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  1. Financial crisis is the most dangerous thing ever that normally threaeten the global market whenever it occurs. Most businesses normally collapse and may take a long duration to come back to normal. Some even rich a level beyond recovery. The worst financial crisis that affected many nations for a long time, was the oil production crisis.
  2. I think it's financial security that should be a priority for the government and economic well-being.
  3. That is very true. You have said that brokers are these days mostly fake ones that trick us into investing with them. I agree on that completley and that is why I am not sure of which broker fits the description. Even the fake brokers claim to be the best. Let me check you out first to see if you are up to specs.
  4. Yes, a bitcoin currency with great potential and demand for it will only grow over time. One thing that scares me about bitcoin trading is its instability. It often grows very sharply and many people say that it is a special manipulation of the currency. I don't like it very much, I like more stable currencies that bring stable earnings.
  5. I can safely recommend it to all traders, because it always gives an opportunity to earn here and now.
  6. That is why it is so important to look ahead and think about what you will do if the situation changes, I mean the economic situation. And in general, you have to develop in different directions, you never know what will happen tomorrow.
  7. This is quite logical, because this asset is absolutely independent and against the background of the current crisis it looks like the best option for saving your money. I think that we need to look at it now as carefully as possible, it can be useful.
  8. I am sorry, but what other rank improvements methods you really know anyway..... what fucking else? We need to combat people entirely and possibly in any way done there. You mean maybe refferal traffic but it could also be called SEO or so in some way.
  9. We all certainly want to earn that little cash during this pandemic.Working from home is hard if you do not have all of the resources you need to work home or your usual job cannot be done from home. If you need work then you van join freelancer platforms but I have to warn you that they are kind of fille up right now. You will join but not get a job unless you are lucky. There are lots of people but few jobs.
  10. There are quite a lof of frellancer platforms available on te web but most of them are just useless. I think that it is why you are asking for help because you cannot find a good one. Most platforms just want to wheel money out of people before they can get a job and sometimes they never do. The best freelancer platform that I trus and know you willa lso like is freelancer. Yes it is called freelancer. You can get it on playstore as you have been told already. You wil not be charged anything to create an account. It is all simple work. You just have to bid on as many projects as you can. Hoepf
  11. Or that it has been banned and deindexed from search engine as well, also understand that you really need to make sure that site is yours to make it indexable via site console, I hope you understand that clearly. Good topic you arise.
  12. I still think they are very bad in recognising PBN links and so called crowd marketing links for many many matters out there, and if you want to make it clear - you really should do that. I do not see how it will be done with them.... people artificate it really.
  13. To contact the owner probably with all that matter entirely. So I need to have his e-mail or some other means of communications. Or simply dissavow the link in the google interface entirely and clearly anyway. Thanks for that matter!
  14. I will contact the owner to remove it first, maybe it will work out, and if not I will try to disavow it for sure by submitting all that to the google clearly and absolutely on every possible way. I do not want to see or get it on every way.
  15. It's a linking within one domain of yours so that's why it also called inner or some other similar word, you should be safe to go with that matter I would say and always do that, you may get some nice results in top searches even without something like external links.
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