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  1. KevonSawayn

    The benefit of Social media marketing: 1. Help you to increase brand awareness. 2. Generate more inbound traffic. 3. Improved Search Engine Rankings. 4. Provides higher conversion rates for sales. 5.Provides better customer satisfaction 6. Help you to improve brand loyalty 7. More Brand Authority 8. Cost-Effective
  2. Facebook likes on your pages are very much important for advertising because better likes show your audience is liking your ad. It helps you to know how effectively you have targeted a genuine audience. Here are some tips for an effective way to get more likes on the Facebook page are as:- 1. Incorporate effective Videos. 2. Pose a question in your Ad. 3. Write catchy headlines. 4. Increase your relevance score by empowering your followers. 5. Build A Customers’ Lookalike Audience. 6. Target a combination of user interests.
  3. KevonSawayn

    If you want to get the auto follower for your Facebook account then you have to use the Automation tool for it. Without automation, it is difficult to get an auto-follower. But for using such a service you have to pay for it.
  4. KevonSawayn

    Quick And Smart Ways to Grow a Fan Base on Facebook 1. Define Your Target Market 2. Use polite language to reply to your audience. 3. Identify which posts spur the most engagement it will help you make your post better. 4. Remember it's a long-term investment. 5. Keep your post real, relaxed and relevant. 6. Post your content at the right time mostly on the weekend. 7. Monitor and Measure.
  5. KevonSawayn

    There are lots of social media but the most trending social media of all time is Facebook. It is one of the oldest social media. Facebook was launched in February 2004 and since from 2004 to 2019 the platform has dynamically changed. During this time duration, Facebook has included lots of feature on their platform. According to me the best part of Facebook is Ad targeting feature. As per Facebook, Facebook has generated more than $40 billion in revenue in 2017 and from which approximately 89 percent of digital advertisement. The company also announced the second- quarter earnings on July 25, 2018, and it was more than $ 13.2 billion in revenue. So from this data, we can conclude that how big is Facebook Inc.
  6. The easiest way to promote Facebook Pages without paying are as:- Define your audience. Always include an image, link, or video with your post. Don’t overpost. Cross promote your posts on other platforms. Continue to grow your fan base. Try to post your content on the weekend for better engagement. Track, measure and refine.
  7. Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing that delivers good ROI 1. Identify your business goals. 2. Try to target the right audience for your business. 3. Select the Best Platforms according to business. 4. Deliver your content consistently 5. Engage your audience 6. Measure Your Results The main importance is the content and the right platform. I have chosen Facebook for my business and I am getting the relevant result using this platform.
  8. KevonSawayn

    Social Media is a great place for business. It provides an easy way to promote your business on the Internet. Because today "if your business is not on the Internet your business is nowhere" and in my opinion, the best social media platform for promoting business is Facebook. Facebook has one of the biggest audience than all other social media platform. Due to this, you can extend your audience reach and Facebook also provide good features for promoting business. Some of the advantages of Facebook Marketing are as:- You can get massive exposure on a global scale. Facebook provide low marketing expenses. The Facebook platform provides the ability to target potential customers It helps in developing brand loyalty. It helps in Increasing your Web Traffic. Using Facebook Insights you can get the Competitor Information
  9. KevonSawayn

    If you want to boost Facebook reach than here are following tips:- -Build your presence and authority. -Attract the right kind of people to your Facebook page. -Cross-promote your other social media platforms with Facebook. -Find & Collaborate With Influencers. -Know Your Optimal Times to Post on Facebook. -Publish video content natively on Facebook. -Schedule Consistent Content according to your business niche. -Don’t Just Rely on Organic Content This tip can help you to boost your Facebook reach
  10. Some of the tips for Social media are as:- -Set social media goals and objectives. -Research the competition. -Know your audience well. -Use email marketing campaigns strategy. -Try to develop your brand’s online reputation. -Add CTAs to your top performing blog posts. -Use content to build relationships. -Make sure your brand has a story, and tell it. -Share compelling visuals whenever you can. -Focus on quality over quantity -Monitor and respond to all social media conversations around your business -Track and refine your performance -Decide which platforms are right for you. It is important to choose the right platform for your business. According to me, Facebook is the best platform for promoting business. I use to promote my business on Facebook because it helps to reach the targeted audience using Facebook ads.
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