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  1. VinceAdo

    Thank you for sharing! Actually, I think it very hard if possible to regrow ones hair. As for me, I'm trying to maintain my hair and skin heathy all the time. For that purpose I'm using a good shampoo, masks and vitamins for hair and nails care. BTW, there are good products for hair care on Canada Pharmacy to read about. Nevertheless, thanks for the recommendation. I'll note it for future☺️
  2. Causes of hair baldness can be not only hormones, but also heredity, medical condition or medications, very strestfull event, etc. As for me, I'm trying my best to maintain my hair in good condition. Among my tips there are a good shampoo, masks and supplements. Of course, today's medecine offers meds to treat hair loss, but they have many side effects, such as sexual side effect, problems with ejaculation and many others stated on Canadian Pharmacy Online, which I find even worse. So, my advice would be to look after your hair health from the very beginning to avoid worse result.
  3. VinceAdo

    It sounds so terible! Don't get me wrong, but I'm so scared to be bald. I even use medical shampoos from Canadian Pharmacy and take supplements to enrish my organism with all necessary vitamins. Nevertheless, it's good to know there are such patches in case of emergency☺️
  4. The most common cause of hair loss is a hereditary condition. Also, hormonal changes and medical conditions. I'm very scared to be bald so I don't wait untill my hair will disappear☺️ My advice would be using a correct shampoo suitable for your skin type, also taking some supplements to get all necessary vitamins, especially during low seasons. You can check for some on Canadian Pharmacy if you're interested in to buy or just to read some info why you need them.
  5. Hi there! I'm not an owner but a customer, and I can confirm that service is very important even if it is online. I really like to buy everything online, meds are not an exception. I use Canadian Pharmacy bcz of its simplicity and convenience. So my advice is, try to be a customer to feel what you exactly want and then your business will be successful.
  6. VinceAdo

    As my dog's vet said, vitamins are vital for animals as well as for humans. He also suggested buying supplements for my dog because he can't have all necessary from only his food. I usually search for them at Canadian Pharmacy where I could have all info about each item.
  7. VinceAdo

    Yes, it can. You should definitely consult your doctor first because there are contraindications for people who have certain diseases. You can read more information about generic Cialis to have the general idea about it but I would suggest you to visit your urologist anyway.
  8. You’re so right! When I feel tired or sleepy I become so irritated that everything seems to be against me. So thanks for recommendation. I know the useful effect of supps for our organism because I was prescribed some when I had VitB12 deficiency. My gp suggested me to take supplements. I bought them from Canada drugs direct and had a good result after all. Now, I’ll check your suggestion because I hate the feeling of stress caused by fatigue.
  9. VinceAdo

    I totally agree with SunnyMay. It's not enough to follow a diet through some weeks to have the result. As for me, it has to be a style of life. When I was younger, I had a perfect shape without any diets and could eat whatever I wanted. However, with the ageing our body requires a proper diligence. My grandpa always say "The dynamics is life". So you should think about how much do you move during the day. Then definitely, water is the most important part of your daily ration. You should care how much you dring and don't forget about the quality of water. Then goes the quality of food not only the quantity. I personally eat more vegetables and fruits, less meat, carbs and fats. I also enrich my diet with supplement to restore the vitamins' balance. I buy them from Canadian Pharmacy, btw. Finaly, I would also emphasize the emotional state, because when we are stressed, we eat more and think about what we eat less. So think over about your diet as about the life style.
  10. VinceAdo

    I also heard good reviews about it. But it has a slightly different effect from Viagra. You can compare these two medications on Canada Drugs Direct. I always use this pharmacy to do this or to read about meds, their effect or side effects. I actually also buy meds from them and think it's a good source.
  11. VinceAdo

    I don't think it's a good idea to buy injections without a prescription. I agree that you should first consult some clinic or your doctor. I consider you want it to look better, to build your muscles but don't forget about your health. As for me, I always consult Online pharmacy to know if the drug needs a prescription or if it doesn't harm my organism.
  12. VinceAdo

    Thanks for sharing. I usually buy Viagra Online. I got used to this website and I appreciate they have coupons. It would be interesting to compare prices.
  13. VinceAdo

    Yes, I buy drugs online and think it's very convenient. I also had some doubts about the quality of medications. I was suggested to try Canadian Pharmacy and I'm fully satisfied with the drugs' quality as well as with their service. So I can recommend it to you as a reliable pharmacy.
  14. VinceAdo

    What is this about? Give some info...
  15. What it is about?
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