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  1. Megan98

    I think that everything is simple, you only need inspiration. And when it appears - you will succeed. Good luck!
  2. Megan98

    What do you think about the AMarkets app? Here I found this application among many others for stock trading. AMarkets is an online trading and investment service offering a variety of products for trade, from currencies and CFDs to commodities such as oil or metals and stocks. It operates through MetaTrader 4 platform and requires as little as $1 deposit to start off.
  3. Megan98

    I think that Backing up data is vitally important. Saving time and effort while doing it, is equally crucial. It seems to me very important to have on hand a good software for saving your data. Here you can see examples of programs and choose for yourself something suitable.
  4. Megan98

    I go to gym 3 times a week, in the evening I often watch films and TV shows on YouTube (Late Night Show, Jimmy Kimmel) , read books (for now it's GOT) and few blogs (one of them) 🙂 Classic!
  5. Very helpful information. I think everybody will choose the option of being a young and promising businessman at least by reason of making money. I always wanted to have car business, maybe because of my father's influence. So did my friend! But the circumstances weren't in his favor so he decided to left his motherland and go do his studies abroad. I think it's for good. He told me that the conditions of learning mbbs for international students in ukraine are much more profitable than in India where he was born. All this he found on this site. So now I'm thinking about the possibility of going to another country too.
  6. Megan98

    Wow, so many of them. I used such help once or twice because of lacking time, it's not always easy to combine work with studies.
  7. Megan98

    In front of my computer!
  8. Megan98

    I use SoundPeats QY7 Wireless Earbuds now.
  9. For me personnaly the best tip is called Be Different! Every day this task is getting harder and harder but the results worth it. My dad has his own business and he's always tries his best to be the Different in his matter and attract people. Of course problems sometimes aren't inevitable, for this reason he has good lawyers https://mosheslaw.com/personalinjury/ who always helps him to find the best solution and prove his point.
  10. Megan98

    Chatbotz are really facilitate life! I use it in different areas almost every day
  11. Megan98

    @charlesvictor thanks god today we have online help in such questions. It really helps people.I know what I'm saying
  12. Yessss! This is exactly the information that I need now! I feel completely sick and tired of everything!
  13. Megan98

    Heard about that one!
  14. Megan98

    I do yoga and pilates and feel good! But it's not always easy not to eat cakes before going to bed!😁
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