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  1. Kataxe

    It's basically domain authority and page authority and yes, they do important, they all shows sort of new page pank, instead of old one, simple one for domain and other for some page with it and that it's really it.
  2. Kataxe

    Honestly I already forgot but probably not content update, it was Panda, that one was for good core quesries with everything being done there or whatever other reasons. Anyway all latest SEO practicies already included that one in their plan.
  3. Kataxe

    Remarketing in case of google and any other display advertising network is something like showing to you display ad with url of the website which promoting in it and already visited by you. So basically it's something like that anyway. Good luck.
  4. Basically it's sort of impossible cause some part of the SEO done will be really ready on that project anyway. From Google, Bing, etc. however there are paid traffic networks which sells mainly display traffic of various forms like banners, pops, etc.
  5. Because it really shows by which paremeter whole this work is totally going on out there for everything. See my point ? But don't overuse or overestimate it all together. I do not see how it should be done there. Use it with mix of other anchors of text.
  6. Kataxe

    I won’t be so sure if I wore your shoes. At the very beginning indicators can distract your attention from things that are much more important (like support and resistance levels). So if you want my advice, don’t even bother about them. Simply pay more attention to identifying the trend and flat on the chart, how to spot major levels of support and resistance. That’s enough to start with.
  7. Answer lies within your asking about that thing totally and completely anyway. Do you really want to make it happen all time like that ? On page SEO is SEO with your pages on site, on hosting, while Off page SEO is some external work anyway, see it ?
  8. One of the most efficient technique for that matter is something like you make some posts on related forums from the very very established or at least not that new accounts about some products and that's really it. That's how it works really. Thanks for that.
  9. Kataxe

    Sure, I can, it's the density of the keywords which is really going on lately with everything like your text and then you do measure it all together with something like that really. It usually measures in percentages over some keyphrase or so anyway.
  10. I do read some leading SEO blogs and do my own experiments with some results - that's way all is working no matter how do you really put it. I hope it will work even better in the later time. Thanks for that matter. It should fix itself.
  11. Kataxe

    They could really bring you some SEO and link juice with all that stuff anyway. But that blogs should be really manually selected and all such stuff should really be present there, see my point ? It takes some skill which comes with a practice on that.
  12. Cause it's two different things for example. Do you really want to see why or not ? They provide different share of possible search traffic anyway no matter how you put it and better to do both if you do have some resources for that thing. See my point ?
  13. If you talk about the blogs probably none of them cause I usually come to ideas myself or anyway I do not remember them cause I have read so many of them in the past anyway. See my point ? It's quite a tricky question for that matter. So please be ready.
  14. Kataxe

    With cloaking you basically show the correct version of the page to the bot systems and some reviewer just in case and you show something like that later for many many cases. Then you show your "bad" lander to the right people for that, that's it.
  15. It's just obvious reply here, I will try not to make the same mistake here anyway. See my point ? I hope you do as well as me. It's not that easy to explain but for long term project better not to do all that you really describe here. Are you with me here ?
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