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  1. For me personnaly the best tip is called Be Different! Every day this task is getting harder and harder but the results worth it. My dad has his own business and he's always tries his best to be the Different in his matter and attract people. Of course problems sometimes aren't inevitable, for this reason he has good lawyers https://mosheslaw.com/personalinjury/ who always helps him to find the best solution and prove his point.
  2. Megan98

    Chatbotz are really facilitate life! I use it in different areas almost every day
  3. Megan98

    @charlesvictor thanks god today we have online help in such questions. It really helps people.I know what I'm saying
  4. Yessss! This is exactly the information that I need now! I feel completely sick and tired of everything!
  5. Megan98

    Heard about that one!
  6. Megan98

    I do yoga and pilates and feel good! But it's not always easy not to eat cakes before going to bed!😁
  7. Megan98

    Trading is suitable for everything if a person is able to manage his time wisely. It seems that I need help with my cover letter before starting to look for job. I know that there are many different services for it like this one https://craftresumes.com/guaranteed-resume-writing-services/ Can you share some recommendations with me?
  8. Megan98

    Financial independence is a synonym of freedom for me so I work hard in the name of this purpose! One of the steps of ensuring good career is a good resume and cover letter from the very beginning. I know that here https://craftresumes.com/professional-resume-writer/ work professionals who can help with it in the best way.
  9. Megan98

    Traveling alone can be dangerous. Aren't you afraid of it?
  10. Megan98

    Have you ever been in Norway or Island? It's my dream! Despite cold weather those nature makes me wanna go there and stay forever!
  11. Megan98

    It's not difficult to find the information about healthy food but it's so difficult to follow those rules when the only thing you want in the entire world is big French fries!!
  12. Megan98

    I tried Tinder once.. it was a complete failure! So I don't trust them anymore lol :) but I also don't have time in real life and I'm sad about it. No fun being alone 😞
  13. I prefer wordpress more. In my work it's more in use
  14. I think everybody will choose the option of being a young and promising businessman at least by reason of making money😄 I always wanted to have car business, maybe because of my father's influence. So did my friend! But the circumstances weren't in his favor so he decided to left his motherland and go do his studies abroad. I think it's for good. He told me that the conditions of learning mbbs for international students in ukraine are much more profitable than in India where he was born. So now I'm thinking about the possibility of going to another country too.
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