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  1. PrimeItSolution

    Hello Friends, Long Tail Keywords are the longer, highly specific phrases people use when searching in search engines.
  2. Hello Friends, Both are necessary for creating quality content is equally important to building backlinks. Although link building is useful in building authority to a site and for ranking as well, quality content is the first element that is considered to be more responsible for ranking.
  3. PrimeItSolution

    Hello Friends, Title tags are essential in SEO, as it tells about the contents on that web page. Through title tags only the search engine will notify the user, what is there in the page.
  4. PrimeItSolution

    What do you mean by Cloaking?
  5. Name some SEO blogs that help you to enhance your content marketing strategies
  6. PrimeItSolution

    Explain body content relevance
  7. PrimeItSolution

    Hello Friends, Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open-source coding standard for publishers. The aim for AMP is for publishers to be able to load their sites quickly on mobile since mobile responsive could be clunky and slow because desktop resources are heavy and plenty
  8. PrimeItSolution

    Hello Friends, Promoting your website content according to SEO on the internet is known as content marketing. Content marketing includes no grammar mistakes, using your keywords and its synonyms and in simple words user friendly.
  9. PrimeItSolution

    Hello Friends, The robots. txt file, also known as the robots exclusion protocol or standard, is a text file that tells web robots (most often search engines) which pages on your site to crawl. It also tells web robots which pages not to crawl. Let's say a search engine is about to visit a site.
  10. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having AMP?
  11. PrimeItSolution

    What is an XML Sitemap?
  12. PrimeItSolution

    What is a Canonical URL?
  13. Meta title. H1, H2 & Subheadings. Meta description. Web page URLs. Image Alt text. First paragraph of your content.
  14. Online marketing is preferred because it has a greater audience potential. The number of people you will be able to reach for example, with content marketing, is far larger than the number of people that you will ever be able to reach with giving out pamphlets.
  15. PrimeItSolution

    What is a keyword outline?
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