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  1. Brent. February 26, 2021 – «Black gold» is losing ground The oil market began to correct: Brent quotes fell on Friday to $64.90 per barrel. Earlier, oil strengthened amid comments from the Fed about keeping interest rates at extremely low levels for a long time, until the regulator sees a noticeable improvement in the situation in the US economy. Additional support for oil quotes was provided by signs of recovery in energy demand, as well as a reduction in oil reserves in the United States. Since the peak levels of US crude oil inventories in June 2020, they have dropped by more than 90 m
  2. EUR/USD. February 25, 2021 – Euro hits local highs On Thursday, the euro continues to rise, reaching 1.2233. The currency is still supported by macroeconomic statistics from Europe. According to the published data, the German economy grew by 0.3% in the IV quarter of 2020. The economic recovery was driven by the growth of investments (by 1%) and exports (by 4.5%), which offset the decline in consumer spending (by 3.3%) and government spending. At the same time, a strong pressure on the US dollar was exerted by the speech of the head of the US Federal Reserve before Congress on Tuesda
  3. GBP/USD. February 24, 2021 – Sterling renews three-year high The pound sterling continues to confidently renew highs, rising above the 1.42 level. The current quote for the GBP/USD pair is 1.4172. The last time such values were observed at the beginning of January 2018. The currency was supported by the speech of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who noted that he was satisfied with the rate of vaccination and the general epidemiological situation. The prime minister also announced a reduction in quarantine restrictions from March 8. Note that the rate of vaccination in the count
  4. EUR/USD. February 22, 2021 – Euro grows weakly from the level of 1.2100 Last Friday, trading closed at 1.2100, and today the pair opens the day with growth to 1.2130. The European currency is supported by strong macro statistics from the Eurozone. In particular, the February business activity indices of the Eurozone manufacturing sector were published last Friday. The indicator rose to 57.7 points against the forecasted decline to 54.3 points. The composite PMI of the euro zone was 48.1 points, while analysts had expected an increase to 48 points. At the same time, the indicator rema
  5. EUR/USD. February 19, 2021 – Euro returns to growth The EUR/USD pair is again approaching highs: the current quotation of the asset is 1.2140. The pressure on the dollar was exerted by yesterday's data on the number of claims for unemployment benefits in the United States: the indicator rose to 861 thousand against expectations of a decrease to 775 thousand. Such statistics indicate that the labor market in the United States remains unstable. The data on the real estate market in January was also mixed. The number of building permits issued rose to 1.88 million from 1.70 million, whi
  6. ForexMart won «Best Trading Conditions» in 2020! Dear clients and partners of the company, We are happy to share with you an important event for us – ForexMart received the «Best Trading Conditions 2020» award in Asia from the international business publication «International Investor». Every year ForexMart makes its best to improve the offered trading conditions, services and products. Our main task is to ensure a high level and security of trading. Receiving this award characterizes ForexMart as a reliable business partner and the best provider of high-quality and modern solutio
  7. February 18 | Fundamental analysis of oil market Brent quotes continue to renew multi-month highs: on Thursday, the asset quotes reached $65.40 per barrel. The last time at such marks the price of oil was in January 2020. The current Brent quote is $64.70. The abnormal cold in Texas, which led to the suspension of the operation of several oil platforms, continues to contribute to the rise in prices. As a result, oil production in the United States fell by 2.6 million barrels per day. Combined with optimism about the rapid spread of vaccines in the world and a decrease in the number o
  8. GBP/USD. February 17, 2021 – Sterling started to decline from highs On Wednesday, the GBP/USD pair declines moderately from 1.3950. The current quote for the asset is 1.3890. The driver of the pound's decline was the strengthening of the US dollar in the market, which received support from a sharp rise in the yield of US debt bonds. However, the British currency does not intend to give up primacy so easily: the sterling receives strong support from the high rates of vaccination in the UK. Experts note that the rate of vaccination of the country's population is much higher than the wo
  9. Ripple is again available for trading Dear Clients, Please be informed that the Ripple cryptocurrency (#Ripple) is available for trading again. The trading conditions for this asset remain the same. You can find them in the corresponding section of the site. Best regards, ForexMart team
  10. EUR/USD. February 16, 2021 – Euro continues to dominate against dollar The EUR/USD pair continues its ascent on Tuesday. The current quote for the asset is 1.2163. The euro is strengthening, even despite yesterday's weak economic statistics from the eurozone: industrial production in the eurozone in December fell by 1.6% m/m, while the forecast expected a decline of 0.4% m / m. A month earlier, the indicator rose by 2.6% m/m. On an annual basis, the indicator declined 0.8% against the forecast of a decline of 0.3%. Experts predict that in January and February similar indicators will
  11. EUR/USD. February 15, 2021 – Euro is stable at local highs The EUR/USD pair continues to hold in positive territory above the 1.2100 level. The current quotation of the asset is 1.2135. Today in the United States is a day off in honor of the President's Day, so the day promises to be calm. From economic statistics, it is worth highlighting only the publication on industrial production in January in the euro area: the decline in industrial production amounted to 1.6% after an increase of 2.6% mom in December. In addition, a meeting of the Eurozone finance ministers kicks off today. An
  12. Changes in the trading schedule on Lunar New Year and President’s Day Dear Client, Please note some changes in the trading hours due to Lunar New Year (February 12) and the US President’s Day (February 15). February 12, 2021 Trading on the HK50 index will be closed throughout the day. The rest of the assets will be traded according to a regular schedule. February 15, 2021 Trading Spot Metals will be maintained until 19:45 (the terminal time). The UK100 index will be available for trading until 23:00 (the terminal time). Trade on the JP225 and DJ30 will last until 20:
  13. EUR/USD. February 12, 2021 – The pair consolidates at 1.2100 The EUR/USD pair continues to consolidate in the 1.2100 area. Experts note that the instrument has already strengthened enough for traders to «take a break and look around». Yesterday was published data on the number of applications for unemployment benefits in the United States: the indicator fell to 793 thousand against the level of last week at 812 thousand, while the forecast assumed a reduction in the indicator to 755 thousand. Analysts note that although statistics on the employment sector are not uniform, there are m
  14. EUR/USD. 11.02 | European currency continues to dominate The euro/dollar continues to maintain potential for growth: the current quotation of the pair is 1.2125. Inflation statistics were released yesterday: US CPI rose 0.3% mom in January, in line with forecasts after expanding 0.4% mom in December. Annual inflation is estimated at 1.4% against 1.5% earlier. The core consumer price index did not change at the beginning of the year. The head of the US Federal Reserve System also made a speech yesterday. Jerome Powell noted that plans for a global stimulus remain unchanged. This
  15. EUR/USD. February 10, 2021 – Euro consolidated above 1.2100 The EUR/USD pair continues to trade above 1.2100 and is not going to give up the pace for now. The current quote for the pair is 1.2125. There were very few macroeconomic statistics on Monday and Tuesday, it is worth noting only the data on the index of optimism in small business in the United States. The indicator fell to 95.0 points, while analysts predicted growth to 96.6. Today, all the attention of the markets is drawn to the publication of data on inflation in the US for January. The significance of this report is quit
  16. EUR/USD. February 09, 2021 – Euro is stable around 1.2100 The euro continues to trade in the area of local highs near 1.2100. The European currency is growing, despite weak statistics from the eurozone. Sentix investor confidence index in February fell to -0.2 points against 1.3 in January. At the same time, the forecast assumed an increase to 4.1 points. Data from Germany also turned out to be worse than forecasted: the statistics on industrial production reflected a zero change in the indicator against the forecast of growth by 0.1% m/m and the previous fact of increase by 1.5%.
  17. GBP/USD. February 08, 2021 – Sterling holds positions in highs Quotes of the GBP/USD pair have continued to trade in a wide range of 1.3560-1.3760 for three weeks already. The current quote for the pair is 1.3700. The pound managed to move away from the lows last week after the Bank of England meeting. The regulator said that the nationwide lockdown, which will last for almost two months, will have no impact on the economic outlook in the future, and the UK GDP will recover by the first quarter of 2022. Moreover, the regulator noted that there is some discomfort from an overly i
  18. EUR/USD. February 05, 2021 – Euro keeps updating new lows The euro continues to decline at the end of the first week of February: the current quotation of the EUR/USD pair is 1.1950. The main pressure on the European currency rate is exerted by weak economic indicators from Europe and pessimistic forecasts regarding further economic recovery due to the preservation of lockdown regimes in some eurozone countries. At the same time, the US dollar was supported by yesterday's data on the number of applications for unemployment benefits: the figure fell to 779 thousand against the forecas
  19. EUR/USD. February 04, 2021 – Euro remains weak at 1.20 The EUR/USD pair continues to update local lows, trading below 1.20. Market participants continue to monitor forecasts for GDP growth in the eurozone and the United States, where European countries are clearly losing. Last week, worsened expectations for German GDP this year were published, and traders are now very attentive to any data from the FRG, projecting them to the entire eurozone as a whole. Earlier Germany published the final data on the index of business activity in the service sector for January, where the indicator w
  20. EUR/USD. February 2, 2021 – Euro falls on weak data from Germany The US dollar continues to trade near local highs in the 1.2050 area. Weak macroeconomic data from Germany put pressure on the European currency. According to the European statistical agency Eurostat, unemployment in the region remained at 8.3% in December, in line with market expectations. At the same time, the volume of retail sales fell by 9.6% in December after growing by 1.1% a month earlier. Analysts had expected a 2.6% decline. On an annualized basis, sales growth was 1.5% against the forecast of 5%. Today,
  21. EUR/USD. February 01, 2021 – Euro declines amid weak statistics The EUR/USD pair closed last week with a rise to the 1.2150 area. The euro was supported by the GDP data of the leading eurozone countries. In particular, France's GDP growth in December was 23%, exceeding the projected increase by 19%. Spain's GDP in the IV quarter added 0.4%, while experts had expected a decline of 1.5%. Germany's GDP also remained in positive territory at 0.1%. In Germany, in addition, the unemployment rate fell to 6%. However, today the pair started to decline, which is also explained by the reaction
  22. EUR/USD. January 28, 2021 – Euro continues to decline The euro rate continues to decline on Thursday, the current quotation of the EUR/USD pair is 1.2080. Markets fear that existing vaccines will fail to cope with mutating Covid strains, endangering the prospects for global economic recovery. Jerome Powell, whose press conference failed to clarify the topic of the Fed's further position and calm the markets, also added negative investors. Although the head of the regulator said that the Fed does not plan to cut QE and will make sure that investors know in advance about the systematic
  23. GBP/USD. January 26, 2021 – The pound is growing steadily after the release of strong statistics The GBP/USD pair started the day with growth from 1.3600 to 1.3690. The sterling was supported by positive statistics on the labor market in the UK. In particular, the average level of wages in the country in November rose by 3.6% against the previous figure of 2.8% and the forecast for growth by 2.9%. The number of applications for unemployment benefits in December fell to 7 thousand, while analysts predicted the figure at 35 thousand. Moreover, the unemployment rate rose to 5%, which wa
  24. Changes to Ripple cryptocurrency trading Dear clients! We would like to inform you that due to the uncertain situation around Ripple, we introduce the following changes to trading. From January 25, 2021, Ripple cryptocurrency trading will be suspended and will remain available only for closing positions. Best regards, ForexMatr team.
  25. Brent. January 25, 2021 – Oil recovers after falling last week Brent oil quotes are growing on Monday, approaching $56 per barrel. The current price is $55.72. Last week ended with a fall in prices to $54.60 per barrel. The decline was driven by data on changes in US oil reserves. According to a published report from the Energy Information Administration, crude oil inventories rose 4.4 million barrels in the reporting week, reaching 486.6 million barrels. Analysts, on the other hand, had expected a decline in inventories by 1.3 million barrels from the previous week. Oil production i
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