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  5. Are you planning to launch your business in the near future? Or are you worried about the promotion of your business? You have got it covered with HYIP Script. HYIP Script is extremely helpful and automated software for cryptocurrency investment Business. Script has a comprehensive range of settings that allows you to run your cryptocurrency investment business profitably in your way. Are you hunting for the ready-made HYIP Script to begin your cryptocurrency investment business? Are you clueless from where you’ll get a relevant and reliable HYIP Script? Don’t worry, by the end, your search will end and you will get your answer. EC HYIP offers unsurpassed ready to use HYIP script to start your investment business with all the latest features that will take your business to new heights in no time. EC HYIP understands the business requirements and thus develop a HYIP Script that is relevant. Their Script contain multiple features and functionality that make your website more powerful, responsive and attractive than others like:- Templates: Depending upon your business, they offer ample templates. You can choose one that you believe will do wonders for you. Flexible: They are always ready to comprehend your requirements and create a modified HYIP Script. Free Updates: You get lifetime free updates to scripts and security patches so you should not worry about security issues in the future. Secure: The script is highly secure as it has Google authentication for admin and users. In addition to this, Google-captcha has also been integrated to stop brute force scripts from hacking the passwords. Investment Plans: The script supports unlimited investment plans thus you can attract more and more investors and promote your business. Payout Plans: There are a number of plans for payout for instance hourly, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, yearly or after a specified time period. Withdrawal Methods: One of the most interesting feature is that the script supports both automatic as well as manual withdrawal. Referral Plans: With this script, you can offer unlimited referral plans with a multi-level referral program up to 12 levels. A Calculator: A Java Script calculator has been integrated so that the admin can get an estimation of the earnings of the investors’ and make a plan accordingly. Dedicated Dashboard: A highly dedicated dashboard has been embedded such that all investors and admin can get live statistical updates. Google Analytics: The script has a Google Analytics feature so that users can get insights about traffic and track ROI for your online marketing. Now, you must be thinking of placing an order so here is the contact information support@echyip.com or you can visit their website or do love chat with their expert team members.
  6. Easy to install and manage An unlimited time slot can be setup for ICO Token distribution Google captcha for verification Google authentication as an added security for both admin and users Referral program and affiliate configuration Unlimited referral plans with Multi-level referral program Dedicated dashboards for all statistics Instant payment without having to wait for the approval and Much More
  7. For your HYIP investment website, ECHYIP offers the secure HYIP Script with a perfect combo package to enhance your crypto business. ECHYIP script includes attractive features and functions that will make your website professional, more responsive, and stable.
  8. Give an attractive look to your website with ECHYIP ICO Script, based on ERC 20 & ERC 721 technology. You can launch your ICO website without any coding knowledge and also manage your ICO Sales token with ease.
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