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  1. I don't feel like spending your marketing budget in the case of a restaurant business would have been a great strategy a year ago. But covid has changed too much for all of us. I saw new establishments failing to keep up with current payments and having to close despite heavy publicity. Could it be easier to find something popular with acceptable franchise terms? This will give you a higher head start.
  2. Thanks for sharing. I have carefully read everything you have on organizing business. But I have comments on this strategy. It is no secret that not every person knows how to lead. There are a very large number of people who perform better when they occupy the niche of an ordinary employee. I see no reason to impose leadership and a startup on a person who does not want such risks. There is an easier way to get stable financial well-being. I'm talking about remote work. This is especially attractive during the current pandemic. I can cite as an example a very common vacancy for a remote accoun
  3. Are you sure this would be a good idea? It always seemed to me that PayPal has stricter rules when you transfer money to other countries. I would rather do without side commissions by using direct translation. For example, here is an excellent site for those who often sell and buy crypto - https://timex.io/buy-audt The trading platform should be not only convenient but also profitable for private clients.
  4. It really is. There is not only an economic side to this. I could see from my own experience that many people with serious illnesses could not receive quality care and assistance because of the Covid wave. My sister and I took our mother from the nursing home because we were afraid of another outbreak. I had to take care of buying a special chair for her from Factory Direct Medical website. It turns out that it is quite simple to provide comfort to an elderly person (some of these purchases are paid for by our insurance company). I believe that special devices for more mobility and a day nurse
  5. I couldn't get past and want to add my two cents here. I am convinced that you cannot just make money and do nothing for it. Unless of course you want to deceive me. Take sports betting for example - https://parimatch.co.tz/sw/basketball/live This is a great way to make money, isn't it? But there is also a nuance here. You need to be an expert in the area where you want to place your money. This means hundreds of watched matches and the ability to make a preliminary forecast.
  6. How profitable is such a business in the beginning? Being an aspiring fashion designer is not as easy as it might seem. As far as I know, designers often alliance with other designers to open their first boutique. But things have become easier now. Take a look at how this online store is organized - https://athleticunderwear.com/ I buy underwear here for my husbandand it seems to me that this business model is very suitable for new brands. The buyer finds you himself and you do not spend money on renting premises for a store.
  7. Why are you so eager for bookmakers. I've faced this a couple of times in my life and both times I was disappointed. It seems to me that gambling sites are more honest - https://gambling-online.org/ My brother plays poker there and is very pleased with both the quality of the games and the large gaming community.
  8. Much depends on the country in which you plan to open a business. The economic situation is far from being able to develop actively. It is no secret that sometimes an entrepreneur cannot take out a loan for development. I was in such a situation and I was lucky that I lived in Latvia then. It is not an offshore company but there are many opportunities for obtaining a loan. Latvian International Exchange Bank gives a loan based on general judgment and does not require a lot of paperwork for processing. It helped me a lot then.
  9. You forgot one more destination - the best cbd oils. It started to gain popularity around four years ago. Medical marijuana and legalization were a frequent topic of discussion on TV. I know a few guys who were able to build their business from scratch in this direction. This is a good option for a startup even now.
  10. As far as I know, inert gases are used in MIG welding - argon, helium .. You can search more information at Theweldingpro.com. Here they give good advice for beginners and do regular reviews on new welding equipment. Maybe it will be useful for you. My husband, on the contrary, prefers to use the TIG option now.
  11. It's stupid to mix porn and money. If you like adult videos, just watch it and have fun. Personally, I like sex games more. There is a bunch of interesting stories and the opportunity to participate))). If you think this isn't sharp enough, then you just haven't tried it. I think this option is better than trying to make money depriving yourself of pleasure.
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