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  1. What is the keyword effectiveness index?
  2. What are the areas to utilize your keywords to optimize website ranking?
  3. SEO is the process of optimizing a website for the keywords that were used by the one making a search query on Google. Local SEO, on the other hand, is not only about optimizing for the keywords themselves. It also involves optimizing for the location in which the search was made in or about.
  4. WoodsPainting

    Moz Crawl Test is another synonymous tool with SEO and website auditing. Moz has its own website crawler that helps webmasters to identify critical issues with thewebsite, status codes of HTTP, and other useful SEO data for website audit.
  5. Why Comprehensive Content Loses Rankings?
  6. WoodsPainting

    What is the Google knowledge graph?
  7. WoodsPainting

    KEI definition, the best keywords are those that have many searches and that don’t have much competition in the search results. A low KEI is therefore preferable.
  8. Once in the page title, as close as possible from the beginning of it. At least once in the meta description Once near the top of the page Subheadings At least two or three times inside your content, you can add it more often if your content is unusually long. At least once for an image Alt Attribute Once in your URLs
  9. WoodsPainting

    what is content length In website..?
  10. WoodsPainting

    What is benchmarking?
  11. WoodsPainting

    Contextual backlinks are high quality links built from high authority web pages. They are links built from existing content of a website or blog.
  12. WoodsPainting

    Google Adwords. Google Analytics. MailChimp. Asana. BuzzSumo. MeetEdgar. Buffer. Hootsuite.
  13. WoodsPainting

    Choosing the Wrong Keywords Optimizing is all about the keywords that you want your website to rank for. But are you are choosing the right ones? One of the most common mistakes in selecting keywords is neglecting the preference of search engines and users for long-tail keywords.
  14. On-page SEO describes the manipulations you make directly to a web page to facilitate higher ranking. ... Off-page SEO refers to all of the SEO practices that take place outside of your website such as backlinks, link relevancy, social signals, and others
  15. Is directory submission still effective for SEO?
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