to promote systematic trading once again. To my sincere surprise, this Olymp Trade's platform features of pending-by-time orders seemed to be so handy to trade one of the setups for options trading, that I felt obliged to open an account there. Demo account to start with, but if in the meanwhile the strategy proves to work out well, I will definitely go for options trading with Olymp too. So here is how else you can use this order type. At the moment when major economic news release is scheduled for you must open two opposite trades on the same asset. Once price starts moving (based on the numbers provided in the news release), you must close the losing trade with some loss and leave the winning trade to cover that small loss and get a full profit on this winning option.
  5. Kataxe

    Probably it will be links which really somewhat which anyone can really obtain, something like that anyway for whatever reason. I do hope to really make it wonder with that matter anyway. Are you agree with me here ? It could be dirs, spam guest books and so on.
  6. What do you mean by how do they used ? Something must really be in need for such matter anyway and you really should get something in return for that much ? Sometimes you need not google to pass any juice over some link and you make them no-follow simply, but indexed!
  7. Do follow backlinks it's where google actually follows that links and no-follow where google not following them anyway. But overall it may sounds simple to you but it's like that. You also can state some tag to make link no-follow and that will be your home task.
  8. Well, probably to do some free or paid advertising in one way or another, it could be some search engine optimisation, e-mail, display, pops, and maybe something other along the lines like PPC itself. What is the real deal with your question anyway. Do let me know.
  9. For sure without any doubt SEO can bring you a lot of leads with whatever you may even think about it. But it should really be done anyway with whatever it takes. I do hope it will give some clear piccture to you with that. How does that sounds ? Good SEO provider is also golden anyway.
  10. I can't give you direct answer to that cause it's not proven 100% let's say, for sure it's do use title tag and meta description tag, just not sure about this. It's do uses robots.txt, sitemap.xml and a lot more other factors which didn't mentioned there anyway totally.
  11. Kataxe

    Another question which seem to be like is what is better chicken or egg or what will be earlier. They are both important and serve somewhat different goals, if you really need to test some keywords for conversion before SEO - please do PPC in that case at first, it's smart.
  12. Kataxe

    It's basically domain authority and page authority and yes, they do important, they all shows sort of new page pank, instead of old one, simple one for domain and other for some page with it and that it's really it.
  13. Kataxe

    Honestly I already forgot but probably not content update, it was Panda, that one was for good core quesries with everything being done there or whatever other reasons. Anyway all latest SEO practicies already included that one in their plan.
  14. Kataxe

    Remarketing in case of google and any other display advertising network is something like showing to you display ad with url of the website which promoting in it and already visited by you. So basically it's something like that anyway. Good luck.
  15. Basically it's sort of impossible cause some part of the SEO done will be really ready on that project anyway. From Google, Bing, etc. however there are paid traffic networks which sells mainly display traffic of various forms like banners, pops, etc.
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