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  1. Hi guys, it is so nice to see you all back. Look, I know that you are all experienced here. And I am not going to lecture you. But. If you read this forum about bitcoin dice you will certainly see through experience of other people that there are some mistakes that you shouldn't make. So I just want you to think ahead.
  2. Yeap, I've just got out of a discussion about a cash app scam. So I guess this is everywhere in the internet. I also recommend you to read about what documents will be needed for the loan https://cashcat.ph/blog/how-to-get-sss-id-number-online/ because scam begins where people get too many unnecessary personal details. So submit no more than what's needed.
  3. And what exactly are you interested in? Cannot say I am a big fan of Turkish teams. I like Pakistan teams more and maybe Kenya too. Can you can secrets? I wanna tell you something.
  4. I really like this layout. So what is your favorite sports then? Mine is obviously football. I feel really good at that. I will check out your bookmaker as I always like to learn something new. In my turn I suggest this https://100betz.com/ very good betting website where you can make your best predictions for football teams too.
  5. What is this this about? Another kind of scam or what? Any kind of business needs hard work, even playing in casinos. And especially business. So when people say they promise me $$$$ in a very short time I think of a pyramid.
  6. The mistake that many affiliates make is that they think that they won't need any marketing for the partners' product. The reality is they have to market it too. So I think it will be hard to work without text marketing. If you want to know more about how 2 send bulk sms to people who subscribe to you, you can read it here.
  7. Hi Dennis will you please share a few tips on how to build 200 followers a month? I am trying to develop my Twitter but only have 120 followers and can's reach more.
  8. No, buying Facebook likes will not help you to increase the visitors of your website. Only the illusion of such.
  9. I feel so totally thrilled about betting on Thai teams! Do they have good soccer players? I thought they were more into kickboxing. Anyway, if you are in a gambling mood you can also play live roulette http://freeroulettedoc.com/live-roulette that I discovered only today and it seems a nice mixture of an online experience and real time feeling.
  10. Thanks Vivek! Finally some useful tips on how to revive your social media accounts. Visuals are the must, posts are simply invisible in this flow of garbage in the newsfeed. As for boring vs. interesting stuff it's tricky. If you run business on FB, you cannot just post hilarious mew mew cats videos that everybody like.
  11. Would you mind elaborating a little about what do you think is AWESOME content? I have a FB account with 74K followers and it's freakin visibility of organic posts is less than 10%! What can I do to boost it except bland advertisement? Believe me the awesomeness is VERY subjective and what is awesome for me may not at all be awesome for those who follow me.
  12. What a useless post. You know, people come to this thread to find something interesting about social media, not a pile of useless links to some goddamn ferry schedule!
  13. I love bitcoin operations, but recently I have been thinking about many people's complaints for it's price fluctuation. What do you think it can be related to? To safeguard myself from possible losses I decided to diversify risks and started playing in https://www.canadiancasinoslots.com/all-slots-casino/ as it can bring me some additional winnings plus to my bitcoin wallet income.
  14. Why did you mask the link? Do you have something to hide? I don't believe there is any easy way to earn money online. Get yourself a normal job! You can even work as freelancer if you wish. If you need cash urgently you can ask it at https://www.iamdetail.com/ga/ and repay from your first paycheck that I hope will come already next month if you forget about those rose-colored illusions and finally start working.
  15. Are you serious? I guess the most sophisticated lie is when you lie to yourself. Because the only free cheese in the mouse trap. If you want to have hot dinner on your table, forget about those hocus pocus ideas of instant gratification and find a normal job. For example as driver. Have your car insured https://www.general.com/articles/compare-car-insurance-quotes and bring real money to your family.
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