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  1. As for me, I really think that in most of the time fundamental analysis is useless in forex. Surely there are some specific periods of time like non-farm payrolls or something like such big events happen. However, if it is more or less calm on the markets, there is no sense in watching the news and try to understand which of them can affect the currencies' prices because literally everything can influence currencies.
  2. Excellent software I checked and I liked it, and now I will use it constantly, different chips have in this app
  3. I think this is importnat who exactly stands behind the crypto project. If it's creators know a lot and gained respect in the sphere they manage this cryptoproject in - this is a defnite plus. Hiding the names of developers and managers - not a good sign at all. In any case this is a good idea to have a careful look at the White Paper.
  4. Ugh, this is a big nuisance... I wish things like this would happen less often...
  5. It's popular right now. But don't forget that every trader in the market is a separate universe and you shouldn't try to fit into any rigid framework if you feel it doesn't suit you.
  6. Financial crisis is the most dangerous thing ever that normally threaeten the global market whenever it occurs. Most businesses normally collapse and may take a long duration to come back to normal. Some even rich a level beyond recovery. The worst financial crisis that affected many nations for a long time, was the oil production crisis.
  7. I think it's financial security that should be a priority for the government and economic well-being.
  8. That is very true. You have said that brokers are these days mostly fake ones that trick us into investing with them. I agree on that completley and that is why I am not sure of which broker fits the description. Even the fake brokers claim to be the best. Let me check you out first to see if you are up to specs.
  9. Yes, a bitcoin currency with great potential and demand for it will only grow over time. One thing that scares me about bitcoin trading is its instability. It often grows very sharply and many people say that it is a special manipulation of the currency. I don't like it very much, I like more stable currencies that bring stable earnings.
  10. I can safely recommend it to all traders, because it always gives an opportunity to earn here and now.
  11. That is why it is so important to look ahead and think about what you will do if the situation changes, I mean the economic situation. And in general, you have to develop in different directions, you never know what will happen tomorrow.
  12. This is quite logical, because this asset is absolutely independent and against the background of the current crisis it looks like the best option for saving your money. I think that we need to look at it now as carefully as possible, it can be useful.
  13. Thank you, I’ve got the idea. It seems like this is not possible to login to Metatrader without registering the special Olymp account for this purpose. Or am I wrong?
  14. Do they have same trading conditions for both original platform and MT?
  15. I see your point. You are right, emotions are difficult to keep under control. But I guess those who love getting emotions won’t find any use neither in indicators, nor in scientific approach, nor in any other statistical numbers. Only huge ZERO on their accounts will help in certain cases. But you are right, it’s good when people have choice. If they like indicators - here you go. If you don’t like - simply don’t use the feature 🙂

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