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  1. ViktoriaMorris

    This responsibility can be very difficult. I know several families where dogs were seriously injured. Special wheelchairs were ordered for them - https://thepetsmaster.com/best-dog-wheelchair/ These dogs are very lucky to live in a loving and caring family. I respect such people and pray that my dog will be healthy until old age.
  2. ViktoriaMorris

    Shooters have always been very popular. My brother prefers Call of Duty to all other games. He has an Xbox and cannot live a day without it.
  3. ViktoriaMorris

    Can limp poker be considered a sport? If so, then write me down to this club))
  4. ViktoriaMorris

    As far as I know, this is relevant only for divers. If you are unlucky and have received decompression then this method may help. Thank God, that I have enough of the usual clinic for my illness))
  5. I see so much news and debate about football every day that I started going to hockey matches. Serious guys are playing here. It’s not customary to pretend here. I respect this game for such an atmosphere. My favorite team is Chicago Steel and I always look through chicago breaking news to find out about the latest results. Sometimes we go to the match with the whole family. It really cheers you up)
  6. Northern Cyprus has always been attractive to businessmen. Several of my school friends opened a joint venture with a Cyprus registered address. As far as I know, legal paperwork took a little time. However, the need arose to hire an accounting company for the correct and timely reporting of Cyprus standards. Modern office work almost completely switched to remote work. It seems to me very convenient.
  7. ViktoriaMorris

    I agree with your opinion. I wouldn't want my children to get a breakdown because of the high load. How many times a month do you use professional help?
  8. ViktoriaMorris

    As far as I know, inert gases are used in MIG welding - argon, helium .. You can search more information at Theweldingpro.com. Here they give good advice for beginners and do regular reviews on new welding equipment. Maybe it will be useful for you. My husband, on the contrary, prefers to use the TIG option now.
  9. ViktoriaMorris

    I always liked to watch sports broadcasts)) My husband and I like baseball and we often go to matches. However, passive observation has its drawbacks. When my weight got too big, I decided it was time to be active in training. I liked using the battle ropes - https://sportstopics.com/best-battle-ropes/ This is a good workout for both of us) We try to play sports in the open air and this has already added us like-minded people.
  10. ViktoriaMorris

    Hello! The rules change all the time, right? An ordinary person cannot remember all the rules of the game when it comes to obtaining a visa. I'm very glad that I was lucky with a professional consultant and he gave me more info about the interview. It was more exciting for me than submitting a bunch of papers. I heard that quotas for university students will increase to 30% next year. Is this really so?
  11. ViktoriaMorris

    It's stupid to mix porn and money. If you like adult videos, just watch it and have fun. Personally, I like sex games more. There is a bunch of interesting stories and the opportunity to participate))). If you think this isn't sharp enough, then you just haven't tried it. I think this option is better than trying to make money depriving yourself of pleasure.
  12. ViktoriaMorris

    Good decision. They say that programmers from Ukraine are pretty good right now - https://echoua.com My company worked on such a system last year, when we had 4 projects at the same time. The extra team helped a lot in this situation. I think it was not our last joint project. Try searching there, I believe that you will not have problems with hiring.
  13. I'm a freelancer and it is much more convenient for me to use cryptocurrency, since I get paid almost immediately. Then I just convert it to any other currency or transfer it to a bank. Minimum time, maximum convenience.
  14. ViktoriaMorris

    A runny nose is the first sign of serious cold and should be treated altogether. At the first sign, I take a bath with eucalyptus and natural oil. You can look at this post to read an article about it. I don't like citrus fruits, although vitamin C is useful for colds, so I drink a lot of tea with milk. I try not to use nasal sprays as they are most often addictive.
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