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  1. Harvard University is a private Ivy League research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, founded in 1636, whose history, influence, and wealth have contributed to its prestige of being one of the world's most prestigious universities. It was established originally by the Massachusetts legislature and soon thereafter named for John Harvard (its first benefactor), Harvard is renowned globally and is known to be the America’s oldest institution of higher learning. Harvard University Notable Alumni are many to mention here. Many of the great personalities we know from different professional fields have been lucky enough to be a former student of this prestigious university. To start with its notable alumni, we should take the name of a person who helped us staying connected to old friends and make new friends very easy. Yes, we are talking of none other than the co-founder of Facebook- Mark Zuckerberg! Mark Zuckerberg is a computr programmer and an internet entrepreneur. He attended Harvard University from 2002-2004. For Facebook lovers know this that Zuckerberg launched Facebook from his Harvard University dormitory room on February 4, 2004. According to Forbes he is the 5th richest person in the world. Bill Gates, a name that almost everybody knows around the world for being one of the smartest tech genius and also 2nd wealthiest man across the world. This co-founder of Microsoft American business magnet was a Harvard University student. The 44th and perhaps one of the most respected and loved Presidents of the USA- Barack Obama was a Harvard Law School student. This Harvard alumnus made history by becoming the very first African-America President of America. In 1973 he joined but left Harvard after two years. The 35th President of the US- John F Kennedy was a Harvard student. He was known to be the youngest man ever got elected as president of US. At Harvard he was more popular as an athlete. Kennedy was also a solid swimmer at Harvard. He was studying Government there. Among the Harvard University notable Alumni, one name that cannot be missed or ignored at any cost is Theodore John Kaczynski, also known as the Unabomber, is an American mathematician, anarchist and domestic terrorist. This is so because he was well-educated still chose to go wrong way. This man was accepted as a student and granted a scholarship, beginning in 1958 at the age of 16 only. George Walker Bush is an American politician who served as the 43rd President of the United States from 2001 to 2009. In 1973 he attended Harvard Law School from where he graduated with an MBA degree in 1975. The American actress Natalie Portman also attended Harvard University from 1999-2003. In 2003, she graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in psychology. Matthew Paige Damon is an American actor, film producer, and screenwriter. He is ranked among Forbes magazine's most bankable stars and is one of the highest-grossing actors of all time was a former Harvard student. David Rockefeller was an American banker who was chairman and chief executive of Chase Manhattan Corporation. He inn 1936, Rockefeller graduated cum laude from Harvard University, and also studied economics for a year at Harvard.
  2. When you speak about the biggest cities in the world, one city which would often appear in that list is Tokyo. Tokyo is the capital of Japan and for decades has been the Largest City In The World as well. The Japanese capital is so vast that it is divided into 23 different areas for governing. If you take the entire population of Tokyo into account, you are speaking about 35 million people. The area is spread over 5200 mi.² as well. Surprisingly, if you look into the entire list of the top 10 biggest cities in the world, you would notice that most of these cities are in Asia. This is evidence enough regarding the rising economic as well as cultural clout of Asia all over the world. If you look at the population growth of Tokyo, you would realise that the rate of growth has been on the lower side in the last decade or so but it still is the biggest city in the world. According to the projections of United Nations, in 2025 would still be the biggest city in the world but it is being closely followed by two Indian cities Delhi and Mumbai which would have a population of 29 million and 26 million respectively in 2025. As you can see, the Asian metropolises are getting bigger and bigger as compared to the other cities all around the world. You might be thinking that the cities in China might be bigger than this but Chinese have an advantage because they have developed multiple urban centres and therefore no single city is as big as these three cities which we have spoken about above. If you look into the largest city in China, you would find out that Shanghai is the largest city with a population of around 16 million. The Chinese cities are growing as well but none would compare the might and the area of Tokyo. So, when you speak about the biggest cities in the world, these three cities would always feature on the list that is Tokyo followed by Delhi and Mumbai.
  3. It’s so touching when people remember each other with their love names and the sense of which is clear to them only. Cute nicknames for guys depicts your love and affection for him the main purpose forgiving cute nickname is to make the guy feel special and adored. Calling with cute nicknames become more meaningful when you call it between you two only. Some guys may not like to be called by a cute name or they are not comfortable so early for a cute name, give him sometime to understand you and you must also make efforts to learn about his behavior, personality, character and mannerism before offering him a cutenickname. It lays atmosphere of trust and loyalty between two and brings you closer to each other When you are really ready to give your guy acute nickname don’t get panicky here below are mentioned cute nickname for guys. 1. Hawk 2. Knuckles 3. Diamond 4. Fuzzy bear 5. Muffin 6. Dream lover 7. Dumpling 8. Foxy 9. Flamy 10. Wolfie 11. Pumpkin 12. Honey bunny 13. Lovey dovey 14. Toastmaster 15. Perfect 16. Nutty 17. Quacky 18. Girth 19. Spanky 20. MC Dreamy 21. Heartthrob 22. Panda man 23. Jungle boy 24. My heart and soul 25. Angel 26. Adorable 27. Munchkin 28. Woody 29. Bam bam 30. Bumblebee 31. Wonder boy 32. Gummy bear 33. Tiger 34. Phantom 35. Superman 36. Sailor 37. Grizzly bear 38. Rockstar 39. Romeo 40. Captain 41. Prince charming 42. Sugar boy 43. Darling 44. Baby 45. Chunky 46. Flash 47. Gucci man 48. Sparky 49. Jazzy 50. Zesty 51. Sexy pants 52. Heaven boy 53. Blue eyes 54. Cupcake 55. Sweet pea 56. Squirmy 57. Charmy 58. Star Here are some more cute nicknames for guys listed below with their meanings: 1. Hot stuff- he gives you goosebumps when he touches you. 2. Beloved – your boyfriend is the only man in your life 3. Pumpkin- for adorable little boys. 4. Crazed- he does crazy things 5. Snuggle bear- you feel like a little girl with him 6. Warrior- fights for your happiness 7. Brownie- one who has brown eyes 8. Cheesecake- a cute nickname for short, soft and sweet guy 9. Cadillac- a hot and confident guy 10. Rib cracker- one who makes you laugh There are several tips a girl must keep in her mind before suggesting cute nickname to call your boyfriend · Do not pick a girly or a mushy name. · Make sure he likes the cute nickname before you call him in public. · Picking name on the basis of his physical flaws would be disheartening and insensitive, don’t be shocked if he starts avoiding you next day. · Don’t be a creep it’s all about timing and intimacy between you two, calling your crush as your hubby, father of my unborn child etc. sounds very creepy and cheap. · Make efforts to frame cute name on your own and get your guys appreciation.
  4. First of all you should have to proper information what is siri? Siri is the digital voice assistant into your favorite Apple iPhone and iPad. It is not human being but provide a great job to give proper response to the user in iPhone supported devices. You get the same thing for Mac supporting devices. You should be familiar with some technical term that guide the easy and the best in class responsive result. The voice assistant can add plenty of purpose to prevent misunderstanding. You should be very creative and responsive question to ask siri to get hilarious response. You can ask knock knock jokes to sire to get fast response. Here is the list of question that you can ask to siri to get the best in class funny and hilarious response. You should feel free to ask siri as your choice and the best suitable as per your requirements. Your favorite animal: You can ask to siri about your favorite animal. You get the best in class response according to your choice and provide the response that match to your personality. You can ask about the name and color of your favorite animal to get the hilarious response. Best Operating system: You can ask about the best operating system. You get the response in very systematically way. You get the details information about the features and benefits of the best operating system. You can get the valuable information and just a fun according to the choice of your mood. You can ask question related to your mood. You get the exact response in fast processing way. Funny Things: You should very creative to know Funny Things To Ask Siri. You can ask about jokes in your best suitable language. Siri is good responsive in all popular language worldwide. You can ask about husband wife funny jokes, two meaning jokes according to your mood and choice. Philosophy query: You can ask philosophy query like do you believe in God. You can ask about the ghost and demon to get hilarious response. You can ask many philosophy related issue that help you to get the hilarious response in short time. These are the list of easy to ask question to siri that help you to get the best in class fast response. You should be very familiar with some interested topic and ask to siri as per your choice and according to your mood. You can ask question related to your study and hobby and get the hilarious response. Siri is multi language support and easily understand different language in easy way and provide fast response.
  5. Leonardo DiCaprio is the most famous name of Hollywood industry he is an American Actor, Film Producer and Environmentalist. He was born on November 11, 1974 in Los Angeles, California U.S. Leonardo’s career began in 1980, he performed in television series such as the soap Opera ‘Santa Barbara’ and the Sitcom ‘Growing Pains’. He became popular for the supporting role in ‘What’s eating Gilbert Grape’ (1993) and received his first nomination for Academy Awards he also achieved public recognition with leading rolein ‘TheBasketball Diaries’ and the Romantic drama ‘Romeo + Juliet’ but he became international Star for playingthe leadCharacter of “Jack” inJamesCameron‘sTitanic (1997) which became the highest grossing film and since then in Leonardo’s life there was no looking back he kept on turning milestones with his marvelous performances in wide range of film genres. Here is a brief detailed listed about Leonardo DiCaprio’s parents. LEONARDO’S FATHER The man who developed a creative spark in the Hollywood’s most influential actor is George DiCaprio who is Leonardo’s father, professionally he is an author, editor, writer, former performanceartist and distributor of the America’s famous Underground Commix, George made his son to watch some of the greatest movies of that time. Leonardo’s creativity and passion for acting was sparked by his father to make him observe the work of art and creativity, at the age of nine he watched‘Midnight Run’ withhis father and by the age of 13 he was introduced to ‘Traffic Driver’. George loves advising his son on scripts or movies passed onto him, Leonardo’s father is a half German and half Italian he met Leonardo’s mother when she was studying in a college and they fell in love but their relationship didn’t work well and they parted their ways when Leo was one year old, he spent most of the time with his mother but at the same time also blessed with father’s love and encouragement which motivated him to work on his passion. LEONARDO DICAPRIO’S MOTHER Irmelin Indenbirken is Leonardo’smother she named his son after visiting famous art gallery when she was pregnant and while staring at the painting of Leonardo di Vinci’s shefelt her son kicking in her womb and that is where she was inspired to name her son Leonardo. Irmelin is a German legal secretary who worked day and night to provide his son with better future and opportunities after separation from her husband she use to do several odd jobs only for her son’s future. Leonardo is well aware of his mother’sstruggles and want to repay for all the sacrifices she made, Irmelin did everything to keep her son away from all the corrupt events happening around the locality she lived in, she always remained as a positive force behind his son to gain better opportunities. Leonardo DiCaprio parents raised him well and today they are enjoying the sweet fruits of hard work, dedication and sacrifices made by them.
  6. Peeing is another word for urination it’s a composition of salt water and chemicals called urea passed out of human body in the form of liquid waste, peeing is normal in humans it is passed when one feels like passing it out, it’s a natures call which arises naturally and one cannot control it. Peeing forcefully is not required unless there is a medical emergency, under normal condition one may not need to force urination the body tells a person naturally when they need to pee, for a medical sample a person needs to urinate forcefully for problems such as prostate problems, bladder infections, Diabetes etc requires urine sample there are times when a person can’t be prepared beforehand for sampling so below are mentioned techniques and tricks to help induce Urination when needed. 1. Place your hands under running water: when you have to make yourself pee just go into the bathroom and place your hands under cold running water for few minutes and keep your mind cool and calm in few minutes you will feel an urgency to pee. 2. Bend Forward: take a relaxed position and bend forward in few seconds you will find yourself wanting to pee as bending forward stimulates the bladder. 3. Go for a walk: inducing some physical activities will stimulate the bladder as walking around for few minutes will make you pee. 4. Run the water: run water in a bucket and sit relax fully focussing and concentrating on its sound soon you will feel to pee urgently. 5. Rinse your perineum: it is the best method to learn How To Make Yourself Pee, sit on a toilet seat and use a squirt bottle to rinse the fleshy area between genitals and the anus rinsing will make you feel sensation and stimulation in bladder to pee. 6. Sniff peppermint oil: the smell of peppermint may give you the urge to pee, place a few drops of peppermint oil on a cotton ball and bring it to the toilet to smell, peppermint oil will make you pee urgently and that is why it is known as the best method to learn how to make yourself pee. 7. Try Valsalva Maneuver: it is the most tried method to seek how to make yourself pee try pushing down as if trying to have the bowel movement pushing on lower abdomen helps faster but do nay apply pressure directly on bladder as urine can backup and reach to kidneys causing infections. One may avoid the condition of forcefully peeing by maintaining its internal organs health try to drink plenty of water every day, consume liquid beverages more except alcohol avoid consuming heavy fried and junk food. The most important tip to urinate on command is to make yourself relax and comfortable enough to pee forcefully but if you still find difficulty in attempting above mentioned techniques of how to make yourself pee then it’s an alert to see your doctor immediately.
  7. Lori is the most decorated makeup artist of the tinsel town her work brought her huge fame and success making her the most demanded makeup artist by the gorgeous divas of Hollywood. Lori Anne Alison Makeup artist was born on September 6, 1957 at the tender age of eight when girls play with dolls and friends Lori used to try make up skills on her dolls she used to style them by cutting their hairs and used pen for applying makeup. Lori’s interest for makeup and hairs styling grew with her age at the benevolent age of 11 she use to draw faces with makeup highlighting eye shadows and eyeliners to make the face look gorgeous, she used sketches to colour lips, as she was a child but skilled her work was for self training and raw, to enhance her skill and become perfect at her interest she visited makeup classes at Collins Avenue where she learned about different skins, skin exaggeration, skin care and treatment. I have never seen a child at the age of 13 learning all this stuff. Lori Anne Allison Makeup Artist prior choice was being a record producer but she could not achieve what she thought of due to an accident which caused deafness in her left ear, later Allison began her career with the help of her best friends who motivated her to follow her childhood passion. Christina Applegate gave Lori her first professional makeup kit as well as her first job in the television community while Adam Ant gave her the opportunity to work on her first film and play. Lori’s work was very impressive and she was offered lot of work from decorated and upcoming photographers. She also worked as makeup artist for several celebrities. Lori got married to Johnny deep the famous pirate of the Hollywood industry but their relationship did not last for long and the couple decided to part their ways and got divorced in 1985 but they have maintained a healthy and happy friendship between them supporting each other in every aspect they can. Lori Anne Allison has no children and extra marital issues but this gorgeous Diva never stays back when she has to Shadow as ex - wife of Johnny Depp. Lori Anne Allison’s net worth is in millions she has earned a considerable amount from her career, her salary is estimated to be $ 60,000 annually. Lori is busy in handling her business launched by her, she lauaunched two companies SERENDIPITY LIP GLOSES and D’ Cups which is a small cupcake company serving many costumers, she is a very private person and loves to live her life happily and freely, she has maintained peaceful life with no interference of social media, she is also a free lancer who lessons her millions of clients on YouTube sharing makeup and styling tips, arriving at the age of 61 she has maintained perfect body measurements with stunning curves complexing females of her age.
  8. All roads lead to Rome. Ok, this is a classic opener for an article that explores beauty and exuberance of the eternal city, but if you’re no stranger to travelling, then you know that one way or another, wherever you go, you will end up in Rome at some point. Whether or not visiting Rome is on your list of priorities, it’s definitely something you should do in your lifetime, since it’s was the capital of the world at some point, and it’s got sights to prove it. Modern Rome is a concoction of influences, where urban buzzing collides with eternal silence of ancient sites and what you get as a result is nothing short from enticing. Whatever your interests and passions are, wherever you come from, you will find something for yourself in this city – whether it’s fashion, food or ever flirty Italians. To that end, we’re presenting you top 10 places you should definitely visit when in Rome. 10. Piazza Navona If you want to spend days strolling through beautiful, often hidden squares with unique charm, then Rome is your city. Seeing that we’re trying to cover top 10 places to see in the Italian capital, Piazza Navona has to be mentioned. This is one of the more touristy spots, true, but when you get to it, you’ll understand its appeal. This is one of the most prominent and well-known squares in Rome,and it has rich history, since this is where Domitian’s stadium stood couple of millennia ago. Once the sight of sporting events, Piazza Navona is now lined with little cozy cafes and restaurants (which are always packed) that offer some rest to any tired traveler, as long as they don’t mind some touristy noise. What makes this piazza more special than others are its beautiful fountains, most eye-catching of them being the Fountain of the Four Rivers, which is not only large in scale but also mesmerizing in its craftsmanship. 9. Villa Dei Quintili If you want to see how high consuls and influential individuals used to live in ancient Rome, then visiting Villa of the Quintili will be a treat for you. It’s not located in the heart of Rome, but rather on one of the countless roads leading toward it. This villa was once the epicenter of political plans and intrigue, thanks to the fact that it belonged to Quintili brothers, who were in high regard to Marcus Aurelius as his esteemed advisors. However, times changed and so did the emperor which lead to Quintili falling from grace and being executed in their own home by the order of Emperor Commodus. Today, thousands of years later, when you get to this villa, you will see incredibly well-preserved Roman baths, not to mention that entire buildings are still standing proud, resisting the chipping of time. If you want to wander through a more peaceful landscape and feel the energy of times gone by, Villa Dei Quintili will be your cup of tea. 8. Capuchin Crypt We’re not talking about Capuchin monkeys here, in case you were wondering, but about the order of Capuchin friars. This religious order has been around since the sixteenth century and they have dedicated their lives and deaths to their views of the world, and we mean that literally. Right beneath the church of Santa Maria Della Concezione Dei Cappucciniare six little chapels adorned by the bones of 3,700 friars that have served the order and died for it. Though a bit bizarre and morbid even, Capuchin crypt shows how bones of the deceased can be transformed into art simply by arranging them the right way and if you have your doubts, check out the Crypt of the Skulls. In its core, this crypt is a vivid though macabre reminder that life is fleeting and should be cherished as such. Bear in mind that taking photos is strictly forbidden on this site. 7. Church of San Luigi Dei Francesi If there’s two things Italy has no shortage of, it is its painters and churches they turned into artistic gems by their brush stroke. There are plenty of sights all over the country that have to be seen to experience the energy that artists of old put into their paintings and Rome is an excellent place to start. Church of San Luigi Dei Francesi is the home of Caravaggio’s baroque artistry, where you can find “The Calling of St. Matthew”, one of the painter’s most recognized works. If you’re a fan of Caravaggio, then this is a place you shouldn’t miss, and an additional plus is that there’s no admission fee. Bear in mind though, that church closes every day from 12.30 to 3 PM, so that you can plan your visits around it. 6. Trastevere Neighborhood We’ll talk about some of the super touristy spots in Rome in a minute, but we also want to dedicate our attention to more authentic and less crowded parts of the Italian capital as well. Trastevere areais much more low-key than the city center and you can be sure you’ll get a better taste of real life in Rome when you get to this neighborhood. The jewel of Trastevere is the Church of Santa Maria, which is considered one of the oldest churches in the entire city of Rome. It is majestic and breathtaking and most definitely worth a visit, along with the whole Trastevere Neighborhood. 5. Campo de’ Fiori You’ve probably heard of Campo de’ Fiori, especially if you’re coming to Rome to explore its nightlife among other things. Here’s a spot that’s got two completely different faces to offer to its visitors – one is the vivid and luscious market during the day, and the other is the bar hopping paradise during the night. Marketplace offers everything and anything to potential buyers, all you have to do is find it in the never-ending rows of vendors. There are countless restaurants and every possible variation of them, for ice cream parlors to simple cafes, there’s something for everyone. As the night falls seeps into the city, head out to Campo de’ Fiori to experience how Italians rock their nightlife and don’t expect to leave until you see daylight again. 4. Vatican City City-state of Vatican needs no introduction, seeing that it’s the heart of the Roman Catholicism and not visiting it when in Rome would be quite close to a crime. We’re not saying this from a religious point of view, but from the cultural aspect because there’s so much to see in Vatican that you should dedicate a few days just exploring this city within Rome. Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica are but the tip of the iceberg of museum treasurethat Vatican holds and you’ll be astonished with all the beauty and knowledge you’ll find there. Whether you’re climbing 323 steps to the top of St. Peter’s Basilica dome to see the whole of Rome in front of you or you’re quietly admiring Raphael Rooms, visiting Vatican is an experience that shouldn’t be skipped. 3. Galleria Borghese When you want to bask in the splendor of Italian artistry, it’s Galleria Borghese you should go to. Though it’s a bit tricky to get to the tickets (you have to reserve them in advance and they cost 11 euros), two hours you get to spend in this villa-museum will be well worth the effort. The sight in itself looks like a chateau with its stunning architecture and gardens that surround it, but what makes this museum truly worth the visit are the masterpieces displayed inside. Sculptures and paintings of great names such as Bernini, Rafael, Titian and Caravaggio will capture your attention and two hours will just fly by as you explore Galleria Borghese. 2. Colosseum Whoever goes to Rome takes a picture at the Colosseum, it’s tradition. This ex gladiator arena is located in the very beating heart of Rome and there’s no chance you can miss it, seeing that it rules the panorama, plus the queues in front of it are anything but negligible. Thanks to its highly unusual architectural design and bloody history, it’s hardly possible that anyone who comes to Rome won’t come to take a closer look at it. We wholeheartedly suggest reserving tickets online to skip the lines and if at all possible, get a tour guide to find some deeper meaning in this sight, as it will be well worth it. 1. Roman Forum Among so many sights in the eternal city, Roman Forum deservedly gets the first place. If you’re interested in modern Rome and all the amazing things it has to offer, then you’ve got the whole city at your disposal, but Roman Forum depicts the city’s old glory and boy, it has a lot to show. First of all, there’s no admission fee, which in itself is a blessing, but that’s just a minor perk comparing to the monumentalremains of old buildings, shrines and houses you get to see as you walk around. Ruins might not sound too fun, but you will change your tune the moment you step foot to the Roman Forum, seeing that its energy and completely unique beauty is enough to hypnotize you for several hours. Remains of Temple of Saturn, Arch of Titus, Basilica of Maxentius and Trajan’s Forum are but a few of awe-striking monuments of glorious times gone by. If you have even the slightest interest in the vast history of Rome, Roman Forum is THE place to visit. Just like with any other capital, exploring Rome will take as much time as you have and you’ll still feel like you haven’t had enough. These ten places are a good place to start your tour, but you definitely shouldn’t finish it there, but get off the beaten track and explore on your own. – Theresa Brawner Theresa Brawner is a 28-year-old fitness instructor from Boston, MA, who writes articles for www.diet.st, as well as for Blue Apron Deliveryin her free time. When she isn't helping new moms get back in shape, you can find her in the kitchen, working on new recipes.
  9. Hickey is a love bite or a bruise like mark caused by the kissing or sucking of the skin usually on the neck or arm. Hickey is marked while making love passionately and leaving mark while sucking skin deeply bursting small superficial blood vessels under the skin. Making love is the most peaceful and sensuous feeling and what happens is not bothered at all but the very next day when you have to leave for office or attend meeting next day it becomes matter of anger, frustration and annoyance reddish blue marks on the neck or the chest accord details of previous night. HOW TO GET RID OF HICKEYS OVERNIGHT · HOT COMPRESS: apply warm compress for new blood to circulate throughout the area as the warm compress will break the blood that made to appear a hickey. Soak small hand towels in warm water and apply it on the bruised area for five minutes reheat the towel with warm water and apply again follow this process until the mark is completely gone. · APPLY ALOE VERA: It is a natural skin cooler and contains healing property that reduces sensitivity. To minimize hickey, apply aloe Vera herbal cream or gel onto your hickey twice let it rest for 10 minutes, Aloe Vera will soothe the skin and will give speedy recovery reducing initial pain. · CONSUME VITAMIN K: it is the most considered method to get rid of hockey overnight as vitamin K helps the body to absorb blood clots pooled in a particular area so include vitamin K rich food in your diet, platter of salad or meal packed with vitamin K rich food will help you to get rid of hickeys broccoli, kale, spinach, brown rice are rich in vitamin K. · TOOTHPASTE: apply peppermint rich toothpaste on hickey to get rid of love bites in 24 hours as peppermint helps reduce bruises and lightens the skin tone, repeat the process until the mark reduces completely. · COLLIDAL SILVER: apply cream that is based on colloidal silver as it fades of the bruises in few seconds apply it as soon as the hickey appears. · RUBBING ALCOHOL: soak cotton ball in alcohol and gently rub it in circular motion over the bruised area follow this method thrice a day and you will see the hickey fading away within 24 hours. · USE VINEGAR: apple cider vinegar is the best remedy HOW To Get Rid Of Hickeys Overnight, apply vinegar on the hickey several times a day you will find the bruise marks gone completely in few hours. Following above methods can help you to get rid of hickeys overnight but only if you follow them with patience so sit back relax and stay calm if you are skin sensitive person visit your doctor, when hickeys are marked it gives you pleasure and happiness but it becomes cause of 5- 12 days fuss so next time be little careful while being nibbled on.
  10. Scarlett Johansson is the Avenger’s favourite face she is seeing amazing success with her roles in The Avengers movies. The recent Avengers: End game brought her huge success and running time becoming the highest paid actress among Hollywood gorgeous divas. Scarlett Johansson‘s estimated net worth is $ 140 million, she managed to buck her account with her passion and hard work in Hollywood industry. Let’s follow the track pitched to millions from being child actor to Avengers diva. Johansson was born on November 22, 1984 in New York city, since she was three when her interest developed for acting and drama, she got herself enrolled in classes at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute for young people and the journey to acting field begins from there she acted in supporting roles for many films like North, Just cause, If Lucy Fell and many more. Scarlett Johansson was able to get significant role in MANNY & LO in 1996 for which she was praised highly and earned a Best Actress nomination for the film from Independent Spirit Awards. She appeared in The Horse Whisperer in 1998 and was applauded well for the portrayal of a girl who loses her leg and her best friend in a horrific accident. Scarlett Johansson Net Worth of millions is a result of various roles she performed and sustainably she solidifies herself as a superstar with her impeccable role in LOST IN TRANSLATION garnering her nomination in Golden Globe Awards for best comic actress. She was working hard to grow successfully but was never paid highly for her film appearances, in 2010 Scarlett Johansson appeared in IRON MAN 2 for which she was paid only $ 400,000 Time never remains same gradually she became a blockbuster diva with her Marvel movies, she made a correct choice and was casted in The Avengers for which firstly she was paid $ 4 million and $ 6 million, it took her 6 marvel roles to get paid the $ 15,000,000 for The Avenger s: End Game and Infinity war raking hundreds of millions and piling up Scarlett Johansson net worth, her Ghost in the shell was remarkable piece and earned her $ 10,000,000 but the film could grow only $ 40 million domestically. Scarlett Johansson net worth also includes earnings from brand endorsements, deals, songs record sales and personal investments making some extra cash Dolce and Gabbana, Soda Stream, Gap, L’Oreal Paris, Disney World, Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, Mt. Rainier Coffee are the high profile brands in her Apocket. Scarlett Johansson is divorced from Romain Dauriac and have a beautiful daughter Rose Dorothy, she is the powerful actress of Hollywood town who brought the issue of being paid less in comparison to male actors although she was not comfortable talking about the disparity between male and female pays but there is always a day to break the glass ceiling. She is proud of being fortunate and making a good living out of her talent and capability.
  11. Babies are the sweet gift to motherhood a strong bond between parents and children stays forever whereas romances come and go. When a baby is born you are hitched to it with love, care, emotions and unexpected tears that roll down the cheeks without any reason. Seeing your baby growing and learning about its growth milestones is amusing and fascinating you are always primed to form strong bond by experiencing the growth and development like when do babies crawl, sits, walk or roll over, every little development leaves you adoring and loving your baby. In this article let’s find out when babies roll over. Rolling over is a surprise box for the baby and the mother as baby is able to get more movements and mother learns that babies muscles and development is going well. When do babies roll over is every parents concern as it is the prime stage for crawling and sitting on its own, rolling over brings more care attention and care especially while changing on the table and at other places as these little ones are very tricky and always tries some new moves so being not safe cloud cause fall or other hazards. Babies learn to roll over by the age of 4 months, some may not even get it until they are close to 7 months, most babies learn to roll over between the age of 5 to 7 months with more improved flexibility and ability to turn itself from back to front, front to back, side to side and then moving in all directions with great comfort and ease. When Do Babies Roll Over is significant milestone of your Childs growth but if your child has already begun shuffling and crawling the rolling over is set back but you need not to worry as it’s a positive sign of growth and development. When do premature babies learn to roll over? When a baby is born premature he or she needs utter care as the growth rate could be slow and time taking their is no scheduled time table to understand when do such babies roll over unlike normal babies who hit the growth on scheduled timetable. Premature babies takes little longer to reach big milestones like crawling, rolling, sitting etc you can encourage activities by stimulating sense of touch and playing with your baby, babies are good at imitating so if you will lay aside the baby and roll over to the other side this demonstration will make your baby to attempt rolling always applaud the effort made but always be careful as the attempt can happen at any time so always ensure the safety of baby. When your baby learns to explore all the corners of your house then be careful that the house is baby proof, never leave him or her unattended the first year of their first crawl, smiles, coos and step are the most fun so enjoy the rolling ride with your baby.
  12. Siri is acknowledged as a voice assistant in Apple’s phones, watches,I-pads and televisions. Siri is a smart and intelligent voice assistant who performs various functions and responds humorously to irritating and annoying questions it can be a good company, if you get bored and thinking of some tricks to check Siri’ s cool, it replies in numerous ways to explicit its wit. There are several Funny Things To Ask Siri and one must be ready for kickass replies from Siri Let us take a hilarious Roller Coaster ride with Siri. Siri is a helpful feature designed to perform beneficial functions for the users but it turns out to be funny as well when one tries to think of funny things to ask Siri. Here is the list of funny things one can ask Siri. . Hey, Siri will you marry me. . I need to hide a body. . Hey, Siri clean the baby’s poop. . You are a looser. . Give me some money? . Happy Birthday Siri? . Sing me a song. . Make a coffee for me. . Dance with me. . You should go on a diet . Do you need a drink? . Do you want to go on a date? . What’s your problem? . Which is your favorite movie. . I will screw you. . What do you look like? . When will pigs fly? . When the hell will freeze over. Siri’s smart conception of responding tricky is an amazingfeature well this is not the end of all these goofy questions to ask Siri there are many more amusing statements to make and enjoy the funny and sassy replies from Siri. Funny things to ask Siri makes it A Compatible Companion when you feel bored you can talk to Siri and get some precious and amazing replies, a digital fellow you can carry everywhere with you who is sarcastic, funny, interesting and useful. Siri is a smart, lovable semi-intelligent virtual assistant in apple I-phones. It’s a helpfulfeature that performs various actions, useful tricks and enormous commands, if you want to roll down with a laugh ask Siri variety of odd statements and feel the fun. Siri can be more useful if asked to perform meaningful actions like reminding, calling, navigating retrieving a nearby restaurant, it has a good personality rather than just beingvoiceassistant.
  13. This non-alcoholic drink will refresh you \, sensitize your taste buds and also quench your thirst for drinking something worth swallowing. A Shirley Temple is a non-alcoholic mixed drink. It is typically made with ginger ale, a splash of grenadine and garnished with a maraschino cherry. These days Shirley Temple is prepared by introducing something new to its recipes, like one may substitute lemon-lime soda or lemonade and sometimes orange juice in part, or in whole. Shirley Temple Drink is still loved by many and is a good option to select for non-alcoholic people. This drink looks like a cocktail and very appealing to taste buds. Shirley Temples are generally served to children dining with adults in lieu of real cocktails. The cocktail may have been invented by a bartender at Chasen's, a restaurant in Beverly Hills, California, for serving then-child actress Shirley Temple. However, other claims to its origin have been made. Shirley Temple Black was an American actress, singer, dancer, businesswoman, and diplomat who used to be Hollywood's number one box-office draw as a child actress from the year 1935 to 1938. Shirley temple drink can be prepared using 3 ounces of lemon lime soda + 3 ounces of ginger ale+ a dash of grenadine and Maraschino cherry for garnish. You need to pour lemon-lime soda and ginger ale into a glass along with ice cubes. Then, you have to add a dash of grenadine. Finally, stir well your refreshing drink and top it off with a cherry. Your Shirley Temple Drink is ready. Another recipe can also be helpful in making tasty drink at home. Put the grenadine, lemon juice, and lime juice in a tall glass and stir the mixture well with a cocktail spoon. Then fill the glass with ice and then add to it club soda. Stir gently to mix it properly. Aftr that garnish with the maraschino cherries and serve to your kids at home and evn adults might like it. Shriley Temple Drink is non-alcoholic but if alcohol is added to it then it takes the form of what is called popularly – “Dirty Shriley”. For making dirty Shirley tmpl drink one need to pour vodka over ice cubes in a highball glass. Then fill the glass with Sprite. Add grenadine, garnish with a cherry, and serve to your dear ones. The ingredients required for making dirty Shirley temple are 1 oz vodka; 5 - 6 oz Sprite® soda, 1 dash grenadine syrup. Previously Virgin Shirley Temple used to be prepared by adding orange juice, but now people do not use orange juice any more. A thin slic of orange is used in place of orange juice. It can also be prepared without using grenadine syrup (sweet tart syrup). One needs to heat the 4 cups of cherry juice over moderate heat as long as it does not start to simmer. Continue with the process until the juice is reduced by half. Then fill a glass with ice and add ⅔ sparkling water with ⅓ third grenadine. You can then serve it by garnishing it with citrus slices and maraschino cherries.
  14. Babies bring immense joy to parents and it also adds strength and depth to one’s relationship with her/his spouse. As a baby starts to grow and develop, it becomes apparent from their increased activity. They do not like spending days and nights sleeping on their cot as they used to do in the initial months post delivery. They will now start using positively their growing muscles and try to push their delicate bodies upward and sideways. You will feel deep affection for your baby when you see your babies rolling over. Many moms stay anticipating When Do Babies Roll Over. This is very natural for moms to think so and wait for their babies showing some strength to move and roll their own delicate bodies. A small baby may be able to kick himself over, from his tummy to his back, as early as when she/he is only 4 months old. It might take for some babies until she or he is about 5 or 6 months to flip from back to front, though. This is so because he needs stronger neck and developed arm muscles for that kind of physical activity. By the time your baby is around six months or seven months old, the little one is likely to have learned to roll over in either direction or both directions. Around 5 month’s age, little babies will probably be able to lift their round soft head, push up on her/his arms, and arch their back to lift their chest off the ground. The 5 month old baby may even rock on her/his stomach, kick the tiny legs, and swim with the soft arms. You will feel like kissing and kissing your baby, when she/he does so before your eyes. When do babies roll over you will feel amazed to see. You may find your baby never really rolling over. This should not be mistaken as any lack of physical energy or strength in your baby. There is nothing to be worried about if your baby does not roll over much or at all. He may skip that move and progress straight to sitting and crawling. Still if you feel anxious and worried as a concerning parent, you can consult your child’s doctor or child specialist and most probably she/he will also say that there is nothing to be tensed about if the baby is actually okay. As long as your baby is interested to explore its surrounding area, you do not need to worry. However, if after attaining 6 months old she/he does not roll over or crawl or try to sit then consult a doctor. If you are still worried you can do one thing. Keep your baby on the floor. Place her on the blanket. Keep a toy just a little distance away from the baby's reach and signal her or him lovingly to make the baby come and hold it. A simple technique will be to lie down next to him on one side, just out of her or his reach and see if the baby will roll to get closer to you.
  15. Gomez is the charming diva of the tinsel town with all outstanding qualities, she is an American, actor and producer from Grand Prairie. She was born on July 22, 1992 in Texas. Gomez is daughter to Amanda Cornett and Ricardo Joel Gomez her parents are from different ancestry. Her grandparents raised her throughout her childhood. Selena Gomez net worth estimated is $ 60 million which is the outcome of her hard work and dedication she had for her work, at the very tender age of 10 she began working and experienced the life Selena Gomez worked in kids series BARNEY AND FRIENDS earning $3000 per episode but the real fame and hike inher earnings landed to her after longtime when she played the leading role of Alex Russo for Disney series in “Wizards of Waverly Palace” and she was paid $30,000 per episode, the show ran for for five years and winded up in 2012 while this she grew out of Disney world and started handling more mature projects like MONTE CARLO, SPRING BREAKERS,NEIGHBORS 2: SORORITY RISING, RAMONA AND BEEZUS AND HOTEL TRANSYLVANNIA. · Selena Gomez net worth includes contibiution of her singing with successful albums andaccompanying tours, she released three albums When the sun goes down, Year without the rain and Kiss and Tell with her band “Selena Gomez and the scene” which were massive hit selling more than 700,000 copiec each. Her two solo album sales hit the charts of U.S. BILLBOARD 200. She has been flying high with her singing career in real terms she bucked $ 15 million from music sales and it showed up her net worth increasing from $ 250,000 to $8.5 million just like that, she sold 24. 3 million songs and 3.4 million total album she is an accomplished musical artist, in 2015 she released her album Revival which caught no. 1 spot on the US album sales chart during its opening week, The record generated several single hits including Hands to Myself, Same Old Love, Good For You, and Kill me with Kindness. · Gomez made huge money with her international musicals tours, which is considered to be her biggest tour till date loading her bank account with $ 11 million, thats a lot of money added to Selena Gomez Net Worth. · Diva surprised everyone in 2017 by being behind the camera she is an executive producer on the Netflix original series “13 Reasons Why” which gained hefty amount of criticism and controversy but apart from this it’s a hit show and was aired with two seasons in 2017 and 2018,it’s going to be back in 2019 for its third season. · It seems to be that Gomez is unstoppable she has millions of followers on the Instagram which boosts Selena Gomez networth, she makes tons of money on Instagram she makes $ 800,000 per sponsored Instagram post · Selena Gomez endorses reputed brands which offers attractive deal, as she is not involved in any highdramas and had massive huge fan following her commitment history makes her best choice for any brand endorsement. · She endorses Pantene and is the new face of Pantene Hair and Care the deal pays her mouthwatering sum of $ 3millionper year. · She also signed an endorsement deal worth $ 10 million with the American luxury leather goods company COACH. · PUMA is another big brand that Selena Gomez endorse on her social media and signed the deal of $ 30 million, she endorses K-Mart and Louis Vuitton too Selena Gomez net worthalsoincludes several awards and accolades.
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