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  1. Ethereum is responsible for the golden age of blockchain applications and the popularity of computer-based protocols. The network allows us to program any type of digital contract, with highly customizable features. Our team of expert developers carry out Ethereum Smart Contract Audits. Blockchain App Factory perform a deep review of the contract architecture and codebase, highlighting the changes needed for it to be 100% secure. Code vulnerabilities can cost billions of lost capital to blockchain ventures, so it is time to take distributed ledger protection seriously. A Blockchain Security Audit can secure your system through verification, identifying failure spots and weak cryptography. With their Penetration Test, they simulate real hack attacks to find the ecosystem’s vulnerabilities and fix them accordingly.
  2. The blockchain technology has successfully commanded the attention of the general public for a while now. Although it was the popularity of bitcoins that essentially put blockchain on the roadmap to familiarity, blockchain technology has begun to revolutionize the way the E-commerce industry operates with the introduction of smart contracts. The application of blockchain technology is best observed in the way smart contracts are designed. Smart contracts are basically agreements that auto-execute when all the parties involved fulfil the terms and conditions required. These agreements are then stored on blocks of data protected by cryptographic encryption. Smart contracts have proven extremely important for E-commerce operations. When a user makes a purchase through an e-commerce platform, the smart contract is programmed to release the value of the purchase into the seller’s wallet only after both the buyer and seller have met the conditions required to meet the transaction process. Until then, the amount is held up by the smart contract. Another way in which a smart contract operates is by eliminating middlemen in the process of the transaction. By doing so, a huge amount of money usually devoted to transaction fees is reduced. The ease of making a transaction and the faster process are other off-shoot effects of automating transactions with the help of smart contracts. Looking for smart contracts development companies? Check out Blockchain App factory for high-end development services of smart contracts.
  3. Blockchain – the word has become a sort of a fad, quite similar to what ‘internet’ was in the ‘90s; everybody knew the term even if they had nothing to do with it. We, as an organization that looks forward to taking the understanding of the blockchain to everyone, have simplified it for you. What exactly is Blockchain? There are some words that seem self-explanatory on the surface, and blockchain is one of them. The blockchain is, simply put, a ‘chain’ of ‘blocks’. What makes the blockchain special is the nature of these ‘blocks’ and ‘chains’. The ‘blocks’ are similar to record-keeping ledgers or a set of data on a group of transactions that contain the details of every transaction and can be accessed only with specific credentials. The ‘chain’ represents the interconnected nature of the blocks. The ‘chain’ ensures that no change can happen in any of the blocks without consensus from all the interconnected blocks, making the blockchain resistive to any data-modification. Read More @ https://www.blockchainappfactory.com/blog/what-is-blockchain-technology-a-step-by-step-guide-for-beginners/
  4. Jump into the multi-billion dollar crypto trading business with Blockchain App Factory’s white label exchange solutions. Our platforms support high trading volumes and can be customized to feature multiple currencies or order options.
  5. Let’s Give You an Overview of Libra! Libra is the latest among the cryptocurrencies built on the blockchain with its own proof of stake protocol. It is backed by its reserve containing a basket of low volatile assets. So, What does Low Volatility Do? Though not designed as a Stablecoin in crypto-terms i.e. pegging against single fiat currency, Libra is pegged to four relatively steady currencies such as US Dollar(USD), Pounds(GBP), Euro(EUR) and Yen (JPY). Read Article @ http://bit.ly/30d1H0r
  6. All Cryptocurrency wallets are designed to be secure but the security levels of Cryptocurrency wallets differ from wallet to wallet. It is advisable to not store more currency than you require at a time in a frequently used wallet. Not sharing your private keys and passwords and using Google authenticator and multi-signature transactions also add to the security of your wallet. It is wise to have an encrypted hard copy backup of your wallet and private keys to ensure that you do not lose them. Losing private keys means losing the cryptocurrency associated with it and there is no way of retrieving lost private keys unless you have a backup. Also Read Article: Build your Own Cryptocurrency Wallet – Best Way to protect your Cryptocurrency
  7. There are many complexities in creating a fiat currency and this is the reason why people don’t print new form of fiat currency every day. Creation of digital currency could be done with basic coding skills, however, there is much more to make your own cryptocurrency successful. Read More @ https://www.blockchainappfactory.com/blog/5-tips-to-start-and-create-your-own-cryptocurrency/
  8. Smart contracts are new-age contracts that work digitally using blockchain technology. They are automated contracts that execute themselves on the fulfillment of certain conditions. Blockchain App Factory handles Blockchain Smart contract development and can provide your business with advanced contracts to enhance your business operations.
  9. Smart contracts are new-age contracts that work digitally using blockchain technology. They are automated contracts that execute themselves on the fulfillment of certain conditions. Blockchain App Factory handles Blockchain Smart contract development and can provide your business with advanced contracts to enhance your business operations.
  10. Looking for the best Dag Technology Development company? Well, your search ends at Blockchain App Factory. They are the leading developers of Dag Technology with a dedicated team of experts in the field. Contact them today and get your customized Dag solution!
  11. What Blockchain and IoT can do for the supply chain industry? Together, these technologies can help transform machines into smart devices and improve supply chain management, controlling data and even product quality in a more precise way. Blockchain App Factory is ready to provide the best IoT solution to supply chain management.
  12. A smart contract is coded in with conditions that have to be met in order to execute itself. It needs to be perfect and bug-free before it is put into effect as it is permanent and cannot be altered. For this reason, auditing of the smart contract is crucial. You can avail the best smart contract audit services at Blockchain App Factory, a leading blockchain-based company.
  13. Multiple pros of trading in local bitcoins including the trading speed, escrow protection, and updated pricing system resulted in the creation of the local bitcoin clone. Local cryptocurrency exchange scripts supplied by Blockchain App Factory offers you an opportunity to buy and sell cryptocurrency through P2P trades and hence receive profits.
  14. Bitcoin is, without question, one of the greatest things that happened to the world of fintech. Not only did it bring in the awesomeness of blockchain technology but also introduced a new dimension of transactions by providing enhanced security and transparency.As we all know, blockchain is an immutable, transparent and secure digital ledger that stores information. This property of the blockchain makes it an ideal candidate for effecting financial transactions governed by a set of self-executing rules called smart contracts.Read More @ https://blockchaintechdevelopment.blogspot.com/2019/06/smarter-than-you-thought-smart.html
  15. Smart contracts are digital contracts that are self-executing and do not require any human intervention to function. They are coded in with predetermined conditions that the involved parties have to fulfill so that smart contracts can execute themselves. Stablecoins, coins whose value is controlled by smart contracts are known as the holy grail of cryptocurrencies. They provide the following benefits: Backed by a stable asset Store of value Low volatility Looking for smart contract development services for your stablecoins? Go and have a look at the blockchain solutions offered at Blockchain App Factory and enjoy the benefits of futuristic technology today.
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