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  1. I've got an idea. Perhaps it makes sense to spread the effort by opening, say, just one account in order to show it to potential investors. For long-term statistics. And open another one for daily trading. I hope it's not prohibited by regulations?
  2. This is very interesting news. Do you maybe know what is general reason for increasing number of victims? I think that forex brokers are regulated in Singapore, so in which way traders get hooked on scammers?
  3. And what will change if you become an investor? Are there any restrictions, for example, will I be able to get bonuses when replenishing and so on?
  4. Malwson, thank you for starting this thread. I find it very informative as EURUSD is one of the most traded currencies. I am also following your levels in order to check my analysis. I am happy that we have same views on the future development of this currency pair. I also see it below $1.1
  5. I think that there are several very good websites where you can get some basic but very good information about developments on forex market. For any sort of higher analysis, you would need to pay for it. You can also ask your broker to add you to mailing list for latest forex news and analysis.
  6. If you are following brokers marketing campaigns, you really might think that there is sort of magic in Forex trading, which will lead you to instant and high profits. However, this is far away from the real truth. Would you agree?
  7. Well, Kallykall, I think that currently trading crypto currencies might be very good idea. You would agree with me that no other market can provide such huge returns on your investment. I only dont know how long it is going to last. What do you think?
  8. Commission on Forex Optimum is 0.1% of the order, it's charged once, that is, the value is generally negligible. The total cost calculation is simple. Bitcoin swap is 4 days for 30, one for 90. We get 210 per week. Bitcoin is fine now, no less than a thousand a day, but still leaving an order open for more than a week is not always profitable.
  9. Yeah, I figured it out. It’s not difficult. This is a cant, of course, that the size of the histogram does not change. On MT4, the histogram should be of comparable size with the boundaries of the signal lines. Inconvenient to track. And how to add a second window on the forex platform?
  10. Great post. I think that Moving Average is one of the most commonly used indicators on Forex market. However, I find that deficiency of this indicator is lagging behind market, so good option is to use MA in combination with Bollinger Band
  11. Certainly, continuous learning is very important on Forex market. Always try to challenge your current choice of trading instruments. It might be that with some others you might make better success. Demo accounts can be good place for this purpose
  12. I would certainly agree that each business man or woman, who are running their own business would require good lawyer and excellent accountant as part of his or her team. If you want your business to grow, you need to have good advices from these professionals
  13. Sometimes outsourcing some of companies activities might be good option for company to save money for business development and still keep business going as usual. But certainly, core activities should always be kept within a scope of company and not outsourced
  14. Ivanny, thank you for mentioning risk management. I dont think that new traders are aware how important these techniques are. With proper capital and risk management they will be able to survive for a long time on this market
  15. How to modify the indicators? Let’s suppose I added a macd, and the histograms are very small. Maximum values are significantly less than signal lines.
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