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  1. Kataxe

    Demo accounts are a salvation for beginners. I can’t imagine how I would understand Forex if I did not start trading on a demo account. For the first day of trading, I lost about $ 10,000. They were on a demo account, fortunately. If I started trading on a live account right away, I would lose all my real money.
  2. I could not call Forex business. Forex is a way to make money, but not business at all. There are more risky ways to make money - casinos, for example. There you can go into the red, and you can be crippled for debt. If you understand Forex, then all risks are minimized. If you are a beginner, then the risks are great.
  3. I used a demo account for 2 months. If I come up with a new strategy, then I try it on a demo account, then I try it on a real account. Every beginner should start with a demo account. At least in order to figure out how to work with the platform.
  4. You can live with diabetes. If you monitor glucose levels, then you have nothing to fear. Everything will be great. You wrote about high blood sugar, I want to remind you to be careful and low in sugar. If sugar is low, a hypoglycemic coma may occur. So always take candy with you to avoid an accident.
  5. Kataxe

    Categories and tags are used to better display posts. You can set individual filters by category or by tag. You can add a category when writing a post. This page has a section with existing categories. You can assign your post to an existing category by checking the box next to the category. You can also add a new one by clicking on the + Add New Category link.
  6. Kataxe

    More than 140 already means hypertension. It is impossible to say exactly what level is dangerous, since it is individual. Some people will be completely healthy at 160, while others may die from the same pressure. But consult your doctor and be sure to do an ECG to make sure everything is ok.
  7. Kataxe

    Wordpress is more suitable for beginners. You can find many plugins here. On Joomla, there are fewer plugins. In principle, both systems are not bad, but the second is more difficult to work with. I have sites on WordPress, while there is nothing to complain about.
  8. Kataxe

    Forex is difficult for everyone and done so to be so. Because if it will be so easy then everyone will do that. How do you really go without that ? You really need to start small and then increase everything you really want here. Step by step.
  9. Kataxe

    What you are writing is very very interesting and sound like a solid horror story anyway. Do you know at least any basic guides who can guide us to get there or not ? I mean at least to the place. Or all of them scared as well, correct ? Still reply please.
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