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  1. Dalton33

    I think that there is one saying which says that trend is your friend. And indeed, trend means that thousands traders are seeing value of a currency at one specific level and executing their trades in this direction. The best thing to do is to follow the masses and trend they are creating
  2. Dalton33

    You have limited functionality. Meanwhile, mt5 has a nice user interface. For example, one-click actions and modifying orders with the mouse.
  3. Dalton33

    Applying for a loan is the most easiest thing to do. However, I would encourage you to think through if you really need a loan. It is better to have broader perspective and understand what you want to accomplish and seek the way to accomplish it without taking a loan. There are many options
  4. Dalton33

    MT4 is no longer quoted. There is a more advanced version of the MT5 platform.
  5. Dalton33

    Well, dividends come once a year. This is not particularly scary.
  6. Dalton33

    Actually, I think that forex is only place where you dont need money to make money. Brokers are offering bonuses for opening account, so traders can use these funds to make profits and accumulate these profits during time in order to increase trading capital
  7. Dalton33

    I think that this is a good text, explaining basics of margin trading. However, writing style is a little bit poetic, so probably not so many new traders will be able to get exact picture of what margin trading is. Maybe a bit technical text would be helpful
  8. Dalton33

    Risk and money management are one of the major requirements in forex trading. Those techniques would help any trader to stay for a long period of time on this market as well as to sustain his profits and capital. So, learning and applying RM and MM techniques is always very good idea
  9. Dalton33

    I think that forex is very hard for all beginners as they need to pass through some heavy learning of new stuff, not learnt anywhere before. After this initial phase everything becomes much easier. Experienced traders would probably say that it is piece of cake
  10. Dalton33

    I think that these are summary of great tips for any new trader. They should learn well these tips and always stick with them. Disciplined approach to trading is very important which is fact learnt during time
  11. Dalton33

    Don't speak bullshit! Only extra special partners get 15 thousand. This broker specifies that rewards are paid from the part of the spread of orders made by brought clients. Taking not so high Forex optimum spreads in consideration, trading volumes should be huge. Shit, I would pay a tone for an opportunity to check their statistics out.
  12. Dalton33

    It is typical beginners mistake. After first profit deal, they are already buying a Ferrari in their heads and thoughts. It is not functioning like that on Forex. You need always to keep your head cool and stay focused on the market and your strategy
  13. Dalton33

    Well, John, I agree with you, but I am not sure that we can gain profits anytime and especially anywhere since there is only one place for trading called forex market. Also,anytime for gaining profits is very questionable as it depends on defined trading hours through trading strategy by each trader
  14. Dalton33

    I think that there are some general stereotypes among people related to Forex market. One of them is that you can become rich overnight by trading Forex. This is one of the fairytale stories, so don’t think about success without significant experience
  15. There is no doubt about it. Fashion has changed and it will change in the future as well. The best thing about Fashion is that it is not a static thing, it is dynamic and keeps on changing with the trends. You may not like the trend but it has become a reality of life.
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