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  2. FluidStack is a cloud platform that serves website content from a network of consumer devices (instead of large data centres). We save websites money, and put unused hardware to good use.We are looking for 100 test users to run FluidStack nodes. This means installing the software and leaving it running in the background. When your computer isn’t in use, we will use a bit of your bandwidth and CPU to test our network.The requirements are a good internet upload speed and a Windows desktop computer. We pay a flat $5 USD per month (more for better internet speeds, up to 50 usd for 1gb/s internet speed) to have the node running.You can sign up for a spot here: https://provider.fluidstack.io. Just register for an account and fill out the information form, and we will get back to you by next Friday. Please make sure to sign up with your PayPal email!Please do PM me if you have any questions or feedback!
  3. sdw112

    earn free BTC while browsing the web What is lootbits.io? lootbits.io is a new and innovative idea of a Bitcoin faucet combined with gamification elements. You can join the site for free by signing up with an e-mail address and start earning Bitcoins (BTC) right away. How does it work? You are rewarded for spending time on the site. Joining and playing on the platform is free according to lootbits FAQ. After registration you get 35 gems. If you use my invite link you will get 50 gems and have the chance to earn more BTC right from the start. You can use your gems to open loot boxes. Each box has a item inside. You can collect XP points, more gems, badges and the best part: Bitcoins. Bitcoins are immediately added to you balance and can be withdrawn to a Bitcoin address of your choice as soon as you reach the withdrawl limit. Every hour you can get 5 gems more for free by clicking a “claim gem” button on the start page. This amount increases when you level up. XP points and levels You can earn XP points during looting of a box. Once you have earned enough XP points you reach the next level. Higher level means more gems per hour and better rewards. lootbits.io level overview Badges Badges are unique items which can be found in boxes. There are 36 different badges. As soon as you have found 15 of them your gem earnings for completed offers will increase by 20%. Beside from that there is no further usage of badges in the game. The Jungle The jungle is a mini game on lootbits.io whereas you have to find your path through a maze. In order to start playing you have to spent 10 gems. Afterwards you click on the tiles making your steps through the jungle. Each step increases your reward. If you can guess the right path 5 times in a row you will get 70 gems as reward. Gems are the in-game currency which is needed to loot boxes and find Bitcoins. Trading Another mini game on lootbits.io where you can spent your gems betting on how the price of Bitcoin reacts in the next five minutes. Lotto Here you can buy a lotto ticket for gems and have a chance to win the jackpot. Drawing starts as soon as 25 tickets are sold to random users. Offers This section on the site shows different offers which you can visit to earn more gems. You can install apps, take surveys and so on to receive big amount of gems for your effort. Is it legit? Yes, it is. The site is completly free to use and payment proofs of other users can be found. I will post one here as soon as I have done my first payout. Conclusion lootbits.io is an nice BTC faucet with gaming elements which lets you earn small amounts of BTC while looting boxes. If you are willing to take some surveys or install apps you can speed up your gaming proccess and earn Bitcoins faster. sign up here!
  4. sdw112

    Superpay is one of the biggest site in matter of number of surveys per day! it also have a masive gain from your refferals 25% . It is one of the biggest network with more than 100 hundered surveys per day, and it s safe to use with guaranteed payments and that s all. You can see for yourself how is working https://superpay.me/members/withdraw/list.php?refid=961923
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